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  • Lodge of the Field details?


    Just wondering if the Lodge of the Field will get a full treatment like those lodges in The Pack. As it is now it is downright powerful (and vague), I want to flesh them as antagonists:
    1. Lodge members gain double the usual Essence from consuming human flesh (the Marrow Eater facet of the Gift of Essence already does this, or make them Bale Hounds of Consumption), and every time they do so Lycaon himself gains a single point of Essence (No idea what to do of this).
    2. Lodge members add their Primal Urge to their maximum Essence pool. (could be the Lodge Blessing)
    3. Spending a point of Essence as an instant action allows a Hound to inflict gnawing hunger on a human whom she touches (the Glutttony facet of the Gift of Hunger already does this), and lodge members with very high Primal Urge can force spirits of hunger to Claim victims (No idea what to do of this)

    It seems that using the Gift of Hunger, Gift of Essence, Bale Hounds (Hounds of Consumption) Siskur-Dah and PERHAPS Ghost Wolf Devourers you get most of this lodge flavour. But what should be the Aspiration and Ban? What merits should they have? (I think Lodge Lorehouse and Lodge Stronghold are the most apt)
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