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    Originally posted by wyrdhamster View Post
    Idea is great! I just have a small problem with one detail - Can't live or can't be in man-made den? Distinction is crucial here - When can you say someone is living in particular site? When it's pack is raiding human settlement - are they living there? If they stay for the night on the streets of the town - are they living there?

    I would probably rephrase Ban to: 'Cannot rest in man-made den' - But are spirits possible to rest in our common sense of humanity? Do spirits 'sleep' in normal day? They clearly can hibernate when lost in Essence. But beside that?
    Rest seems fine. I think with the Hisil the way it is during daytime, with Helios' influence pushing things into dormancy, and the cave bear being a creature of darkness, it would probably try to rest or go dormant or asleep during daylight hours.

    I definitely wouldn't limit it to 'can't be in' because the idea of a massive bear, or bear cultists, breaking into your house trying to get to you seems very fitting for these guys.