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  • Knife Angel

    This has got to be a manifested spirit! In one article is suggested some of the blades still had blood on them.

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    I'm getting a God-Machine vibe from it too.

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      Definitely big spirit potential.


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        Spirit of knife violence? Considering its Size I'd guess it's quite a high Ranking spirit as well. I really wouldn't want to live in the city where it has set up its court.

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          Considering the artist’s intentions, maybe a knife-grief spirit who preys on violence spirits? And true to the usual modus operandi of spirits, it’d likely keep violence ongoing to create more grief, going straight against the creator’s intentions.

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            It says in Predators that knives are the most likely tool to awaken. 'Not since the advent of fire has any item been used for as much good and evil both as the blade. Whether it is a family heirloom, passed down unused for decades, or a butterfly knife that’s used for daily defense, knives have more likelihood of awakening than any other tool.' And fitting that there's a nice write-up of hiribanu, or bladelings, Rank 1 knife spirits.

            I could see a few ways for it to go. The most likely seems a knife spirit that glommed onto the artist, using him to build what's an ideal locus (the thing is 24 feet tall!) and instilling fear and other emotions, eventually depicting the spirit or its concept in the real world to give it a locus or more gravity to its being. You could also have the angel formed by a cult or even a pack, either as a locus or construct for it to ride and claim.
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