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Using a werewolf as an antagonist in a Victorian London vampire chronicle.

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  • Using a werewolf as an antagonist in a Victorian London vampire chronicle.

    I know, I know, the Forsaken aren't normally antagonistic to vampires unless the vampires give them a reason to, and the pure tribes don't much care for vampires either.

    Yet, I'm running a Vampire the Requiem chronicle set in 19th century London, and as such I like to visit a lot of 19th century stories, urban myths and legends to really get that Victorian penny dreadful feel. As such, I plan on throwing in a werewolf antagonist at some point, loosely inspired by the Werewolf of London and the Wolf Man.

    One idea that was floating around in my head was to have this werewolf perhaps be possessed by a strix, which would explain why it's going on a rampage through London and why it's antagonistic towards vampires. But is it even possible for a werewolf to be possessed by a strix?

    I don't know much about Werewolf the Forsaken. I only played the game twice in 2007 and 2008, both 1st Edition. I'm currently reading 2nd Edition, but I'd like to hear ideas and advice from you guys.

    How could I conceivably create an interesting werewolf antagonist for a Victorian London vampire chronicle?

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    While they aren't inherently antagonistic towards vampires, the Iron Masters and lodges like the Eaters of the Dead have vampires as their sacred prey. The Eaters of the Dead kind of originated in Mongolia, and Victorian era London did have an interest in the Far East. You can just have a pack that's interested in it, as well, like the Black Moon eXtreme of the Rockies, who were just interested in hunting vampires, though obviously don't fit into the Victorian era's themes.

    As I see it, there's one big hurdle to overcome. Namely, what's keeping the werewolf from just following them home and killing them while they sleep. Or basically any of the 'efficient' ways of doing it. Popping in through the Hisil and setting their lair on fire. Or engulfing Elysium in flames without ever getting within Discipline-range of a vampire.

    So you'd want a reason for them to not want to do things in an efficient way. It can be spiritually influenced, like they need to cause the maximum amount of fear in prey or something, or it can just be a quirk of their personality, like they want to engage the vampire in a battle of wits. This is sort of what the strix do, so that shouldn't be too hard to figure out, but you'll also want them to have some form of backup, as a group of PCs against a single antagonist isn't going to go well for the lonely one. If you don't go with werewolves you can have spirit-claimed or spirits.

    Regarding the strix, the Vampire book does say other supernaturals can go through Synthesis with a strix, though there's not anything in the way of rules for that, leaving you to whip up the creature's capabilities on your own. Werewolves in Tokyo are implied to have a partnership with some of the strix there, so having a foreign strix and werewolf partnership could fit as well.


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      werewolf with strix as totem perhaps


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        Originally posted by Ventrue Life View Post
        But is it even possible for a werewolf to be possessed by a strix?
        Borderline-explicitly so within the framework of Vampire, unless you know of a different type of werewolf that would have Gifts a possessing Strix would be unable to use.

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