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Space Race in WtF

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    Moon landing and Idigams are mentioned in frame in 1E WtF corebook even.

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      While technology is a difficult theme to marry into the game, I really wouldn't say it doesn't have any place at all. I can totally see a pack of rural Iron Masters using Gift/Rite enhanced remote controlled drones (or maybe drone Fetishes with bound Raptor spirits that reveals Twilit entities on camera) to patrol their vast steppe/prairie territory.

      Still, the space race didn't inherently introduce technology with Uratha existence. Unless a pack was directly involved in NASA before the landings, Uratha would probably not go further than to investigate NASA and the returned pods once someone pieces together why a bunch of idigam suddenly showed up. The new plans for a manned landing does introduce new possibilities with savvy and informed Uratha trying to infiltrate (or just straight up sabotage) Roscosmos to stop the new mission.

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