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Uratha vs. the poisoned tilt

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  • Uratha vs. the poisoned tilt

    So if a Beshilu and an Uratha fight and the Beshilu bites the werewolf and inflicts the grave poisoned tilt, how long does it last. Regeneration through Essence and the Garou form will save the werewolf, but what happens when the Garou form wears off and/or it runs out of essence, does the poison stay in the body until medical attention is applied? That would suggest that getting bitten could be a death sentence even for a werewolf as their healing properties are going to eventually run out

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    Tilts only last in combat, as the Tilt explains, 'If the Storyteller cares to continue the effects of the poison outside of combat, he can apply the standard rules for handling poisons and toxins when combat is complete.'

    There is no given Toxicity, I think, for the Toxic Bite Dread Power, so using its Potency makes sense if you've built it like a horror, otherwise using some other attribute, its number of dots, or just assigning a number you feel appropriate.

    I've been dealing with a lot of poisonous critters in our game, and generally I have the Tilt just wear off afterwards. If something's going to be hindering them outside of combat I'll build it up with Toxicity (or as a Condition, giving a penalty to actions or attributes).


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      Uratha heal Tilts when they heal the damage that caused them... and I'm not sure there's a reason to disregard that rule in this situation. Unless an Uratha is poisoned by an Aggravated damage attack... shifting to Gauru is going to end the Tilt.

      If I was going to have the poison last after the fight (like they didn't want to go Gauru), I would determine a Toxicity as nofather stated. I wouldn't use a Condition, mostly because I don't want to cheat the players out of their bonus to Toxin resistance rolls.