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  • New Wolf Gift: Gift of Fangs

    Hey all, Korogra Here! With Night Horrors on the way and one of its focuses being enemy werewolves, I was inspired to create a Wolf Gift that focuses on enhancing the killing potential of an Uratha, allowing for an even greater level of lethality to be leveraged against prey during a hunt- especially against dangerous game like other Uratha.

    There would be a dark reputation tied to these Gifts as a result, and I could easily imagine them being a favored Wolf Gift to develop among Blood Talons ( Especially those belonging to the Lodge of Garm) and the Pure - perhaps the method to more easily unlock this Wolf Gift would involve having to survive a series of particularly grueling battles against incredibly powerful foes before ones Essence channels would shift in order to access this more deeply embedded killing power in order to meet said challenges!

    Anyhow, here they are for your viewing pleasure!


    Hackles Raised ( Cunning)

    Werewolves are incredibly competitive and violent creatures who’s natural instincts can easily get one into trouble with their fellows- especially those they underestimate. With this Facet, the user can readily determine whether a potential target is one to give a wide berth, or an easy kill.

    Cost: One Essence

    Action: Contested

    Dice Roll: Wits + Primal Urge + Cunning - Subterfuge + Supernatural Tolerance

    Dramatic Failure: The user is utterly convinced the target is no threat whatsoever, and is confident that they can take the target on with no problem. Any further uses of the Facet for the remainder of the Scene are penalized by the User’s Cunning score.

    Failure: The user is unable to determine the level of threat that the target presents, The Essence is wasted.

    Success: The user is able to determine the target’s Supernatural Tolerence level, which is conveyed through the creature’s body posture and scent. If target’s Supernatural Tolerence is lower than the User’s Primal Urge, the first attack roll against the target gains a modifier equal to their Cunning score.

    Should the target’s Supernatural Tolerence be higher, when they make their first attack against the user, the user gains a bonus to their Defense equal to their Cunning score due to the increased wariness of the user.

    Exceptional Success: No other benefits.

    Urfarah’s Fury(Glory)

    Mother Wolf was unquestionably the greatest predator to ever live, and in her prime there was nothing in all of creation that could withstand her fangs or claws for long. This Facet channels a bit of Urfarah’s savage power through the user’s own natural weapons, greatly enhancing their effectiveness.

    Cost: None

    Duration: Permanent

    Effect: The natural weapons of the all the user’s forms besides Garu and Hishu gain a + 2 to their weapon rating, while the rating of Hishu’s biting attack is raised by one.

    While in Garu, the user gains a bonus to their teeth and claw’s weapon rating equal to their Glory score. In addition, attacks made while in the killing form are now able to ignore a number of points of non magical armor or Durability equal to Glory.

    Pelt of Thorns ( Honor)

    Werewolves are deadly hunters not only thanks to their Rage and tremendous power, but also their resilient constitution and unwavering tenacity. This Facet serves to help blunt the teeth of those who would dare attempt to make the user prey, as well as delivering a painful sting of retaliation to the one foolish enough to do so.

    Cost: None

    Duration: Permanent

    Effect: While in any form besides Hishu the user gains an armor rating equal to their Honor renown and a ballistic armor rating equal to half their Honor ( Round down, minimum one point) as their fur becomes incredibly thick and coarse, taking the consistency of fiberglass or steel wire.

    In addition, should an opponent make a melee attack on the user, they are inflicted with a number of points of bashing damage equal to the users Honor renown, while melee weapon’s suffer the user’s Honor In Durability damage.

    Tear At The Throat (Purity)

    No matter how tough or defiant the prey is, the hunt must reach a decisive end. With this powerful Facet, the user can leave horrendous wounds to leech away the resistance of even the mightiest of foes.

    Cost: Two Essence

    Action: instant

    Dice roll: None

    Effect: The next attack made deals aggravated damage if inflicted by the user’s natural weapons. In addition, these wounds resist supernatural means of healing, doubling the cost for abilities that accelerate healing or downgrade/remove damage.

    Scent Of Blood ( Wisdom)

    Sometimes it is difficult to gauge how much fight the prey has left in them, and this Facet can allow the user to ascertain the condition of an enemy from only a small amount of stimulus

    Cost: None

    Action: Contested

    Duration: One Scene

    Dice Roll: Intelligence + Medicine + Cunning- Stamina + Subterfuge

    Dramatic Failure: The user has absolutely no idea what the target’s condition is. They could be at the peak of health or on the brink of death. The target cannot be affected by this Facet again for the rest of the Scene.

    Failure: The user is unable to determine the target’s physical condition.

    Success: The user is able to determine how many health levels the target has remaining for the remainder of the Scene.

    Exceptional success: The user is also aware of what sort of Physical Conditions and Tilts are affecting the target.


    And there we have it! Like always, I hope you guys like it and I would love to hear feed back from all on you on how to tweak and improve this Gift!

    Thanks and have a wonderful day!
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    Neat. I'm guessing Urfarah's Fury and Pelt of Thorns stack with Living Weapon and Fortified Form?
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      Originally posted by nofather View Post
      Neat. I'm guessing Urfarah's Fury and Pelt of Thorns stack with Living Weapon and Fortified Form?
      I wasn’t fully taking those merits into account, but I would say maybe. My initial gut reaction would be no, because that would get rightfully ridiculous really quickly.

      On the other hand, it would be really powerful, and I don’t see a reason why it wouldn’t stack besides the obvious balance issues there of.

      So I’ll be diplomatic and say it’s Storytellers discretion on whether or not one can stack them.


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        For Urfarah's Fury, instead of the bonus damage, what about just Armor Piercing or a Minimum Damage thing? This doesn't outright increase lethality, but does ensure it remains consistent, even against hardened foes.

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          Originally posted by Vent0 View Post
          For Urfarah's Fury, instead of the bonus damage, what about just Armor Piercing or a Minimum Damage thing? This doesn't outright increase lethality, but does ensure it remains consistent, even against hardened foes.
          That is something to consider, yeah!


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            Im concerned about how powerful Pelt of Thorns and Tear at the throat are.
            Pelt of thorns i think would work better if it were just the latter effect at a 1 or 2 essence cost possibly becoming a 0 cpst Basu-Im gift. Removing the armor part makes fortified form still useful as a merit.
            Tear at the Throat has unprecidented power as far as I can tell the only other way to deal agg with natural weapons is the Urfarah's Bane rite which only applys to werewolves. And even that costs 5 essence takes time and cuts the uratha from all pack ties for the duration.
            Scent of Blood is just a weaker version of Prey on Weakness (insight)
            Urfarahs Fury is just a more powerful Slaughterer (Rage)
            I like Hackles Rased but would cobsider making the part of having an advantage over the superior hunter in the exceptional success. And possibly making it resisted over contested. And a hugher essence cost for tue benefits.


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              Gift of the Slayer Wolf (home made)

              (Cunning) Deflect Suffering: When the werewolf is about to gain a tilt, spend 1 Essence (R) and roll manipulation+ subterfuge + Cunning - Stamina, the opponent gains the intended tilt
              Exceptional Success: the prey also takes lethal damage equal to werewolf’s Cunning.

              (Glory) Slayer's Roar: Spend 1 Essence and roll Presence +intimidation + Glory - Stamina, the opponent takes one lethal damage per success.
              Exceptional Success: Enemy gains knockdown tilt.

              (Purity) Rip Apart: The werewolf’s fangs and claws deal wounds that may not be healed by any means within the same scene, if the werewolf attacks a creature without regenerating ability he deals aggravated damage, the effects of the gift are permanent.

              (Honor) Presence of the Slayer Wolf: Spend one essence (Inst) and roll Presence + Intimidation + Honor. Any one who sees the gift user and fails a Composure + Primal Urge gains the Demoralized condition which cannot be resolved as long as the victim is in the user's presence.
              Exceptional Success: The victim enters basu-im and runs away from the gift user. Victims allready in basu-im instinctively run away.

              (Wisdom) Slayer’s Wisdom: The werewolf ignores all penalties when making called shots by spending one essence as a reflexive action.
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