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    The die is cast.

    Julius Caesar crossing the Rubicon


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      Originally posted by wyrdhamster View Post

      'Contagion' is broad term over vastly different regional events that break base reality in area, in some way. They are only put together as it's seem all those different effects are 'spreading' like a disease in various ecologies they start in - going even to mortals and other supernatural beings.

      For now we have those shown as example Contagions:
      • Parallel universe bleeds of beings and places ( Edinburgh, New Zealand )
      • Vampires rising blood addiction and light sensitivity in all around them ( Edinburgh )
      • Suicidal depression sticking to every self-conscious being ( Odense )
      • Ghosts becoming material, permanently ( San Francisco )
      • Corruption that makes you immortal and/or mutated ( Kyoto )
      • And few other I did not read yet...
      My own example idea: Contagion of Being, that slowly erase ephemeral and physical beings from reality.

      Pardon me, but is there some sort of list and/or codex putting together all these 'contagion' scenarios?


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        Probably not until the book is officially out. WoDcodex will likely list them all and offer page numbers. Maybe in the Locales page.
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