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[New Gift] Gift of the Conquering Moon

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  • [New Gift] Gift of the Conquering Moon

    So, I was asked about how I'd do a 'tactician's moon' type Gift. I've been poking at this for a couple of months now, slowly putting it together and refining it, and it's been a tricky process - among other things, I already put a lot of group-related powers and capabilities to influence the surroundings into the 2nd ed core, meaning a lot of the space for a Gift like this was already roped off by existing material. I've tried and discarded about a dozen different Facet ideas along the way, and I'm still not completely certain about the Facets that have survived the winnowing, but I feel like it's coming along and approaching something useable.

    So, here's the second new Moon Gift from me, to go along with the Gift of the Screaming Moon for Cahaliths. Let me know what you think!

    Gift of the Conquering Moon
    This Gift is only available to Rahu.

    Clarity (•)
    The conqueror’s grasp reaches far beyond the limitations of their own flesh. Through clear-sighted command, the werewolf’s tactical acumen spurs the pack onward.
    Cost: 1 Essence
    Action: Reflexive, at the beginning of combat
    Duration: 1 scene

    The Rahu may use this Facet when rolling to determine Initiative. Upon activation, Clarity grants the Rahu a number of command points equal to twice her Purity Renown. The Rahu may reflexively spend command points to grant any of the following bonuses to herself or any packmate she can perceive or communicate with:

    • +1 to an attack roll, perception roll, or Facet activation roll.
    • +1 to Defence or another trait protecting against a single attack or supernatural effect.
    • +2 to Initiative or to Speed for one turn.

    A character cannot benefit from a command point’s bonus more than once on a single roll, but there are otherwise no restrictions on how the Rahu may spend her command points.

    Checkmate (••)
    Once the Rahu has the prey where she wants them, the trap snaps shut.
    Cost: 1 Essence
    Action: Instant
    Dice Pool: Intelligence + Academics + Purity versus Composure + Primal Urge
    Duration: Turns equal to successes rolled.

    The Rahu may use this Facet against a single prey she can perceive.

    Roll Results
    Dramatic Failure: The prey regains a spent point of Willpower.
    Failure: The Facet fails.
    Success: The target is outmatched by the Rahu’s plans. For a number of turns equal to successes rolled, penalties to the prey’s Defence do not lift at the start of the next turn but instead remain and accumulate. Should the prey be brought down, the Rahu regains a single spent command point.
    Exceptional Success: If the prey is brought down, the Rahu regains three spent command points.

    Iron-Handed Hunter (•••)
    Beneath the light of the Conquering Moon, the Rahu’s command guides her brethren to victory.
    The Rahu can only activate this Facet when she gains the Siskur-Dah Condition.
    Cost: 1 Essence
    Action: Instant
    Duration: The full duration of Siskur-Dah

    For the duration of the Facet’s effects, the Rahu adds her Purity Renown to the number of command points generated when she uses Clarity, effectively causing that Facet to grant command points equal to three times her Purity Renown rather than twice, as long as she is taking actions to pursue the Siskur-Dah’s prey. Additionally, she gains the following new ways to spend command points:

    • When any pack member brings down a foe (whether killing or incapacitating them), the Rahu may spend a command point to allow any pack member to immediately move their Speed.
    • When a pack member takes an Instant action on their turn that is not an attack, the Rahu may spend a command point to immediately grant them an additional Instant action that they can only use to make an attack.

    A given characters can only benefit from being the target of these effects once per turn.

    Unassailable (••••)
    The Rahu stands untouchable by those who would defy the Warden Moon’s will, an unflinching sentinel of the battlefield.
    Cost: 1 Essence
    Action: Instant
    Duration: 1 scene

    The Rahu adds her Purity to her Defence, and to any dice pools or traits used to resist or determine whether she is knocked down or moved. She may use this Facet as a Reflexive action when the target of an ambush or surprise attack.

    Tyrant of the Battlefield (•••••)
    The Rahu is a master of war, her presence turning the battlefield against her foes and unravelling the stratagems of her foes.
    Cost: 2 Essence
    Action: Instant
    Duration: 1 scene

    For the duration of the Facet, the Rahu can control elements of the battle by distributing her Purity among the following effects. As a Reflexive action on her turn costing 1 Essence, she can change how her Purity is distributed among them. Effects apply to all pack-mates or prey on the battlefield, as appropriate.

    • Reducing cover penalties inflicted when targeting prey.
    • Reducing the penalties for packmates from battlefield and environmental conditions.
    • Adding to dice pools for packmates to manoeuvrer or navigate through the battlefield, including in dealing with supernatural effects.
    • Forcing all prey to retreat a number of yards each turn.
    • As a penalty to the prey to resist or contest demoralizing or fear effects.
    • As a bonus to Speed for packmates.
    • As a bonus to packmates’ Clash of Wills rolls against supernatural powers.

    - Chris Allen, Aberrant Line Developer, Freelance Writer

    ​Like my work? Feel like helping me stay supplied with tea? Check out my Patreon

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    Thats Amazing!


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      Speaking of gift of the screaming moon, I can see some giant synergies between these two gifts.
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        Been waiting for more tactically minded Rahu gifts. Thanks for making this!


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          Super happy about this gift!