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How do YOU handle Touchstones?

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  • How do YOU handle Touchstones?

    How do you handle Touchstones in the game? I know the mechanical effects, but seems like most players and DMs have trouble figuring them out in-game.

    Do you insert them as recurring NPCs in the game? (I think most will say Yes here, that's the actual point of it, afterall)

    How do you handle the mechanical bonus in-game (the whys and whens) and when do you let / doesn't let the player apply it to his Breaking Point roll?

    How did you enforce their importance (thus, making them an actual Touchstone to the character) to the character in question?

    When a Touchstone is lost (which, IMO, is bound to happen), how do you work in the new one?

    I think Touchstones are a major point in the game that needed a bit more discussion and guidance on the Core Rulebook...

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    The Flesh Touchstone has so far always been one of the human cast in the pack's periphery (speaking as a player). The touchstones always apply their dice to breaking points, unless you have the relevant merit to reduce one bonus to zero. My longest running PC's spirit Touchstone has been his totem.

    If you want even more usage from them... Put Them On the Line. Even if you don't murder (or discorporate them, because totems generally can't Kuruth and will always get wrecked in a rage) you'll kinda have to address that in game, even if it is to say "My bad I lost my cool."

    It's ultimately up to the player how they wanna handle their Touchstones, I feel.


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      Originally posted by Malus View Post
      It's ultimately up to the player how they wanna handle their Touchstones, I feel.
      Yeah, from my experiance, it's players that need to be invested in Touchstones idea- they need to be interested in NPC enough to make it work as Touchstone. Most player's are not - so Touchstone lines are blank in most of PCs I run as ST...
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