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What other antagonists would you like to see?

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  • What other antagonists would you like to see?

    First I would like more hosts. The more the better. Mainly:
    - Grasshoppers - symbolically very important in many cultures.
    - Crickets.
    - Frogs and amphibians in general.
    - Plants.
    - Scorpions.
    - Butterflies and Moths
    - Mollusks.
    - Crustaceans.
    - Fish.
    - Araias and Sharks.
    - Beetles - the type of insect with the largest variety of species in the world and with many mythologically important.
    - Colors - Those things that came in the meteorite from Lovecraft's tale work well as hosts.
    - Lizards and Tuotaras.
    - Turtles
    - Crocodiles and alligators.
    "And I think snakes could get reworked."
    - Pigeons - Hosts work well as urban pests and what pigeons are.
    - Bats.

    In addition to the Hosts some variety of great spirits.

    - A new version of the Ancient Standard Spiders, not in the sense of spiders, but of spirits that standardize everything, as reflections of the God-Machine in the Shadow.
    - Some in the sense in the Great Chaos Spirits like the old Crawler Nexus or Bill Chipher of Gravity Falls.
    - Spirits-Worlds with whole planes of reality with other spirits, umbrellas and places within them and their dreams.
    - Great Ones - The Lesser Gods of Lovecraft.
    - Dogs of Tindalos - Multi-temporal Beings.
    - Guardian Spirits as the Lost Smoke Monster.
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    I would like to see some more Magath, they were very lacking in 2nd edition. Otherwise spirit claimed machinery and animals would be cool

    but what I would really like to see is just plain powerful spirits, whether ancients of weather or one more modern like the collective spirit of Democracy or communism


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      This might sound weird, but humans with some sort of magitek capability to deal destructive damage against the overlapping Hisil. Like a reverse version of antagonistic spirits. I guess it sounds a bit like Wounds?


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        Focus on werewolves who don't want to join the Forsaken OR the Pure, who just want to live how they wish. Shunned by the Moon seems to cover this.

        Reluctant werewolves might seem boring, but if you use them well, they can serve as a great reminder to the main pack how much humanity they have lost or even how easily power corrupts.

        Werewolves who want to cure their condition, maybe through science or through magic/religion.

        As in the same vein, werewolves who want to dismantle both factions for no other reason than because they see what they do as terrible. Nothing like planning a hunt, only to get the cops sent on you out of the blue.

        I use similar ideas in WtA, but the point stays the same, offer a non-forsaken non-pure view of what it means to become an uratha and how a person wanting to reject it to keep their humanity can do a lot of harm. Also, it serves as a mirror to the players. How far have they fallen? How much do they justify these days? How far are they from the human members of the pack?

        My gallery.


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          I'd like to see more work on human werewolf hunters. The concept of the "werewolf hunter" is almost as classical to me as the "vampire hunter" and it would be a shame to not see them get some love. I mean if I'm not wrong then the Promoetheans got their special human antagonists in the form of alchemists so I think that the Uratha should get a dose of the same. Both in showing how humanity can be dangerous also to werewolves as well as offer technological opposition to overcome for the Uratha and not just lots of spiritual and supernatural ones.

          One can presumably run them from crazy rural militias to degenerate big game hunters looking for the thrill of the hunt.