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    Hi nikink, that's no problem at all. I'll just list all the morphemes for each slot, so you can look them up in your list more easily. I write as ng since that is its most likely pronunciation. Although in some words it was possibly pronounced ngm. Also š is just written sh.

    Slot 1:
    nam (abstract noun, -ness, -ship)
    ning (turns verb into noun)

    Slot 3:
    ak (English 's, possession)

    Slot 4:
    gu My
    zu Your
    ani Its (animate)
    bi Its (inanimate)

    Slot 5:
    ene (Animate plural)

    Slot 6:
    e (Put after noun if it is performing an action)
    (Nothing is written if the action is being performed on the noun)
    ra (For, to; as in "This gift is for the King", "I gave the apple to the boy")
    da (together with; as in "I did the work together with the King"= "The King and I did the work" )
    ta (From, with; as in "I come from Ur" and "I dug the hole with the shovel")
    eshe (to; as in "He went to Ur")
    gin (like a; as in "He is powerful like a horse")
    a (in, as in "I am in Ur")
    e (next to; as in "I am next to Ur")

    There is only one small detail.

    Ene, the plural, combines in some strange ways with the possessives in Slot 4:
    Our = My + plural = gu + ene = me
    Your (plural) = Your + plural = zu + ene = zune
    Their (animate) = Its (animate) + Plural = ani + ene = anene

    This only happens if the possessor is being pluralised. An example:

    Lugal = King

    Lugalgu = My King

    Lugalme = Our King

    Lugalguene = My Kings

    Lugalmeene = Our Kings
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      Again, very great translations, you do everyone a great service!


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        Hi! New to the forums (though I've been regularly lurking for the past month or so), and quite happy to see that someone has taken on this brave little project. As a point of personal interest for me, could you please suggest a First Tongue name for a (or The) god of justice? If it helps, the sobriquets I've come up with for him thus far are the Void of Mercy (this concept of justice being completely opposed to the idea of forgiveness, focused solely on punishing those who violate laws and taboo) and Son of Death (in that he's considered as some type of Amdulim as well, death being the wages of sin, etc.). Any help forthcoming would be appreciated, so thanks in advance!

        EDIT: Right! Its name, in human parlance, is Fall of the Heavens, i.e. "Fiat justitia ruat caelum." Can't believe I forgot to mention that. ^_^;
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          here is some words that i think i'll need for a game in the future.

          Chief or Chief Elder

          Lord of the Gauntlet

          Destroyer of worlds



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            I am no Sikla Alkis, but going with the translations provided thus far, an Elder Lord might translate into Affa Nir? I'll try to look for the other two when I have more time.


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              I have a request that I've been sitting on.

              Big Damn Hero: Either sarcastic (something like "foolhardy, reckless idiot") or genuine ("exactly who we needed who showed up in just the nick of time"). Or both, since I feel like that's the intent of the original phrase.

              "Nihhina kalekal-zidu kal masun, kal manudanadu. Nihhina kalekal-zidu nukal shaghu-desasudu — nihhina kalekal-zidu kal innu-desasudu udhkal samm." Arthur Ashe
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                could I get Slave Trader...or Claimer of Slaves...something slave related would be beneficial.


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                  Could go with Zathu Luhal for Lord of the Gauntlet.


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                    You haven't been here in a while, so I understand if you don't respond, but I've got a request. I have some Shifter ideas, and was working on giving them names, alongside some ideas others have suggested. I managed to find a Sumerian dictionary, but I'm not much of a linguist, so I'm not sure how to make the final step. I'll list the name I've gotten, what I think it means, and what it's supposed to refer to. If you have any better ideas, feel free to give them.
                    MITU-ESSURU(Death Birds): Shifters who act as Psychopomps, Ravens if male, swans if female.

                    BEL-BU'IDU(Lord of Ghosts): Owl-Shifter Necromancers.

                    SARRUM-SAMSUM(Kings of the Sun): Dynastic, Helios-created Scarab Shifters(with a strong Egyptian vibe) who turn the local spirit-lands into their own kingdoms.

                    The two that aren't mine:

                    EHUS-LA-SANAN(The Terrifying House Unrivaled): Hyper-Territorial Wasp Shifters who enslave Hosts to convert others.

                    TAMTU-NERGAL(Sea Watchers): Crab-Shifters who stand against strange, alien spirits that seeks to invade land.


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                      Does this make sense?

                      ADHUNA GAES (Clever Merchant Man): My own Kushtakas, trickster-inclined shaman wereotters.


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                        Is there a translation for something along the lines of Come at me Bro?

                        Used in the context of issuing a challenge when the odds are stacked against you?


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                          I have commision for you - with new shift in 2ed, we need a translation for Protectorate. It could be with lesser Grimm's Law backward usage, as the word were probably made in Ancient Summer, not before it. But I'm interested what would you make with that.

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                            In one of the few instances I swear publicly: shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. o__o

                            Holy crap guys, I am so sorry for the backlog. I've lost my place and track of things on forums, so I'm not sure how long it'll take me to catch up, but I'll try.


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                              It's alright, man, take your time. Though I have to point out that the old WW site archives are gone. >_<


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                                Originally posted by Ursufgutha Storm-Born View Post
                                It's alright, man, take your time. Though I have to point out that the old WW site archives are gone. >_<

                                Which is why I have the actual webpages of the dict saved to my computer. #BePrepared #TotallyNotParanoid