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Storypath's Scale in WtF 2E

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  • Storypath's Scale in WtF 2E

    So I always wanted fights with very big enemies in Werewolf. I have enemy on closest session that comes straight from PCs action - fire spirit coming from their creation of great fire in village. And I wanted to test some Storypath mechanics before our proper Scion 2E game. So I thought I will use Scale Size mechanics, with spirit that is few stories tall. Now, question is simple rather - If there are powers in WtF 2E that reacts large on Size, changing statics, size or ranges greatly? I remember there is Colossus Dread Power - that sounds as small iteration of Scale mechanics in WtF to start - but are there other powers I do not remember off?

    Even if Uratha are larger by few points in CoD Size from humans - they still will be on Scale 0, I think. Unless they can use some extra powers to triple or four times those stats.
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