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Doing First Tongue Translations

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  • Sikla Alkis
    started a topic Doing First Tongue Translations

    Doing First Tongue Translations

    Long story short: I am the author of the original First Tongue Dictionary posted on the old White Wolf Forums. If you want to see the archived versions of versions 1.0 and 2.0 of that dictionary:

    Collected Compendium Courtesy of Litheon:

    And here is a handy spreadsheet made by our very own nikink that provides Grimmified Sumerian to create words from:

    I will be resurrecting and posting the newest dictionary here. Please post any requests below for translations so that I can add them to the dictionary. You may also post translation requests for your game.

    Things I am currently working on:

    - The building part wordlist
    - All the derangements
    - Some more Mage vocab
    - The S-homonyms
    - The individual wordlists for WAtP shapeshifter cultures
    - The spices wordlist
    - The gemstone wordlist I had picked out (which I now need to find again)
    - Compling canon words
    - The names of the Changing Breeds in First Tongue
    - Names for generations for The Young Man In the Cafe

    Existing Words From the Old Site (WIP):


    Letters A - D

    -A -
    *a’ak: To command, to instruct, to teach; commands, instructions

    *abis: Cow, cattle, auroch

    Adagmos: The Dreaming Serpent, an example of one of the Maslunim that might patron a Silver Crusade

    Adarusharu: The Wolf Hosts

    *adugu: Able, fit; decent; to have the ability to do or perform

    *affa: Ancestor, elder; older, ancient, something that came before

    Affahissu: Ancestor-spirits

    Afhal: Warlock

    Afhal Usum: Great Sages, Serpent Sages

    *afurusum: medicinal plants, medicine; healing, medicine, doctor’s work

    *ag: To do, to perform; to act as; to cause; may also act as a definitive article possessive (compare "the dog's" to "a dog's")

    *Agala Kaskir: Fianna (Werewolf: the Apocalypse tribe)

    *agalu: Devouring, consuming; a big eater

    Agalu Delal: Demon Eater

    *ah: Time

    Aharnuz: “The Mother”, a Named Horror

    *akkal: Help, aid, relief; to assist or bring relief to

    Akkath: Suggested name for Arkadia

    *akismunthi: The centre/center, the core, the prime, the primary; the fundamental thing to which everything is based upon

    *akruul: Free, freedom; to live free; a term sometimes associated to a werewolf unbound by a pack and not necessarily a positive thing (created by the Camarilla LARP)

    Alath: A helpful spirit (male)

    Alathru: Gift or Gifts

    Ama-er: Mother’s tears; a reference to the sin against Harmony wherein an uratha mother murders her own child (generally while in kuruth)

    *Amahadur: The Kami from Werewolf: the Apocalypse

    *amahan: Mother; a shortened form is “Ama”, which is equivalent to “Ma”, “Mommy” or “Mama”

    Amahan Iduth: Mother Moon

    *Amahar-Maguralath: Gaia the Earth Spirit; also “Amahan Har”

    *Amahan Shiniduth: A foul insult used by the Pure towards Mother Luna; considered a “classier” translation of the Pure epithet “Bitch Moon”

    Amdulim: Death, Harvesters

    *ameni: why

    *anna: To, from

    *anfar: Iron, metal

    Anfarsisu: Train, Iron Horses

    Ankakumikaityn: Nomad Wolf; also known as “Anka-Ur”

    *an: Upper, crowning, enlightened; of heaven or a heavenly state

    *anfarti: Metal projectiles, lagrange; another name for a bullet, especially a hollow-point bullet

    *anis: A plant or a group of plants; vegetation, foliage

    *ansak: Glass

    *Ansakiru’us: Glass Walkers (Werewolf: the Apocalypse tribe)

    Anshega: The Pure Tribes

    *anunnhia: Strength, power, force; to force, to power

    *aran: Depressed, sad; sadness, grief; horror, horrified

    *arath muth: Ghoul, blood slave, blood addict

    *asde: Point, end, tip

    *asde kasinfu: A spear or polearm

    *asilal: to be aloof, to be distant; to not be social or like the company of others

    *askah: Coincidence, happenstance; to happen, to occur

    *askeer: To lament, to angst; to wail

    *askska: To scream, to screech, to shriek, to wail; such a sound described

    *athalim: Choir, group of spirits

    *atrah: Beta, the pack beta; anything that ranks second-highest

    *anzaghar: A fortified tower; a keep; a lookout, a watchtower

    Anzaghar Ilthum: Tower Hounds

    *anzuth: Talons, claws; may refer to an eagle or other bird of prey, and the claws of such

    *arada: Honor/honour, standing; bloodlines; the renown of Honor/Honour

    *arath: Slave, servant

    *Arath Due'esk: Drones, spirit-bound servants of the Weaver from W:tA

    *arrath: Curse, cursed; to curse, to put a hex upon

    Arrathudum: Accursed Icons, or, more commonly "Cursed Items"

    *asah: Diseased, corrupted, tainted

    Asah Gadar: Bale Hound

    Asgar: All-seeing eyes; scouts in a Silver Crusade

    Assinu-ur: Patron of the Lodge of Mania, also known as “the wolf who leads our cult”

    *aske: Now, currently, present

    Asmodai: The Queen of Wrath, a Maeljin; word is not First Tongue, but incorporated

    asusar: Envy, jealousy

    Asusar-Rihur: Bale Hound of Maastraac, Maeljin of Envy

    *at: A thorn bush or thorny brush

    *athi kuth: A trial; a test

    *ayafa: Hyena

    *ayalu: Deer, stag

    *ayu: Which

    Azarath: Evolved Azlu that have likely fused with a human host

    Azdehusar: The Consumer

    Aziha: Cursed

    *aziha thuaghsu: Bad regeneration; refers to a state where a part or parts of the body do not heal properly upon regeneration, and is usually recurring; also known as “arrath thuaghsu”

    *azitha: Violent, wrathful, angry

    Azitha-Rihur: Bale Hound of Thurifuge, Maeljin of Violence

    Azlu: Spider Host

    - B -
    *babhakemeda: The lighter shades of purple, such as the purples of daybreak and sunset

    *babhar: White

    *Babhar Skirag: The tribe of the White Howlers from W:tA

    Ba’musum: Steel, Iron’s Children

    *Batlu: The Planet Saturn

    *bes: To anoint, to bless; to pray; a blessing, a prayer, a sacred hymn

    Beshilu: Rat Host

    *bhirtan: Goose; swan

    Bith Balag: The Brineborn, werefish

    *bur: Torn, ripped, broken

    *bur-zi: Conflicted, torn, contested; to be unable to choose or decide

    *bura’ha: The season of autumn; fall

    *burskir: Mute, soundless, "broken-voiced"; one who is mute or has a damaged voice, or has a speech impediment

    - C -
    *Cahaduth: A poetic term for Luna in her Gibbous phase

    Cahalith: The gibbous moon and the corresponding auspice (derived from running “Galliard” backward through Grimm’s Law)

    Cahalunim: The Lune choir of the gibbous moon

    *cahavisktha: A prophetic dream; the prophetic dreams of a Cahalith

    Carnala: Maeljin of Lust; not a First Tongue word, but borrowed

    - D -
    Dagukurum: River, Swift Waters

    *daka: To abandon, to leave behind; to forget, to toss aside

    *dakh: To touch, to feel, to hold

    *dam: To trust, to believe, to accept as truth

    *Damfihak: The planetary and astrological Venus

    Danu-Ur: Creator Wolf, mythic brother, sister or mate (depending on the story) of Fenris-Ur; a heretical rumour has Danu-Ur going mad after Father Wolf died and becoming Rabid Wolf

    *dar: To cut, to slice, to split; to loosen, to unhinge, to untie; to crush, to grind; to kill, to slowly destroy

    Dar-Us: "Slow Killer"; a notorious werewolf who invented a brutal fighting style that prevents regeneration

    Delal: Literally “Vicious Demons”; a title given to the most experienced and fiercest warriors in a Silver Crusade, Usually the Blood Talons and Rahu

    *desasu: Lust; wanting, craving

    Desasu-Nihur: Bale Hound of Carnala, Maeljin of Lust

    *difala: To turn, to move in a different direction; to change pace, to change routes

    *Dikhut: A judge; the Judge aspect of the Elodoth auspice

    *dil: To be complete, to be finished, to be done

    *dirak: to talk, to chatter incessantly

    Dirak-Lahaf: Machine Gun, Chattershots

    *Duaguzu: Gorgons, spirit-bound mortal creatures of the Wyld from W:tA

    *Due’eskath: Weaver-spirits, like those found in Werewolf: the Apocalypse

    *Due’esk-Maguralath: The Weaver from Werewolf: the Apocalypse

    Dug-ús-thim: "Ghost-claimed"

    duguthim: Spirit-Claimed, Possessed or Merged

    Duhalaim: Raccoon, Cunning Masks

    *duhu: To have, to possess, to carry

    dulesh’na: Touchstone

    *du: To create, build or make

    *duaf: To begin, a beginning; to start anew, to start fresh

    *dufath: Stamina, endurance, hardiness; to endure, to survive

    *dufath gus: Hardened leather; leather armour/armor

    *dufuk: Word; part of speech

    *duksium: Shield, to shield, defend, defence/defense; a protective plate or covering

    *dum: A group; a family

    *dumask: A member, a part of a group; membership

    *dumu: Wind, breeze; air, oxygen

    *dunam: Effect, happening; to affect, to happen

    *dunfath: Piece, pieces, shard, shards; to break or shatter

    *dunfath-ah: Hour; a unit of time

    *dur: Child, baby

    *dursagrik: Birth, the act of birth, and/or the remnants of childbirth

    *durumun: Amoeba, biological cell, bacterium

    *dush: To sit, to have a seat, to sit on one’s haunches
    - Reserved: Letters E - H -

    - E -
    *e'esk: Cage, prison cell

    Elodoth: The half moon, and the corresponding auspice (derived from running "Philodox" backward through Grimm's Law)

    Elolunim: The Lune choir of the half moon

    Endammu: Flesh-Ripper

    Endi Matha: Playgrounds, Child Farmers

    Endim: Toys, Playthings

    Engum: Loci guardians

    enharra: Emissary, diplomat; an Aspect of the Irraka

    *er: Tears, to tear up; crying, sobbing

    *eren: People, humans, sheeple; herd, sheep, flock

    *erenissu: Human ghost

    *esi: Tree

    estha: Bound

    - F -
    *fa: Omen

    *Fadu Aziha: The Cursed Omen-Makers, Changelings

    Fa-ninna: Owl, Omen Birds

    *farah: Father; a possible shortened version is "Fafa", equivalent to "Papa", "Daddy" or "Dad"

    *Faranamthuf Ursua: The tribe of the Bunyip from W:tA

    *farsekh: Mist

    far'huf: Steping Sideways

    Farsil Luhal: Iron Masters

    Faruism: Machine Riders

    *Fenrisuth Urdur: The tribe of the Get of Fenris from W:tA, presented as a lodge in Werewolf: the Apocalypse

    Fenris-nu: Fenris' Fire, the feeling of the prescence of Fenris-Ur with a Blood Talon

    Fenris-Ur: Destroyer Wolf

    Fiuremekir: Speakers, an Aspect of the Cahalith

    - G -
    *ga'a: Fox

    *gakal: Cunning, quick thinking; the Renown of Cunning

    *galgithaldum: Hunter compact, as detailed in Hunter: the Vigil

    *galsked: Damn, damn it; literally means "banish to crap", i.e. banish them to a place worth poop

    *garazhu: Lodge

    Gargahan Shulath: Bringer of Ruin

    Garm-Ur: Son of Fenris-Ur, patron of the Lodge of Garm

    *garum: House, den, residence

    Gauru: The "War Form" of the Uratha

    Gazhdum: Ghost-Touched Items

    Ghu-ghabhasughar: "Eating the Foe", a heretical ritualised cannibalism practiced by some Blood Talons

    Gifala: The spirit wilds

    *gihia: Messenger, news-bringer; journalist, reporter

    Gila Esi: Elm, The Downfallen

    gishar: A Wound

    *githagarum: Town, hamlet, village; something too small to be a city but still a human settlement

    *githaldum: Hunter cell, as detailed in Hunter: the Vigil

    Gurfuros-Ur: Twin to Garm-Ur and Patron to the Lodge of the Cerberus; there are some who claim he may actually be the son of Dire Wolf

    gurihal: The physical world

    *gurim: Sick, ill, rabid; insane, crazed, mad; amongst the Pure, it has more positive connotations like "enlightened", "oracular", "prophetic" and "martyr"

    *Gurimath: Spirits of the Wyrm, better known as "Banes", from W:tA

    Gurim-Ur: Rabid Wolf

    *Gurimirska-Maguralath: The Wyrm from W:tA

    *Gurimzir: Formori, spirit-bound spirits of the Wyrm from W:tA

    *gushasu: Greed, want, desire

    Gushasu-Nihur: Bale Hound of Mammon, Maeljin of Greed

    Guzen Ehara: Bank, Usury Lords

    Guzenthima: Money, Golden Thoughts

    - H -
    *habalthu: Challenge

    Hafal: War, Warmongers

    Halaku: Crow Host

    Halamaaz: Performers, an Aspect of the Cahalith

    *hanserthim dur: A foul insult, it literally means "weak-blooded child" and refers to someone who is not considerable breeding or stature, or you don't even consider a living creature or one of your own because of genetics

    Hanzerih: Flame, Consuming Fires

    *hanzer: Flaming orange; flame-coloured/colored, fiery; blazing fire or flame, like a wildfire

    *har: World, realm

    *Harazitha Githul: The Herd of Worldly Wrath, Prometheans; singular is "Harazitha Lu'u"

    *Haresi: Axis Mundi, the World Tree

    *hargishar: A destroyed or desolate place in the Physical World caused by supernatural influence, such as a Promethean's Disquiet; a Promethean Wasteland

    *harmatha: Continent, realm, pocket dimension, place of existence

    *Harurdum: The tribe of the Children of Gaia from W:tA, presented as a lodge in the Werewolf Translation Guide

    Hathis-Ur: Silver Wolf, totem of the Ivory Claws

    Hesath Thaf: Pain, Paroxysms

    *hespar: To trap, to capture, to imprison; caught, held, trapped

    Hespar Nimhir: Electricity, Trapped Lightning

    *hikanirmeda: A shade of purple so dark it is almost black; sometimes used to describe the color/colour of the night sky

    *hikaon: Black; dark, shadowed

    *Hikasah Udizi'ir: The tribe of the Black Spiral Dancers, presented as a lodge in the Werewolf Translation Guide

    Hikaon-Ur: Black Wolf, totem of the Hunters in Darkness

    *Hikaon Ursufgatha-Uth: The tribe of the Black Furies from W:tA, presented as a lodge in the Werewolf Translation Guide

    *hirfathra: Bone, bones

    Hirfathra Hissu: Bone Shadows

    Hiribanu: Knife, Bladelings (WTF: Predators, p. 36)

    Hiri Hufesi: Oak, Those that wait

    *hiri huf: To wait

    *hirim: Flower, blossom; a maiden, a virgin; someone who is pure and innocent

    Hisil: The Shadow Realm

    *hissu: Shade, shadow; ghost, spirit of a dead person

    *Hissu-Nir: The tribe of the Shadow Lords from W:tA, presented as a lodge in the Werewolf Translation Guide

    Hissu-kag: Envoy, an Aspect of the Elodoth

    Hissu-Ur: Shadow Wolf, Patron of the Lodge of Voices, possibly an aspect of Kamduis-Ur

    *hith: Singular spiritual entity

    Hithethal-Us: Patron of the Lodge of Death, a spirit of the ashes of the dead

    Hithim: Hostile Spirit

    hithim luzak: Spirit fugitive

    Hithimu: Spirit Ridden

    hithisu: Spirit Urged

    Hud: "Warrior", all Rahu Aspects include this word

    Hudhesdu: Tactician, an Aspect of the Rahu

    Hudhuz: Berserker, an Aspect of the Rahu

    Hudinim: Oathkeeper, an Aspect of the Rahu

    Hudta: Defender, an Aspect of the Rahu

    Hudzith: Crusader, An Aspect of the Rahu

    *hugin: The oneness, the wholeness, the sum of all parts, the total

    *Hugindath: Spirits of the Wyld from W:tA

    *Hugindu'ilth-Maguralath: The Wyld from W:tA

    *huginmatha: Country, tribal homeland; a lodge's place of origin, could also refer to the Tribal Realms as described in W:tA; a place under the influence of a single tribe or lodge (for example, "the Ninna Farakh's huginmatha" could be a large, uninhabited forest in the far north)

    *hugiskir: Cosmology, beliefs, belief system; literally means "The Collective Song"

    Huhsih: Warhowlers, an Aspect of the Cahalith

    Hurhir Gasmk: Sports Car, Highway Cats

    *hursakh: Mountain

    Huzuruth-Ur: Dire Wolf, totem of the Predator Kings

    - I -

    Idigam: Moon-banished, spirits banished beyond the spirit wilds in ages past

    Idigathim: Lunacy

    Idimathu: "Savage Priests" a suggested Ghost Wolf Tribe

    *idukuthesi: Name (often an insult) for a Ghost Wolf who has Pure beliefs and/or has not sworn/does not follow the Oath of the Moon

    *idunukuth: "Silver Scar" — a scar that has been made by silver, usually used as term of great endearment, awe and respect, as the scar is often proof of a survived duel or an encounter with a particularly nasty wolf-hunter

    *iduth: Moon, specifically the Earth's Moon

    Iduth-Su: Flayed Lune

    *iduthanna / iduthfil: Silver (former for positive reference, as in a sacred silver fetish; latter is for negative reference, the word for the term “moonbane”, and refers to things such as a monster hunter’s silver weaponry)

    *Iduthanna Kuk: The tribe of the Silver Fangs, presented as a lodge in the Werewolf Translation Guide

    Iduth Zana: Moon Puppets

    Ihitar: "Seer", the special title of those of the Lodge of Prophecy.

    *igag: To see, to have sight

    *igi: Eye, eyesight

    *imin: Rain, storm

    Iminir: Storm Lords

    Imkul: Breezes, Waftlings

    Imria Hithim: The Ancestor Spirits that watch over a certain lineage

    Inimshi: Desire, Lustings

    Inimzu-Ur: "Wolves who speak with words" the name for a member of the Lodge of Hallowed Halls

    *ina: to go out of, to leave, to go from; to go into, to move into, to be in

    Isib: "Priest" or "magician", always included in the Ithaeur Aspect names

    Isibansala: Observer, an Aspect of the Ithaeur

    Isib-Durume: Shadowbinder, an Aspect of the Ithaeur

    Isibhgud: Spirit-Hunter, an Aspect of the Ithaeur

    Isibildua: Ritualist, an Aspect of the Ithaeur

    Isiburalath: Totem-Bond, an Aspect of the Ithaeur

    Isi'is-ur: Anguished Wolf, totem of the Lodge of the Second Moonrise

    ithagihi: Auspice

    Ithaim: The Mad, an Aspect of the Cahalith

    Ithi Thahal: Scout, an Aspect of the Irraka

    Iurhir: Dog, Mongrels

    Izihi: Assassin, an Aspect of the Irraka

    Izidakh: Fire-Touched

    - K -
    *ka: Great, huge, big

    Ka Hadar: "Burning Whisper"

    *Kadum Nifuna: The tribe of the Croatoan from W:tA

    *kafara: A deep blue; the color/colour of the oceans and lakes of the world

    kaggath: Warm and wet-smelling, like fresh blood or meat

    *kal: To be, shall be, will be, shall, may be

    *kalekal: Renown, standing; may be capitalized just as Renown is

    *kalifir: Primal, ancient; antique, antiquated

    Kamduis-Ur: Death Wolf, totem of the Bone Shadows

    *kal nu kal: Used to imply subjectivity, as in "maybe, maybe not"

    *kasked: Worse than crap, equivalent to the s-word

    Kath Hespar: Orb Spider, Trapweavers

    *Kathir: The Hedge; literally means "The Great Thorn Bush Forest"

    *kemeda: Violet, purple

    *kenser: Weakness, pathetic state, lack of strength, childishness

    Kha-Yaawk: Leech Hosts

    *khil: Night, night-time

    Khila’es Suthar: "Three Nights of Slaughter", a historical lesson of the Iron Masters

    *Khirisu Mekhar: The tribe of the Silent Striders, presented as a lodge in Werewolf: the Apocalypse

    Khuranu Dhugu: "Speakers of the Vine" a suggested Ghost Wolf Tribe

    *kikuru: Edge, rim, side

    *ki'unag: Night, heavy shadow (as in the kind brought by the lack of sun)

    k'ruuk: 'Scarred One', an honourific given to the members of the Lodge of Scars

    *ku: My, mine

    *kuk: Fang, tooth, teeth; bite

    Kuluh-Ur: Trembling Wolf, detracting name for Sibath-Ur, the patron of the Lodge of the Shepherd

    *kumatha: Your territory, your lands, lands that belong to you

    *kur: To reap, to rend asunder

    Kuruth: Death Rage

    *kusk: To make or colour red

    *Kuskanzuth: The tribe of the Red Talons, presented as a lodge in Werewolf: the Apocalypse

    *kuth: To cut, to slice, to cleave, to amputate

    *kuthask: Amputee, one who is missing a limb

    *kuthesi: Stumpy, "cut tree"; one who is short, or who has short/vestigial limb or is missing a limb; often used as a disparaging term

    *Kuth-Iduth: "Cut Moon" — a former Pure who has converted or reconverted to the side of the Forsaken; a negative term, often used disparagingly

    - L -

    Lahan-Aru: "Prey-Render"

    lama: a helpful spirit (female)

    lil: spirit of a place

    *lifir: Old

    *lu: Either, or

    *lu'u: Mankind, humanity, the herd

    *luhal: King, lord, alpha, master, sensei; master of a craft, a given race, master/leader/most knowledgeable of something

    lul: "Liar"

    Lul Galah: Truth Seeker

    Lul-Rihur: Bale Hound of Pseulak, Maeljin of Deception

    Lum: Apathy, Heartslugs

    Lushar Iduthag: The Tribes of the Moon

    luzuk: Thief, robber, burglar; the Thief aspect of the Irraka auspice (the second definition is canon)
    - Reserved: Letters M - P -

    - M -
    *makaf: An ocean or large sea

    *malahar: Planet

    *malan: Star

    *malan denamthuf: Constellation

    *Malan Udi: The tribe of the Stargazers, presented as a lodge in the Werewolf Translation Guide

    *Maroz: The planetary and astrological Pluto

    *matha: Lands, grounds, acreage; territory

    *mekhar: To be silent, to be quiet, to have no sound

    *Midhanu: The planetary and astrological Mercury

    *minaltha: duel

    *mirska: Poisonous snake, serpent; dragon, wyrm

    *muku: The f-bomb, the big f, the second-to-worst swear; f-bombs ending with "er" on the end are written as "mukask" and f-bombs ending with "ing" are written as "mukag"

    *muth: blood; sometimes meaning dark, shadowed

    Muth Iduth: Meaning "Dark Moon", it is a name for the New Moon

    - N -
    *na: Stone, rock

    *namsu: Wisdom, to be wise; the Renown of Wisdom

    *namus: Death, dying, dead

    *Namuskuzu: The Death-Fleshed, a Sin-Eater

    *Namuskadith: Death-Mocking Spirit, a Geist; technically a type of magath

    *nanfarthir: City, metropolis; capital city, large city

    *Nezikhal: The planetary and astrological Mars

    *nifuna: Turtle, tortoise

    *nimhir: Lightning of the sparking, cloud-to-cloud type; may also refer to chain lightning

    *nin: Sister

    *ninna: Predator, hunter, carnivore; predatory bird, bird of prey; sometimes mistakenly spelt as "ninnah"

    *nir: Lord, master, alpha, king; term is more royal in nature, as opposed to the scholarly luhal

    *nirkemeda: Indigo, royal purple

    *nir uhur: Grand klaive; a powerful or legendary klaive; a klaive used by royalty, an alpha, or from a legendary or powerful werewolf or spirit

    *nisik: Green; the color/colour of vegetation or foliage; foliage, greenery, a term sometimes used to refer to the greenery found in city gardens and similar environments

    *nuku: You; literally means "not me"

    *nukuth: Scar, mark; permanent wound, wound that hasn't healed

    *nuth: The act of lying down

    *nuthask: No one
    - Reserved: Letters Q - T -

    - R -
    Ralurnim: A name for a member of the Lodge of the Fury Choir; literally means "full moon spirit wolves"

    *rih: To eat, to devour, to consume, to munch, to drink

    *Rih Hirfathra: The tribe of the Bone Gnawers from W:tA, presented as a lodge in the Werewolf Translation Guide

    *rork: Meteor, asteroid, comet

    - S -
    *sar: To run, to flee, to take flight; canonically, its first definition means "each" or "every"

    *sar e habalthu: Surrender, give up; literally means "run from battle"

    *sagrik: To offer, to give

    *Sahaluzuk: The Skindancers from W:tA

    *sakh: Heart

    *sakthaf: To think, to consider

    *sanimbathra: Backbone, guts, nerve, resolve

    *Santhara: The planetary and astrological Neptune

    *Sazokh: The planetary and astrological Jupiter

    *sehe: honour; to hold something high, to give standing to, to give rank to

    *ses: Brother

    *shinath: Piss; someone who is pissy is "shinathask", lit. "piss-one"

    *shiniduth: Considered VERY insulting, almost as bad as "muku" (if not more in some circles), it literally means "piss-moon" and is equivalent to the term "bitch"

    *sihil: Pure, purity; the Renown of Purity

    *sik: Yellow

    *sisu: Horse, horses

    *sked: Crap, to crap

    *skedag: The a-word, which, for some Europeans, starts with an "ar"

    *sua: Cat

    *Suadma: The planetary and astrological Uranus

    *Suausumayalu Umma: The tribe of the Uktena from W:tA, presented as a lodge in the Werewolf Translation Guide

    *sudekh: To accept, to take

    Summis-urdu: Members of the Valkyrja Mot; the name literally means "choosers of the slain"

    *suth: The colour/color red

    *suthar: Red-dripping; to blood, to make bloody; slaughter, killing; something that is coated in blood

    - T -
    *thakh: To roam, wander

    *thekh: To take, to grab, to collect, to seize

    *thim: To be helpless, to be paralyzed with fear, to be weakened; to create, to make, to take shape

    *thimsuth: Orange; the color or smell of blood thinned out by water

    *thir: Forest, woods

    *thirigalgithaldum: Hunter conspiracy, as detailed in Hunter: the Vigil

    *thirnisik: Deep green, dark green; forest color/colour, forestation, sometimes a term used to refer to the greenery of forests and the wild places

    *thu kal bu: Hello, greetings; literally means "may all be well"
    - Reserved: Letters U - Z -

    - U -

    *udi: To gaze upon, to admire, to worship; to have awe, to be awestruck

    *ufuful: Lightning of the short, sudden burst type; often used to describe a lightning flash with thunder

    *ufuful-rih: Gun, firearms

    *uhur: Sword, klaive

    *ulke: Sky, heaven, atmosphere; the color/colour blue, the color/colour of the sky

    *ulkefara: Aurora, Northern/Southern Lights

    *ulke malahar: Gas giant

    *unurifanda: A sacred space, a religious site, a place of great importance; a "nahdar unurifanda" is a particularly sacred locus or wellspring of power

    *ur: Wolf

    Uratha: the First Tongue name for the one-third human, one-third wolf spirit, one-third moon spirit descendants of Father Wolf and Mother Luna; rough human equivalent is "werewolf"

    *urdur-sahaz: Monster or werewolf hunter; literally means "puppy-killer"

    *urdum: Wolf pack

    *urdum affalifir: Pack elder

    *urdur: Child, cub; wolf pup, young wolf

    *urdurgarum: Wolf-blooded child; sometimes applied to the children of wolf-bloods, Uratha or not

    *urdumes: Pack-brother; male pack member

    *urdurmin: Pack-sister; female pack member

    *urmatha: "Wolf lands" — section of land owned or populated entirely by werewolves and/or their kin; a pack territory of considerable size, such as an entire town

    *usala: Peace, peaceful, content

    *usala nuth: Lie down peacefully, sleep, rest, take a nap

    *ursufgutha: Beast, monster; refers to a monstrosity (such as a potent Beshilu) or a monstrous werewolf — not a zi'ir, but someone who is wild, fierce, and/or dangerous; possibly not always a positive term

    *ushumfin: Hermit crab; other crabs and crustaceans are referred to as "shumfin"

    *usum: Serpent, snake

    *uth: Storm, fury, rage; a term for the sun and found in the names of Helions, though I've constructed Helios's proper name as "Uthanga-Sonag" (see below)

    *uthfara: Gold, golden; radiant, brilliant; sun-colored/coloured, blond/blonde, a brilliant yellow

    *Uth Skekhul: The tribe of the Wendigo from W:tA, presented as a lodge in the Werewolf Translation Guide

    *Uthanga-Sonag: Helios, Uncle Sun, Elder Sun

    *uzu: Flesh, meat, entrails

    - V -

    *viruhk: Corrupt, sicken

    *viruhtim: To violate, to destroy, to make no longer sacred; literally means "corrupt-weaken"

    - Z -
    *zela: Cloud

    *Zela Uhur: Cloud Swords, Lightning
    Reserved For Phrases -

    - Canon -

    "A rah, mala sagh ghes ra neru:" Drown, and thereby drown my enemies"; a part of a ritual

    "Duzag lal": Show me; part of the Elodoth Boundary Rite

    "Hisil da duha": "The Shadow must be ruled", words of the First Ithaeur

    "Imin fala Uzuhama muz": lit. "Seven Turns of the Bitch Mother's Face"; a phrase used in Predator King intiations

    "Iminir desh kar": Also shortened to "Desh Kar" — literally translates as "just us"; a saying used between Storm Lords, similar to "been there, done that"; can also be used as an expression of sympathy or frustration at the burdens of being Iminir

    "Sehe nu lu'u thim." "Do not pollute yourself with the works of man" or "honour/honor nothing of human craft", the Tribal vow of the Predator Kings

    "Su a sar-hith sa": "Pay each spirit in kind", the Tribal vow of the Bone Shadows

    - Non-Canon -

    "Ina aske bur kikuru har hae su thakh, ma ur garum kal ku garum.": On the ragged edge of the world I'll roam, and the home of the wolf shall be my home. (Robert Service, The Nostomaniac)

    "Kuth iduthanna namthuf": "To cut the silver writing/markings/inscriptions" — refers to the act of the Pure removing your auspice, specifically the act of removing your silver brands, but pretty much a catch-all for Pure initiation

    "Nu lul kal usala nuth.": ""Let no false statement lie", the Tribal vow of the Fire-Touched

    "Nuthask kal igim lu nu akkal nuku kenser.": "Allow no one to witness or tend your weakness", the Tribal vow of the Storm Lords

    "Nu unurifanda ina kumatha kal viruhthim.": "Let no sacred place in your territory be violated", the Tribal vow of the Hunters In Darkness

    "Sagrik nuku sar ina habalthu ku nu sudekh.": "Offer no surrender that you would not accept", the Tribal vow of the Blood Talons

    "Sakthaf nu hanserthim dur nin lu ses.": "Consider no whelp of lesser blood your brother or sister", the Tribal vow of the Ivory Claw

    "Sehe kumatha ina hugin.": "Honor your territory in all things", the Tribal vow of the Iron Masters

    "Ur nu zi ir mi sith githul kal.": It never troubles the wolf how many the sheep may be. (Virgil, Aeneid)

    "Ur kes dugu ma ur la gak kuk.": Speak of the wolf and he will show you his teeth. (Unknown)
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  • nofather
    Originally posted by Sikla Alkis View Post
    I'm really happy to see this is still going! Unfortunately, I don't have the time anymore to work on the dictionary. Maybe one day I can come back to it, but not right now. If you guys want to continue the project, by all means, please take what I've posted and run with it. I see some of the devs have come to provide translation help, and I really like what they've come up with so far.
    Thank you for all you've done. I know the language sometimes acts as a barrier to new players but I think once established it's helped us really get some healthy depth to the setting of the game.

    Originally posted by nikink View Post
    I still pay attention.

    And that's appreciated as well, I did have a translation question. Making wrath hosts and was wondering if it would be azithalu? Or azithu?

    Also, out of curiosity, are you working on anything for the new Dark Eras?
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  • nikink
    I still pay attention.

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  • Sikla Alkis
    I'm really happy to see this is still going! Unfortunately, I don't have the time anymore to work on the dictionary. Maybe one day I can come back to it, but not right now. If you guys want to continue the project, by all means, please take what I've posted and run with it. I see some of the devs have come to provide translation help, and I really like what they've come up with so far.

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  • Tessie
    Worthless search function. I literally get no results for "sin-eater" or even "sin" when searching this thread. Not even our latest posts.

    Nitpick: Namuskuzu sounds more like it would be Bound on a whole rather than the Sin-Eater subgroup.

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  • Caelene
    Originally posted by nofather View Post

    From the First Tongue Dictionary a few related terms and the one you asked for:

    Missed some of those in my perusal. Thanks!

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  • nofather
    Originally posted by Caelene View Post
    Was perusing the thread as I worked on deed names for NPCs, and the collection of Geist-flavored terms made me wonder if anyone has worked out what the First Tongue for Sin-Eater might be. I have a Wolf-Blooded in the same game that recently underwent the Bargain and knowing what any spirits he encounters might refer to him as could be helpful.
    From the First Tongue Dictionary a few related terms and the one you asked for:

    Namuskuzu - The Death Fleshed, a Sin-Eater
    Dug-ús-thim - Ghost-Claimed
    erenissu - A ghost (human)
    gazh - Catch-all ghost term, ghost-like
    Gazh-Aha - (ghostly treasures)
    Gazhdum - (ghost touched items, items empowered by being linked to a ghost)
    hissu - shade/shadow, spirit of a dead person

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  • Tessie
    Originally posted by Caelene View Post
    Was perusing the thread as I worked on deed names for NPCs, and the collection of Geist-flavored terms made me wonder if anyone has worked out what the First Tongue for Sin-Eater might be. I have a Wolf-Blooded in the same game that recently underwent the Bargain and knowing what any spirits he encounters might refer to him as could be helpful.
    The word for Claimed is duguthim. Spirits, and any werewolves who care to make a distinction, might combine it with hissu (ghost). I think that might be the most widely used term for a Bound.

    A Sin-Eater (which is just a descriptor for a Bound who actively helps ghosts) would have a more involved title name, but unfortunately it doesn't appear that it's been posted in this thread or in the document in the OP. Not that it's likely to apply to a Wolf-Blooded who's still part of a pack.

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  • Caelene
    Was perusing the thread as I worked on deed names for NPCs, and the collection of Geist-flavored terms made me wonder if anyone has worked out what the First Tongue for Sin-Eater might be. I have a Wolf-Blooded in the same game that recently underwent the Bargain and knowing what any spirits he encounters might refer to him as could be helpful.

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  • nikink
    Shegh = snow; sleet; cold weather; frost, ice; burning, incineration; chills, shivers
    Marru = stormwind

    So, I'd probably translate "Blizzard" as "Shegmarru"

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  • Extant Reality
    What is the word "blizzard" in the First Tongue? I can't find it anywhere.

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  • nofather
    That's perfect. It's complex enough that it seems mysterious, while also being so complex people should use Pangaeans.

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  • nikink
    Dhudhishgimudh-mushmah - single pangaean

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  • wyrdhamster
    How would be translated Pangaeans as term? And singular Pangaean?

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  • VVifvvolf
    I approach the great First Tongue thread seeking knowledge!

    I'm using the Forsaken tribes in an Apocalypse chronicle, and using the First Tongue for Garou language as well. I changed some tribe names, though, so there weren't duplicate name elements, that I would appreciate re-translations for.

    Blood Talons -> Blood Runners, based on the imagery of stepping in blood and leaving a trail of gory pawprints. I tied them to Sami/Siberian/North Asian cultures.

    Storm Lords -> Oncoming Storm, based on the imagery of a storm cloud being blown towards a mountain top. I tied them to eastern European cultures like the Shadow Lords and Silver Fangs.

    Bone Shadows -> Mor Rioghain, not based on, but inspired by, the imagery of a crow flying over a marsh. Obviously I tied them to Celtic cultures, but beyond the name they're closer to the Welsh/Bretons/what-have-you.

    Unrelated is an idea I've been playing with about an apocalypse for the Forsaken setting. It would involve an avatar of Mother Luna and a "second coming" of Father Wolf - Sister Moon and Brother Wolf. I wanted to ask the experts, would Ninidu and Sesur be the right translations?

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