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    What if... a Cat gift provided the means to mark a wolf-blooded such that she succumbed to a (cat-scratch) fever and underwent Yawatha Change? Or, in this case since you seem to be taking a more voluntary direction, had the choice of undergoing the Change?

    I think this effect is alluded to in the writeup for the Colony, by the way.

    On Gifts: take the second easiest option, and give them a Gift that enables eating spirit "hearts" to acquire time-limited use of influences and/or numina. If that's too much, then just stick to eating hearts and "borrowing" influences and numina--that seems a cool and unique twist on the acquisition and exercise of spiritual power that it really needs to be a thing. It also means that a wise Yawatha tends to her territory such that she has readily available spirits she can plunder for powers when need comes barking. That's... a neat distinction from the wolves.



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      Two questions:

      1) What mechanics make a single Yawatha able to take on multiple Uratha of zimilar Primal Urge at once? Either I'm not seeing something already there-in which case, i could use some help, or their base template abilities need to be buffed in some way.

      2) shouldn't the Lamba, who want people to look up to/fear them and obey them, have affinity for Glory Renown? What is your reasoning for giving Glory to the Ora and Tenacity to the Lamba?

      A god is just a monster you kneel to. - ArcaneArts, Quoting "Fall of Gods"


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        Khanwulf I haven't yet decided on a connection between Wolf-Blooded and the Yawatha yet. At some point of my drafts of this, I had thought of including communities of Jaguar-Blooded humans along with the twist that they and Wolf-Blooded were interchangeable categories (dun dun DUN!). Not sure at the moment what the connection will be. I'm not too keen on reusing the Colony origin (or the Baal-Hadad for that matter).

        Eating spirits to add temporary access to Numina/Dread Powers in addition to Gifts seems like an interesting idea. Perhaps tied specifically to the gifts the Yawatha possesses (Like, if you have the Elemental Gift, you can access Numina like Blast or the Elemental Dread Powers). And maybe add an XP cost to make it permanent (3/5, depending on whether or not the associated Gift is Favored by your Auspice/Direction)

        Master Aquatosic to respond in order
        1) I haven't yet finalized all mechanical benefits for the Yawatha. So far, I have the basics where the forms provide greater stat bonuses and a power that hypercharges regeneration if the jag has ritually devoured a heart that day. Night Gifts, when I design them, will probably feature heavily.

        2) I had a reason when I assigned those Renowns, but I can't remember my thought process and your reasons make sense so the Ora now have Tenacity and Lamba have Glory. Thanks for the catch


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          This is so awesome!


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            griffinguy24 if you wrote these up as a Storyteller's Vault supplement, I would buy it.


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              So, jaguar-blooded.

              ● Do "jaguar-blooded" as a thing exist?
              ● Do they have tells of their own, seperate from the wolf-blooded ones? Maybe some examples?
              ● What happens to the jaguar-blooded if they refuse to become yawatha? Do the just not change, or do they become completely human, without the jaguar-blooded template?

              Note that I came up with these questions before reading that wolf-blooded & jaguar-blooded were kinda interchangeable, & the questions just seem a bit too important to not ask.


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                Idea for a jaguar-blooded Tell.

                Master of Your Domain
                Drawback: You must regular prove that you are the master of your domain. Should you ever lose you will lose the benefits of this Tell until you can overcome your lose.
                Boon: Your movement speed is unimpeded in air, water, or on the ground. This applies when you are swimming, climbing, running, etc. It does apply when you are flying, because it does not enable you to fly.