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  • PC claimed?

    Werewolf has sometimes toyed with playable claimed. There was Freak Legion and Possessed for Apocalypse. There was book of Spirits and I think a chapter in Predators. Any possibility for playable claimed in 2nd edition?

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    While not technically, the Prey Chapter in werewolf 2nd ed core gives basic mechanics for building Claimed characters, so it’s very possible to talk to the ST to make a Claimed as a player character


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      First edition has rules for making a playable Claimed in the second chapter of Predators. But spirits being different than they are in Apocalypse it's not really something pushed as a PC option, since there's no humanity in them.


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        In 2e it is possible but really only hypothetically - honestly even in 1e they were hella unbalanced (super high stats for even a rank 1 for free, with the weaknesses of basically a small suite of derangements between compulsions and bans). Save for the kitsune claimed, where you had to spend XP on those benefits and the human side was the only one truly aware, it would require effort to make that work.
        That said.
        As of the publication of Shunned by the Moon, there IS an official option that could be reskinned into "PC Claimed" - the Shadow Occultist. Based on a project from these forums, shadow occultists are humans who have been affected by a spirit in some way and retain some of that power, but have to keep working at connections to get more, risking sanity and spiritual cohesion. It's not impossible to use this as the first step to designing a claimed, urged, or ridden with a combination of official mechanics. This provides Influence and an altered but playable mindset; you can then use mechanics like the Hunter Endowments Setto, Castigation, Thaumatech, or Anthrophagy to emulate certain Dread powers that the changes bring about. Alternatively or in addition, you could adapt Wolf Blooded tells to make some changes, or combine with the Herald template from Beast Player's Guide to get access to Kinship merits and Advanced/Epic Merits.

        Not sure if this is what you sought but it was an idea.