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    Second Edition brought me back to the game I met in the late 90s, it's just that great.
    I devoured the book and loved the simple mechanics and this new flavor as well.

    One thing that I don't understand, though, is what can I take as "official"?
    Post forums from writers are official? What about the blog? Will the Time Gift be published in an official book or will people who don't care about the forum/blog posts be "left out"?
    There are many topics here and I'm not in the mood to dig deep to find official stuff that otherwise might get overlooked.

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    My understanding is - and I may be wrong on one or more counts - that the only 'official' material is what's published in a proper, titled Werewolf: the Forsaken book.

    Material posted in Onyx Path blogs has some weight to it but is not 'official' official, as it were - I don't think Forsaken material in blogs undergoes the same checking process by the licensors that content in the books does.

    Forum posts from writers are absolutely not official. Stuff we throw around on here might, one day, end up in a book - for example, I first used the Ukusgualu for my Paris-set Forsaken game, posted some stuff about them on here, and in Shunned I've had the opportunity to give them a proper write-up.

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      Good to know.
      Hopefully Time Gift gets tested and published, I goddamn loved it.


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        As a fan - and it's no way official stance - I treat developers 'fan' materials like Acrozatarim as 'semi-official'. I.e. They are (mostly) related to canon and brilliantly written, probably working as good examples what you can do with WtF - only the stuff you not really need to use. It's just high quality fan materials, coherent with gameline at large. It's not like Chris writes on forum Gifts for Pure that are not in official books...

        WtF - and Chronicles of Darkness at large - are sandbox game. You use what materials you like. Even official supplements should be optional ( it's not always true, as WtF 2E corebook lacks some materials that were not enough to be put in it in first place - like full Hosts rules or mentioned Gifts for Pure werewolves ). Stuff like Chris fan materials are just probably most compatible with game as envisioned by developers - as it's stuff written by developer of the game.

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          Here hoping stuff like this doesn't happen with Werewolf; over the top official mechanics "published" on PasteBin.