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[Fan Dark Era] 'Moon People' - Peru c. 900 - 1470 AD - Chimú Culture

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  • [Fan Dark Era] 'Moon People' - Peru c. 900 - 1470 AD - Chimú Culture

    Chimú Culture, enigmatic, ancient 'Moon People' of modern Peru. They existed as culture from 10th to 15th century in those area. And they have very interesting Moon religion...

    From Wikipedia on Chimú: 'In Pacasmayo, the Moon deity (Si or Shi) was the greatest divinity. It was believed to be more powerful than the Sun, as it appeared by night and day, and it also controlled the weather and growth of crops. Devotees sacrificed animals and birds to the Moon, as well as their own children on piles of colored cottons with offerings of fruit and chicha. They believed the sacrificed children would become deified and they were usually sacrificed around age five.

    Several constellations were also viewed as important. Two of the stars of Orion's Belt were considered to be the emissaries of the Moon. The constellation Fur (the Pleiades) was used to calculate the year and was believed to watch over the crops.The Chimú worshipped Mars (Nor) and Earth (Ghisa) gods, as well as the Sun (Jiang) and the Sea (Ni) deities. Jiang was associated with stones called alaec-pong (cacique stone), which were believed to be ancestors of the people in whose area they stood and sons of the Sun. The Chimú made offerings of maize flour of red ochre to Ni for protection against drowning and bountiful catches of fish.
    Each district had local shrines that varied in importance. These shrines, called huacas, were also found in other parts of Peru, and had a sacred object of worship (macyaec) with an associated legend and cult.'

    There are also stories of human sacrifices...

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    Sounds fascinating.


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      Definitely something to sink your teeth into...
      This completely fits into the DA setting and WtF perfectly. Are you planning on adapting it or running it?
      It would look brilliantly up on the ST Vault.

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