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  • 1001 Spirit Names

    No not the names new age parents give their kids.

    While working on a chronicle I realized just how fun and occasionally challenging it can be to name a specific spirit. So after a few cursory searches I saw that no WoD communities really discussed this in depth (and for a fair reason given the many, many possibilities).

    So I thought it would be fun to see people list whatever names for spirits they've used that they're particularly proud of, intend to use in the future, or just think have a really nice ring to them. There's no real rules for this thread besides the fact that you should list what kind of spirit is assosciated with each name next to it. If you want to add the spirit's rank or even a description of the spirit in question go for it, but that's by no means expected. Bonus points if anyone manages to cobble together some First Tongue translations.

    A few examples:
    1. Deep Coiler (Snake)
    2. Last Bite (Gluttony)
    3. Rage of Extinction (Prehistoric Beast)
    4. Lead Belly (Firearms and Sloth)
    5. Seeing Unseen (Paranoia/Fear)
    6. Shudder Sight (Also Paranoia/Fear)
    7. Forlorn Hope (Death and Sorrow)
    8. Lashing Love (Shame and Pain)
    9. Determinant (Ant, pun intended)
    10. Righteous Content (Peace and Sloth)

    Note: I posted this in the Werewolf sub-forum because I thought this is where the most discussion regarding spirits and the shadow takes place. If folks think this thread is better moved to the main Chronicles of Darkness forum proper then I have no objection to the mods moving it.
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    Re: Spirit Names

    There are many ideas in this thread - Twilight Menagerie

    Curios, Relics, and Tomes - A collection of Relics (Cursed and Otherwise)
    The Horror Lab - A collection of Beasts, Monsters and less definable things.
    Strange Places - A collection of Dark, Mysterious, and Wondrous Locations
    Twilight Menagerie - A collection of Ephemeral Entities


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      Bonepicker (death/dog spirit)
      Singeheart (Arson spirit)
      Blood from a Cut (murder/knife spirit)
      Grandfather Shadow (lesser incarna level shadow spirit)

      Dam da namsithim.


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        Headlines-Daily - News Spirit
        Old Tom - Cat Spirit
        Hungers-In-Darkness - A (possible Magath) of Gluttony and Darkness
        Updog - A Spirit of humor that lost its reflection.
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