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New Gift (2E) Gift of [Blood/Life]

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    New Gift (2E) Gift of [Blood/Life]

    This was written after 5 hours in the hospital after being woken at 2am, in a span of about an hour and a half. SO I apologize for the quality and the improper use of phrases I'm sure.
    Gift of [Life/Blood]
    Brother Where art Thou (Cunning)

    With this Facet the Uratha can find anyone important to her prey.
    Cost: 2 Essence
    Dice Pool: Manipulation + Socialize + Cunning vs Composure + Primal Urge
    Action: Instant
    This Facet can only be used on a character with whom the Uratha has talked to in the current scene. The Alternate Identity Merit does penalize the dice pool for this facet.
    Dramatic Failure: The Uratha gains the Ban Condition. She learns of one group that the prey belongs to and must act as if she is part of that group.
    Failure: The Facet fails. And cannot be used on the same target this scene.
    Success: Each success reveals a new relationship that the prey finds significant or important in their own life.
    Dramatic Success: She also learns the importance of the relationships in question.
    Washing Wounds (Glory)

    Uratha have used this gift in dire times to save friends family loved ones and pack mates, but has always come with a cost.
    Cost: 1 Essence Per 3 dots of Bashing Damage, 2 Essence per dot of Lethal Damage, 5 Essence per dot of Aggravated Damage
    Dice Pool: Stamina + Medicine + Glory
    Action: Extended (15 Successes; 1 roll per minute)
    This Facet can only heal up to her glory rating in damage starting on the right side. This facet cannot be used on yourself.
    Dramatic Failure: The Uratha deal their glory rating in Lethal Damage to Target and takes their Glory Rating in Aggravated Damage.
    Failure: No successes are acquired, The Uratha takes her glory rating in Lethal Damage
    Success: The Target heals the wounds affected by the facet and the target gains the Exhausted condition. The Uratha takes her Glory Rating in Lethal Damage
    Dramatic Success: Same as Above, but do not take Lethal Damage
    My Heart on Their Sleeve (Honor)

    Cost:1 Essence
    Action: Reflexive
    Duration: 1 Scene
    For the facets duration the Uratha gives up her natural regeneration in favor of applying it to another packmate. If the packmate has no natural regeneration he regenerate 1 per turn as if his primal urge was that of the Uratha’s. If the Packmate already has natural regeneration add this upon their own. For the Facets Duration the Uratha is unable to heal herself naturally or by using essence. The Uratha may prematurely end this will or by using it on another packmate.If the Uratha falls into Basu-Im he will instinctively deactivate this facet at no cost.
    Lifesteal (Purity)

    Cost: 2 Essence
    Action: Reflexive
    Duration : 1 scene
    For the Facets Duration anytime the Uratha deals the killing blow to anyone they gain a temporary health box for the remainder of the scene. If the Uratha falls into Basu-I'm she will instinctively activate this facet at no cost.
    Purging the Blood (Wisdom)

    Cost: 3 Essence
    Dice Pool: Intelligence + Medicine + Wisdom - Substance Level + 1
    Action: Instant
    Dramatic Failure: Increase the effect of the substances in the target. This could cause Overdoses or death in some instances
    Failure: The Facet fails, and cannot be used on the same target in the scene
    Success:The Target's blood becomes normal, removing any substance in their system. Returning them to a sober state. The Target then gains the exhausted condition.
    Dramatic Success: The Target no longer gains the exhausted condition.

    My Biggest problems with this gift myself are:
    1.Glory if a healing gift and that's typically not what glory facets do
    2.Brother Where Art Thou reminds me of Know thy Prey a bit much
    3.The names of everything are TERRIBLE
    4.I feel I need to elaborate more on what Purging the Blood does mechanically.

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    What if you tried to transform this list as an Ivory Claws Gift List ?
    Silver, Pain, Blood.

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