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  • Siskur-Dah / Sacred Hunt example

    I'm having a bit of trouble envisioning how it should work / be presented in game. Is there any Actual Plays, reports, etc. that I can check out as an example for how it's supposed to go in-game?

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    Every one is different, there’s no way a sacred hunt is ‘supposed’ to go. The only real core elements of a sacred hunt are enacting the rite, taking steps towards the goal, and succeeding or failing in the goal. This can apply to hunting a spirit, tracking down other werewolves, or even getting some land on the territory re-zoned.

    There are various APs you can find - there are some in this forum, I note that your thread appeared on top of a current AP at the time I’m writing this. You can also check out which has an entire channel dedicated to APs, including a few 2nd edition Forsaken.

    Do you have specifics that you’re having trouble envisioning?

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      Like Bunyip says, everyone does it differently, it's part of the story and some people will only pull it out for momentous moments, while some will use it for things important to them but not necessarily everyone else.

      First play of second edition, we settled on a target in our first session. Some shady guy who had disrespected one of the pack. Really we just wanted to try the Sacred Hunt out. We tracked them down, followed their car to an isolated area, disabled it with Command Artifice and tore them to shreds. That was the point we realized humans were easy, in terms of prey. Especially for an entire pack.

      Our second hunt involved finding and snatching a human NPC to hand over to a spirit. She was sort of a trophy for hunters, they had managed to save her when they failed the rest of a community and they held her in great esteem. My character didn't want to get involved because he believed the sacred hunt should only be called when blood (or comparative things) would be shed. They managed to bring her back and hand her over.

      The last hunt involved the pack splitting up to do different things, so my character used the Sacred Hunt (which he was getting close to needing to do) to hunt down an elder vampire. It was much more of a stealth/action/horror scenario, as the guy had some pretty well set-up defenses, including ghouls armed with guns full of silver ammo, and assorted security cameras. So there was a lot of sneaking and killing quietly and then searching around for secret entrances and then the hidden vampire.

      Between playing and talking to others (including on the forum) I agreed with a general assessment that games should start with a hunt. Not only does it get everyone all together, but it allows the ST to sort of gauge their capabilities in terms of damage and utility. A great piece of advice I heard was to blow the threat out of proportion, so that the characters are encouraged to go 'all out' so you can get a good estimate on their abilities later. In our first game, for instance, I don't think the ST planned for the human to die in two rolls, but werewolves can be nasty, even if not combat spec'd.

      In games I've ran they've used them mostly to deal with specific or generic targets. One character was trying to hunt down a conspiracy who had tried to kill them, so they were aggressively seeking out potential suspects and taking clues about others from them. We've had the Sacred Hunt to get a gift a couple times, and one attempt to kill a wolf-blooded that went as horrible as an ambush can go without people dying, though they managed to regroup and go back at them again, successful the second time.


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        As Bunyip mentioned, my own Actual Play reports are in this forum just below this thread. I completely agree with nofather in that a Werewolf game should start with a hunt, though ours ran for something like the first five sessions of the campaign and wasn't particularly violent. Since it largely ended up targeting an institution rather than individual, the hunt ended up being rather socially focussed in nature.


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          A lone human is very easy prey when your pack seeks to kill him. But the Sacred Hunt merely says the targets needs to be "brought low". Hunting their legacy, their company, the institution they represent, public image or the like can be much more challenging. In other words, attacking the opponent's strategy can prove a much worthier challenge for a pack, but it worth the effort since it ensures things like power vacuums are less likely to create a reinciding problem.

          As for APs, I heard very good things about Detroit Rock City:

          I haven't finished it yet, but what I read was pretty interesting
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