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Some questions about running werewolf NPCs.

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  • K9ine
    started a topic Some questions about running werewolf NPCs.

    Some questions about running werewolf NPCs.

    1. Do you stat them out? It seems like a lot to remember in the moment, especially with all the different wolf forms. Do you have any advice on how to run NPC's with simplified stats? So far I have several powerful werewolf NPCs that are the players superiors that might come to their aid, a master Thrysus mage, and a benevolent spirit.

    2. Any other advice on keeping a large chronicle going smoothly would be great thanks.

  • nofather
    1. If they're going to be an important NPC, or the characters seem interested in them enough that they might need stats. One of the things the books do is like this:

    Attributes: Intelligence 2, Wits 4, Resolve 2, Strength 3 (5/6/5/3), Dexterity 4 (4/5/6/6), Stamina 4 (5/7/6/5), Presence 2, Manipulation 3 (2/3/2/2), Composure 3
    And if you are going for simplified stats, you might use the Brief Nightmares and antagonist rules from Chronicles of Darkness, so while you could have the above attributes, rather than getting into skills you have something like things they're likely to do with a dicepool next to it: Rip and Tear 8, Sew 4, Ontological Arguments 6. And you can modify it for different forms if you'd like: Rip and Tear 8 (10/11/10/8).

    2. I've found the pre-made characters can really help when you're building packs, there's a lot in first edition especially books like Hunting Ground: Rockies, or Chicago, which have full packs with write ups. But then you still have large amounts of information. Chronicles of Darkness' Brief Nightmares really helps, especially when you're dealing with more things than just werewolves.

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