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    I was re-reading the Temple of Apollo's secrets and saw this:

    Spirits of the hyacinth plant are either close allies or rabid foes of the Temple. Thebans anoint human sacrifices with extracts of the plant as it has the favor of the Sun Wolf. Furthermore, anointing the animated dead with hyacinth allows Thebans to vomit a blazing soul out of their Lodge bond in a reverse of the sacred hunt, turning the undead into a Ridden bound to a twisted, distorted helion spirit.
    Emphasis mine.

    Do you think this refers to dead animated on their own, such as with a rite? Or more specifically this would be used against something like vampires?


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      second- the way I read it was that it is meant to target an already undead (like vampires). The problem is that most of those dead already have something which is spirit like and rides them: Sin Eaters have their geists, revenants have their own ghosts, mummies are bound to their Judges, etc. Vampires, however, are known to be possessed by things (like infernal demons, and of course that's part of the whole horror of the strix), but the idea of a sun spirit ridding a vampire makes me think that it would definitely won't end up good.. like, at best case scenario, you'll get a pile of dust. At worst... yeah, I need to write that Sunwalker idea that is buzzing in my head for ages. Also, just imagine what would happen if the Temple would try to make the rite upon a strix possessed vampire/ corpse. Yeah, that definitely can't end up bad :P

      So yeah, perhaps the other reading (that is, corpses animated by magic) is the more correct one. No one wants a sunwalking vampire motivated by a broken sun spirit which claims it found Golconda, right?

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        I think Apollo's twisted helions would be different enough from representing the sun that they would probably manage vampires well. It is basically a vampire as it is, pretending to be a sun god and downing human souls to power its activities, even encouraging sin and vice. I don't think riding would automatically grant Sunwalking status (or that that should be off the table, just that it's more likely to come when the subject is inevitably claimed), and presumably like Eddie Vines the spirit would be able to instill enough paranoia if the host wanted to go public, or just force the issue.

        But yeah I was thinking dead animated through a rite, perhaps to become guardians, with vampires being more trophy catches. It's easy to imagine a vampire becoming curious about a Temple of Apollo to try and sneak in or take advantage, especially given they already share vampire-party resonance.


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          So now that Shunned is out are we going to talk about

          There is a schism in the ranks of the Lodge. Some Eaters favor close ties to the Lodge of Death; Chinese emissaries of the Lodge are offering alliance. Other cultists flock to a different banner — the Tesfurfarrahu, or Devourers. The Devourers are a small cabal claiming to have proof of an old, powerful pact that bound Isim-Ur, though she does not remember this. Devourer doctrine states there are other dead children of Mother Wolf that the Lodge must discover and devour as a holy duty, just like with Ravening Wolf.


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            One of the problems with being dead for such a long time, lots of rivals and enemies and even new ideas come up to take your place. Come back and they're already in a strong position to recruit.

            I've really been enjoying the Firstborn plots and the legacies of the original factions from Sundered World, seeing how they trickle down to today. Were they founded by the ancient spirit rivals that later backed the Pure? Or did they just take advantage, or maybe even spawn from the mindset of the ancient tribeless wolves?