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Hunting Grounds: Cold Iron

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  • Hunting Grounds: Cold Iron

    Hey guys, I'm writing an Hunting Ground that I will share in the storyteller's vault. My english is bad, and this version is translated from italian just to be shared here, so please don't go full grammar nazi too hard on me. The book will have a correct english translation. This is just a teaser of the book.
    Feel free to share ideas!

    Cold Iron

    Hunting Grounds: The eastern Alps

    The Cimbrian plateau are composed by various mountain valley between Veneto and Trentino, two north-eastern region of Italy.
    The eastern mountains are a cold, dark place for humans and uratha alike. A lot of places are still isolated and unconquered by human hands and technology, other places, like Folgaria or Rovereto, are medium-size cities where you can find almost all the comforts a common man would look for. The alps were home for ancient Reti and Veneti, and both people, worshipped wolf gods like Reitia, the beast-goddess, or the sacred wolf who gave to the veneti their famous and unbeatable war-horses.
    Among the Reti, the ruling tribe were the Cajutes ( ‘wolves’ in old ladin language). The werewolves tribes, especially the Hunter in Darkness , Predator Kings and the Storm Lords , played a big role on the mountains. And they still do it.
    Even during the roman empire, the alps were never totally civilized.
    Not even now.

    The Hunter’s Storm

    Iminna was and is still, a powerful Locus, after a deep forest, up to a pinnacle on the top of a mountain not touched by human hands. The Locus of the Hunter’s Storm. The legends say that Huzuruth – Ur himself trained Hiakon-Ur on this land, when Pangea was a thing. The Dire Wolf teach how to hunt to Black Wolf, and he was so good at hunting that he became even better in hiding and killing silently.
    Iminna was once a sacred place to the Predator Kings, and only the children of Huzurth controlled the valley. It was a place so holy that the hunting ground around was warped with spirit even after the fall of Pangea. To celebrate the holy place, the Meninna were allowed to enter the hunting ground and hunt with the Predator Kings, to honor the ancient tie between Dire wolf and Black wolf.
    And then, the Blood Talons came.

    Claws and Steel

    During the high medieval Germanic invasion, the Cimbrian mountains were totally Germanized. Goths for first, Langobards and Bavarian people followed.
    Some packs of uratha followed their people, using also the healthy wolves population to hide among humans during their sacred hunts near the small cities. The eastern alps became a war zone more than a hunting ground. With the arrivals of the barbarian people, the Blood Talons and Bone Shadows appears on the alps in much greater numbers. It was a century of great tension. Even between forsaken tribes there were bloody feuds and entire packs were destroyed in ambush and siskur dah.
    During medieval age, around 1300 ac, a powerful pack of Blood Talons, called ‘’Gotan’s Hounds’’ managed to keep a powerful territory on the plateau, patrolling an entire small village and various wild territory.
    By the way, the Gotan’s Hounds couldn’t accept the fact that a powerful Loci like the Iminna was under the rule of Dire Wolf’s children.
    The hounds were controlling an entire village through wolf blooded and direct rule, thanks to a warrior cult resembling the ancient legends about the ‘’cinocefali’’, langbard warriors with dog heads, hungry for blood and guts of the enemy.
    They were ready do hunt the most dangerous prey, the one who can warp nature when he’s on the hunt, the scions of the firstborn of Mother Wolf.
    The Suthar Anzuth declared the Siskur Dah on the Ninna Farakh of the Iminna.
    The Gotan’s Hound sieged the Locus after months of preparation and skilled spionage. First, they took down wolf blooded and animals, then, they directly attack the Predator Kings, using their New Moons to reach the enemy behind he’s own line.
    But something unespected happened. The Hunter in Darkness came out from the woods attacking the blood talons with savage fury. Many werewolves falled to Basu Im and many died fighting, killing their prey or becoming the prey themselves.
    Ariulf ‘’Trophy Maker’’, a powerful Blood Talon Cahalith, fought against Storm’s Scar , the Predator King most ruthless and cunning warrior, for a night in a dangerous game of hide and seek, where they both played the role of predator and prey.
    After the night of hunt/guerrilla, the Hounds were defeated , their leader killer, but also the Predator Kings were too weak to hold the sacred Locus.
    The Hunter in Darkness , out for honor, bonded themselves with a sacred oath to the Loci, and Hiakon Ur blessed them. And so, everything changed.

    Powder Keg

    The Hunter in Darkness honored their tribal oath, fighting agains their own forsaken brethren.
    The Predator Kings and the Blood Talons felt hunting their favorite preys.
    What about the other tribes? The alps are a really powerful ground. There are still many loci, and a lot of them are powerful, in some inaccessible place. Even near civilization, some smaller loci are still active and the urdaga have a lot of work to do. Preys to hunt.
    When the Iminna was almost taken by the Suthar Anzuth, the political situation radically changed. Tribal moot was helded, a new alliance forged between packs. New packs came out for glory, hearing that the Predator Kings were weakened.
    A powerful pack of Storm Lords and Bone Shadows approached the Hunter in Darkness at the Iminna and asked for audience: the power of the loci was so great that they offered their power to help the Meninna protecting their sacred ground, controlling weather and the souls of the dead in order to keep the place safe and clean. The Meninna accepted their wisdom and offer, but, in order to talk with the ancient spirit of the Loci and gain essence and knowledge once per month, they should have accepted the presence of the Predator Kings that wish to honor their lost holy place and their bond to Dire Wolf and the ancient legend.
    After a night of talking, the two large packs agreed and the Iminna became the most respected place in northern Italy, from both Pure and Forsaken alike.
    To show disrespect or start a hunt near the Loci is an act of suicide.
    The other side of the coin were the Iron Masters and the Blood Talons who enstabilished their influence and hunting grounds near the cities of Trento and Rovereto.

    The Iron Worm

    During the first and second world war, packs almost forgot their ancient feuds and problems. Their first target, even as sons of father wolf and supreme hunter, was to survive. Bombs, both Austrian or Italian were a big problem, especially when the humans used heavy artillery to bombs entire mountains. The uratha found themselves in the middle of a war that was not their. Almost every pack was forced to change hunting ground or move somewhere else. Some other packs felt under humans artillery. The Iminna was not affected by war, thanks to his location. But something happened. The spirit called Anfarska, the Iron Worm, was growed beneath the surface of the Hisil, devouring anger, fear, iron and blood from the bloody human war. Anfarska was so powerful that started to drain entire Loci, forcing the local spirit to flee, die, or to possess human bodies. Soldiers.
    The Iron Worm was forging his own army of Claimed, spreading fear and violence even more than the humans. The uratha started to hunt them down one by one, especially the Storm Lords and the Fire Touched. When the troubles started they were just thinking about simple spirits of violence and war possessing the humans who fed them, but the truth came out quickly.
    A pack of Bone Shadows and Hunter in Darkness discovered the true nature of the iron-soldiers spirits , revealing the Iron Worm behind their actions. Even after the first world war, the uratha were going mad, hunting downs endless enemies from both the side of the gauntlet, unable to find the Worm. They found it during World War 2, discovered from a pack of Bone Shadows who patrolled an hunting ground near the Iminna.
    The spirit was really powerful and almost half of the pack felt during the hunt. The fact that the spirit was so near the great Loci , was clearly a dangerous coincidence.
    If the Iron Worm was able to reach the Iminna, we would have tried to drain it, warping with essence his Iron Army , making their soldiers even more powerful and able to emulate his own powers, especially his influence over violence and war. The Worm was a really elusive spirit that used the resonance of human war-tunnels to travel fast in the hisil and fights off uratha with ambush and surprise attack from under the land.
    After years of hide and seek, a pack of veteran Predator Kings approached the Hunter in Darkness who patrolled the Iminna, seeking to honor Dire Wolf. But they came also with something more. They offer, only to the Hunter in Darkness pack, to help them to hunt down the worm, using their influence on nature to track down and block the worm for the last time, and to honor the actions of Dire Wolf, who teached Black Wolf the tricks of the sacred Hunt.
    In exchange, the Ninna Farakh asked for a territory near the Iminna.
    That was a really dangerous pact for the Meninna.
    More Predator Kings would have roamed the land near the Hunter’s Storm Loci, bringing with them more problems and tension. But it was also the only way they had to stop the hungry spirit. World War 2 was bruning the land, pack was fighing against pack, the preys were literally became the predators.
    The Meninna accepted.
    The Predator Kings used cunning tactics to warp the land, influencing nature and using their powerful and terrible totems and spirit allies, while the hunter in darkness hunted down the Iron Army while the Worm was trapped underearth in the Hisil.
    Once again, Huzuruth lead the Hunt with Hikaon at his side. The elders still talks about that night. Both the packs were imbued with some really powerful energy from the hisil, and when they killed together their prey, they worlds collapsed and for some minutes, flesh and spirit were one. For a moment, there was no hate in the heart of the Ninna Farakh and no grudges from the Meninna.
    A lot of legends were born that night, legends so scary that every Pure and Forsaken alike decide to respect that place once more like in the past.
    When the Worm collapsed into the snow, his skin shifted into iron.
    Cold, solid, iron.

    The Hunters
    The Cold Iron hunting grounds is designed to play Forsaken and Pure alike, like in Dark Eras: Forsaken By Rome and other splats.
    There are no significat supernatural numbers in this hunting grounds. There are few Vampires in Trento and a couple of gangrels around. Mages keep some position of powers across the land, especially tyrsus looking for wild-knowledge and forgotten loci.
    The werewolves are in good numbers. The great Locus is warded by a great pack of Hunter in Darkness, composed by seven members and many other young werewolves who tries to prove themselves enough to become part of the pack.
    There are at least five packs of werewolves between the Cimbian Plateau ( Folgaria-Lavarone-Luserna) and the two cities of Rovereto and Trento. Other packs can be found around the various plateau. During WW one and two, many packs gathered , moving from their old territories or just to hunt down the iron army.

    Blood Talons
    The blood talons are a divided tribe. Many blood talons are parts of multi-tribal packs. The cities of Rovereto and Trento, by the way, host a lot of Suthar Anzuth. In Trento, a pack of blood talons controls the local Anarchist cell, using revolts and public disorders to hunt down their preys, especially Fire Touched or Bale Hounds. From the other hand, in Rovereto , another pack has wolf blooded into a young far right movement, and this situation is producing tension between the two territories. The local Blood Talons worships Fenris-Ur mixing ancient Roman and Germanic culture, often the packs celebrate with ritual fights or physical challenge, marking their bodies with scars, trying to complete the challenge before the scars are healed. Great meals follows. Up in the plateau the tribe suffer from the Hunter’s Storm rules. Any attempt to track down and hunt a Predator King, will be a really dangerous act due to the nature of the loci.
    But the Blood Talons are masters of war, they are waiting.
    And they do not forget about ancient battles.

    Bone Shadows
    The bone shadows can be found all across the region, but their most powerful packs are obviously near the Hunter’s Storm Locus. The local Bone Shadows have a lot of work to do. Spirits of the dead literally infest the woods and the various Austrian and Italian war-graveyard. Often the dead comes out at night and it’s their duty to put them down, through spirit magic or through mercyless hunts. The most powerful Bone Shadows gaters around the great Locus, but others roam the land within their multi-tribal packs.

    Iron Masters
    The Iron Masters are silent but present. Actually they are the tribe who speaks less and probably, accomplished more. The problem of human hunters on the alps is real. There are many werewolves around , therefore a lot of humans took actions especially during the 90’s.
    There is only one pack composed only by Iron Masters but they are all veterans and elders.
    The Tribe has a solid grip on the city of Trento.

    Hunter in Darkness
    The Meninna are a strong tribe for obvious reasons: they control the most ancient and powerful locus on the eastern Alps. Maybe the most powerful in the whole northern part of Italy.
    By the way, they are a tribe constantly under tensions.
    The pact forged with the Predator Kings still haunt their political situation within the forsaken. By the way, up on the mountains, nobody contest the Hunter in Darkness unmatched physical and spiritual supremacy. The loci is protected with all the power of the Meninna.
    And it means that other Hunter in Darkness packs roams the territories near the Iminna.
    Sometimes even inner tribal conflicts arise. But the most powerful weapon of the Meninna is still unity.

    Storm Lords
    The Iminir of the alps are cold, calm and ruthless like snow during the darkest winters.
    They managed to hold their position of influence among the strongest packs for matters of territories and power even when the pure came back to defeat the Iron Worm.
    The Iminir now have a powerful Uratha among one of the strongest pack, and he’s a leader.
    He is a werewolf of great Renown and he still care for the various pups that tries to form young packs or ask him to find a place for them.
    Such a generous and powerful leader, is a very dangerous piece on the chessboard.

    Fire Touched
    The Izidakh are out for blood. The sons of Gurim are the favorite target of the forsaken, and they are outnumbered. That means the Fire Touched are becoming really, really dangerous.
    They are scattered, but a single powerful leader seems to rise among them.
    They suffered a lot during the last years and they seems unable to replenish their numbers.
    They once controlled a lot of territories at the feet of the mountains near Rovereto and Trento, preaching hate and war among forsaken and pure alike, but they became an easy target. Soon the Blood Talons killed a lot of them and their number felt badly.
    Now, something is changing. It seems it’s time to strike back and hunt down every forsaken who disrespected their holy grounds.

    Ivory Claws
    The Tzuumfin learned a lot from the alps. First, that the Predator Kings are not a simple brutal tribe of Neanderthal-like werewolves. Second, is that frustration and hate can be a powerful weapon. A young pack of Ivory Claws enstabilished themselves among the young far rights movements both in the city and in the rural communities. They are using xenophobia and propaganda to find out the most pure and fanatic members to create new strong bloodlines, using their preserved and untouched wolf blooded. The Ivory Claws watch. Now they are ready to help the Fire Touched and probably, do something about the Iminna. If the Predator Kings have access to the powerful loci, they have to reach even more glory and power.
    For now, they watch, silently.

    Predator Kings
    The Ninna Farakh are a tribe to be feared. The Blood Talons claim that is a matter of time before they take the loci only for them. The truth is far different. There is only a single pack of veteran predator kings who control an hunting ground near the the Iminna. They are an old and isolated pack, devoted to the hunt and to the kill, they are primal and far from civilization.
    The problem arise from the other packs. The veteran pack is highly aggressive and territorial and it doesn’t allow anyone to approach the locus, not even other anshega.
    So, the younger members of the tribe are doing everything to become even more strong. They know that the tribe is not united so they are organizing themselves forming younger and larger packs, acting with recklessness against other pack of uratha. The deep hate of Huzuruth seems to come on the surface like an unstoppable wave of violence every time his servants are on the hunt. And they hold and old grudge against the Suthar Anzuth.

    -'' We are the unsullied.
    We are the inheritors.
    We are the Pure ''-