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  • Seeking Salvation - Lodge of the Saviour 2e

    Another 1st edition Lodge given a 2nd edition brush-up! (This'll probably need some amendments once Shunned is out)

    Lodge of the Saviour

    Hounds of God, Apostles, Thiessians

    Where demons prowl and spread their vile corruption, the Thessians give chase. Where reality itself burns with the fires of a Hell that is all to real, it is the Hounds of God who venture courageously forward. Dedicates of Luna and God, these werewolves reconcile the beliefs they carried before the First Change with the insane reality of the Shadow and its darkest masters. Cursed by the Enemy or blessed by God, the Thiessians seek to do much more than just hold back the tide; they yearn to strike directly back at their appointed foe, the Maeljin.

    Goaded on by their totem, a great spirit half-martyred by the demons of Hell, the Thiessians mercilessly hunt for signs of Maeljin influence then ruthlessly burn it out Wounds, Maeltinet, Bale Hounds, and the mortal cultists that they gather around them are all targets for the relentless Hounds of God. Death holds little fear for them if it serves the greater purpose; martyrdom is a worthy end for a wolf in service to the Creator. To the Lodge of the Saviour, there is no conflict between being Forsaken and being Christian; Luna is a sainted servant of the Lord, the Wolf an aspect of God, and the Maeljin the Lords of Hell working to spread their taint across the world. The duty of a werewolf is clear fight the darkness with tooth and claw and soul, no hesitation, no surrender.

    The Maeljin, as spiritual representations of opposition to God, are the greatest prey there is, although usually the battle takes the form of struggling against their lesser servants. Other werewolves fear the Thiessians dedication to the cause because they are willing to throw aside other concerns for the chance to fight the influence of the Maeljin, to sacrifice themselves or others for the cause, and because they have a tendency to see the meddling of the Bale Hounds in everything. The Thiessians are not blind zealots, and are well aware of the power of the Maeljin and their proclivity for corruption and misdirection, but strongly lean towards action over caution.

    The Lodge emerged in Europe centuries ago, and is one of many such syncretic cults that try to reconcile the realities of the werewolf condition with human beliefs. The Lodge of the Saviour calls its adherents to action through the promise of salvation in return for their devotion, and the ideal of duty to God to make sense of the insanity that drenches every day of Uratha existence. While the Lodge reviles the Pure as the ignorant servants of the Enemy, and the Bale Hounds as the darkest manifestation of the depths that werewolves can fall to, its greatest focus lies with Wounds themselves, the tainted spirits that crawl from them and the nightmare that lies beyond them. The Thiessians dream of a day that they can tear a bridge into the Hell that lies beyond and take the fight to the Lords of Vice directly.

    Totem: The Image

    The Image is a crippled, hateful being, but it loves its adherents as deeply as it feels spite for the Maeljin. Once a great and glorious being, it was Wounded and twisted to dance at the tune of the Lords of Vice, spiritually mutilated and utterly degraded. Now a shivering, shuddering abomination, the Image escaped its nightmare by cutting away much of its own self excising the corrupting cancers of its Wounded Essence through the scalpel of what remained of its will and identity. It desires nothing more than vengeance.

    The Image appears as a faint thing, as if being witnessed through many distorting sheets of glass it gives the sense of being distant even when immediately present. Those who see it can perceive faint impressions of whatever icons or visions of faith they most believe in, vague shapes pertaining to their zeal momentarily emerging into clarity then fading once more. Were the Image to be shown unveiled, it would shock and nauseate witnesses with the ghastly geometries and suppurating symbols of what remain a tortured carcass of faith, forced to rip truths and beliefs out of its meat to stop the tide of warping madness that began to eat it from the inside out.

    The Image is a spirit of faith, but one that was horrifically Wounded and warped into only the faintest memory of its original nature. In a way, this has freed the Image from the constraints of its former spiritual nature; it is now capable of emotions and concepts that would evade even colossally powerful spirits, having been broken and forced to resculpt itself. The alliance and respect it has for its adherents is genuine, as its belief in a greater Creator who must be responsible for everything it has experienced. Unfortunately, this is all coloured by the spite and pain of its tortured being. The Image craves the validation of its suffering, the proof that this was all worth it. As time goes on, and that validation has yet to appear in the form of a graceful and loving God, the Image grows less stable and its grip on reality slips further.


    Blessing: A Thiessian can spend 1 Essence to gain the rote quality on any roll to resist or contest the deleterious effects of Wounds, or the capabilities of Maeltinet that specifically draw upon their link with the Maeljin.

    Aspiration: To achieve revenge.

    Ban: A Thiessian must offer up a sacrifice to the God or divine power they believe in every week. This sacrifice must be meaningful in some way to the werewolf; common traditions include grains and fruit that the Uratha has personally harvested, a severed digit from their hand, or a burnt offering of a kill that they have personally hunted and brought down.

    Sacred Hunt

    The Lodge Sacred Hunt grants your character the ability to pick up the trace of Wounds and Wounded beings on the hunt. If the prey has passed through a Wound, or bears a Condition or effect from a Wounds influence, your character can detect that and can track purely based on that taint.

    Secrets of the Apostles
    • Some Hounds of God believe their state is a curse from the Enemy, others that it is a blessing from God. This is one of the longest-running internal schisms within the Lodge, and has stirred Apostles against each other in violence and even murder at times.
    • The idea of Hell as a literal place filled with demons that can actually be breached and invaded is wildly at odds with the established theology of many Christian churches. The Maeljin are, however, evidently real and present, and their corruption is a serious threat. A number of Apostles spend a great deal of effort infiltrating and influencing mortal churches to push a more apocalyptic, even heretical interpretation of Hell in accordance with the nightmares the Thiessians have witnessed; as a side-effect, the Lodge has plugged itself into the significant resources of the American mega-churches and evangelical movements and has any number of TV preachers compliant and on speed dial. The problem is that this same movement has been fertile ground for Bale Hounds, and has become the battleground of a shadow war between the two sides that has sometimes turned brutally violent and expressed itself in bizarre religious schisms and infighting.
    • Apostles have a practice of dipping rosaries or other religious items in holy water and some of their own blood, then giving these objects to human members of the faith that they wish to protect. The trinkets do not directly provide any aid, but spirits of faith pick up on the heady mixture and throng to such chosen ones, keen to guard these sources of rich resonance from threats that might risk their meal ticket.
    • A strong splinter within the sect are iconoclastic and hardline when it comes to the reverence of spirits and their use as totems, reviling such practices and demanding Uratha form totemless packs. These iconoclasts will actively hunt and destroy totems of those packs they believe are weak enough to force in line. They handle the apparent hypocrisy of being bonded to the Image through the claim that the Image is, in fact, the only spirit to have been baptised and to have embraced Christs salvation, therefore rendering its presence purified and sacred.
    • The oldest branch of the Lodge, in Livonia, have developed a radical and bizarre capability through means that are entirely unknown outside of the Lodge, and closely guarded even within it. There, Apostles possess a ceremony of cleansing for those who engage and destroy the Maeltinet that, as far as anyone can tell, appears to entirely suppress the Uratha condition for a year thereafter. A purified Apostle becomes nothing more than a normal human being, albeit retaining the blessings of the Lodge and an immunity to Lunacy. After a year, their werewolf nature reasserts itself in a microcosm of the First Change. The Livonian Apostles hold that this is a just reward for their righteous actions a soldiers time away from the battlefield, hard-earned through just war. Outside of Livonia, most werewolves dont believe the stories could possibly be true.
    • The Lodge holds a number of strongholds over locations where they have found and expunged Wounds. These hold something more precious than just the memory of a past victory Apostle researchers are attempting to build gateways into Hell on these sites, exploiting the scars the Wounds have left behind. Some of the gateways have actually worked, to some extent, creating portals into the realm of the Maeljin that are somewhat stable; the corruption that seeps through has yet to be resolved, however, and they are prone to being counterattacked by the servants of the Lords of Vice. The Lodge desires to use them as apertures through which to observe and understand Hell itself. In the old days, adherents desired to invade Hell and strike down the Maeljin, but times have changed, and strategies have developed. The Soviet Unions fall left a lot of warheads under rather lax security. Once the Lodge has taken the measure of that nightmare place, perhaps the warm glow of nuclear fire might be cleansing enough to ensure Gods justice.

    The Lodge of the Saviour has access to the Lodge Stronghold merit.

    Taltos Fragment (Fetish ooooo)

    The Lodge closely guards a collection of trinkets crafted from ephemera, somehow capable of maintaining their form and presence even in the world of Flesh. The ephemera in question was harvested from the ruined flesh of Image itself, taken from the severed and excised fragments that it sacrificed so that it could live on, even if lessened. These anomalies, twisted into impossible shapes and radiating unknown energies, offer some small hint at Images nature before its desecration but, more importantly, they are potent weapons against the Maeljin, and equally prized by the Bale Hounds who would seize and subvert them.

    Effect: A taltos fragment grants Influence (Wounds) 3. Maeltinet and Wounded spirits bathed in the alien radiation of a taltos fragment suffer a penalty to their Defence equal to the wielders Purity, and take a single point of bashing damage each turn their exposure continues.

    - Chris Allen, Freelance Writer & Developer

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    I instantly recognized, from the title, that this is your work Will read more deeply later after finishing up some macroeconomics studies.

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      Poor Image- but still, I'm surprised that a spirit has manged to gather enough willpower to deny the draw of the Maeljin and their corruption. I do wonder if the Maeljin or their agents (such as Bale Hounds) may have gathered some (or even the most) of the Image's flesh and used it to create something... else. An image of their own, so to speak.

      And please tell me I'm not the only one who think that throwing a nuclear warhead into Inferno is NOT the best idea out there? I mean- there are, like, thousands of ways it can go terribly wrong...

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        Originally posted by LostLight View Post
        And please tell me I'm not the only one who think that throwing a nuclear warhead into Inferno is NOT the best idea out there? I mean- there are, like, thousands of ways it can go terribly wrong...
        Yes, you are not the only one. But I think 'fantastically wrong' might be a better way to say it. Whatever happens would be big and likely make for a pretty killer story.


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          Huh, for some reason, copying it across and pasting it in here removed all the semi-colons from the text in the process. Weird.

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            A spirit intentionally modifying themselves? The Image is engaged in risky work, there.

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              What being Wounded did to the Image makes me wonder if becoming Wounded is to spirits what becoming Claimed is to mortals.

              Deleterious effects of Wounds? Did 1e books detail them? Capabilities from connection with the Maeljin? So basically Investments of the Possessed from the Inferno book?

              Nuking Hell itself... well, there was that metaplot in WoD where somebody nuked an Underworld city, screwing up all the spirit worlds (not just the Underworld) and allowing a bunch of fallen angels to escape their prison en masse....

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                The Inferno book sort of gets into how a spirit can be warped by demons. I think we might have to wait for Shunned by the Moon for official wounded expansion, though. The first edition core book got into what Wounds did in first edition.
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                  Originally posted by 21C Hermit View Post
                  Nuking Hell itself... well, there was that metaplot in WoD where somebody nuked an Underworld city, screwing up all the spirit worlds (not just the Underworld) and allowing a bunch of fallen angels to escape their prison en masse....
                  If I recall correctly, there's also a Hunter book that states that Task Force: Valkyrie at some point was considering either nuking the Shadow or blowing up the moon.


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                    They had the Fenris Payload, a sort of spiritual atomic bomb, destroying everything spirit-like in the area while leaving normal humans and construction untouched. I think it was meant to be blown up in the real world and just affect spirit stuff like possessed and Claimed and spirits in Twilight, as opposed to being put into the Shadow. It does note that the results of it would be catastrophic, even if it works as intended. Task Force Valkyrie doesn't seem to appreciate the nature of the Shadow but that makes sense.


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                      Super happy to see one of my favorite Lodges represented here! Syncretic faiths have always really interested me. Funny enough, I was thinking just recently that one of my characters would join this Lodge if they could. I'd been trying to do my own update but I wasn't sure where to go with it, so this solves that particular issue I was having.


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                        Great work. With your permission I'll adapt it to my Spanish Forsaken setting.

                        Lodge of Saviour was one of my favourite Lodges. In my opinion, this version is too generic, adaptable to any religion, not just christianity as in 1st. What I loved of 1st edition Redeemed is their sincretism of christianity and Uratha beliefs (as I would like any Lodge who incorporates elements of Islam, Buddism, Hinduism or any spevific religion or culture). But that's just my personal taste.

                        But I really love a lot of what I've seen here. The concept of rte Image as a wounded spirit, the secrets of the Lodge (absolutelly love the idea of sending a nuke to Inferno), the mechanics. It gaves me a lot of ideas.

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                          I'm sure the old lore is still used to further show the Christianity and werewolf sincretism @Uxas


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                            Acrozatarim , see what you did? Now I NEED to use this guys in my Sweden game about Bale Hounds infiltration of Forsaken Hunting Ground! Especially as PCs now just entered into Wound inspired by Norse Myths of Ragnarok and Hel character. And chronicle takes place in most Christian city in Sweden - Uppsala, heart of Church of Sweden.

                            Expending more on the topic of Lodge itself - How would Hounds of God react to the Lance Sanctum vampires? In my take, city of Uppsala is now under mostly Lance Sanctum Archbishop control. He maybe giving some breath for established werewolves, for now, but I feel he will start to make bold movements in session or two from present, because of PCs pack. Having reactions from Apostole Forsaken NPCs I may add to mix would make it more easier to envision how whole Hunting Grounds will be affected by vamps vs werewolves politics.
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                              Minor protest: you want to, you don't need to.

                              You don't need anything here.

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