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    In my thread about werejaguars, I included five tribes of werejaguars, and mentioned that I wanted to create unique Shadow Gifts for each tribe. Here is the first draft of one of them. These are usable by both Uratha and Yawatha, but I'm going to write them here as if they're being used for werewolves.

    Gift of Shielding

    Duck and Cover (Cunning)
    There is always respite from the slings and arrows of your foes
    Cost: 1 Essence per target
    Action: Instant
    Duration: 1 Scene
    This Facet provides the target with a source of cover. The cover provides a concealment modifier to ranged attacks and Durability modifier to ranged damage rolls equal to the Uratha's Cunning Renown

    Softened Blow (Glory)
    With a warning growl, the assailant's attack finds no purchase
    Cost: 5 Essence
    Roll: Stamina + Intimidation + Glory
    Action: Reflexive
    This Facet is the last line of defense against a successful attack. When the Uratha is aware of an attack made on herself or any other individual she can perceive, and the attack succeeds and proceeds to do damage, she can use this Gift to prevent that damage from affecting her target. This gift cannot prevent aggravated damage caused by the target's bane (silver for werewolves, obsidian for werejaguars, etc.)
    Roll Results
    Dramatic Failure: The confluence of Essence rebounds on the target, causing an additional point of damage
    Failure: The attack damages the target as normal
    Success: Each success made on the Facet's roll negates a point of damage the target would have taken, potentially undoing all damage
    Exceptional Success: The target's attacker gains the Awestruck Condition

    Confer Immunity (Honor)
    Cost: 2 Essence
    Duration: 1 Scene
    Action: Instant
    The werewolf touches another character and meditates on a particular source of harm, granting them protection to any damage from that source, while she gains that source as a temporary bane, taking aggravated damage when confronted. Any damage done to the target is reduced by the Uratha's Honor Renown.
    The harmful source must be specific. Swords, bullets, claws, and fire are all acceptable uses. Melee weapons, ranged attacks, brawl attacks, and Gifts are not. This also cannot protect a target from the user's own bane. An Uratha cannot reduce damage to another Uratha from silver with this Facet.

    Steadfast (Purity)
    Cost: None
    Duration: Permanent
    The werewolf applies her Defense against firearms while in Hishu or Urhan forms. For the cost of 1 Essence, the werewolf adds her Purity Renown to her Defense.

    Essence Armor (Wisdom)
    Cost: 2 Essence
    Roll: Composure + Crafts + Wisdom
    Duration: 1 Scene
    Action: Extended (10, each roll represents 1 minute)
    The Uratha weaves Essence upon a target, providing it with her Wisdom Renown in general and ballistic armor.
    Roll Results
    Dramatic Failure: The Uratha suffers the Essence Overload Condition
    Failure: No successes are accrued, the Uratha suffers the Stumbled Condition
    Success: Successes are accrued. If the target is met, the Uratha bestows an invisible coating of armor around the target's entire body, adding her Wisdom Renown in general and ballistic armor. This stacks with any other sources of armor the target may have.
    Exceptional Success: This Facet also negates any armor-piercing weapons by the Uratha's Wisdom Renown
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    I like the gift. I think there may be a couple of balancing issues to sort out though with a couple. I'll offer a suggestion as to an alternate but I'm not going to claim my suggestions are perfect or even better. I'm just throwing ideas out there

    Ducking for Cover: I like this one and don't see any balancing issues at first glance.

    Softening the Blow: The action part I find hard. If it's instant it doesn't serve its purpose as well. Being reflexive it is currently balanced by being a huge Essence hog. However, the problem with it being such an Essence hog is that to use it effectively you need a Primal Urge 5 character. That puts it out of reach of many PCs. If it's low Essence and reflexive though, I think it would be too powerful. Maybe make it instant but put in a caveat that it can be used reflexively, but if done so the strain makes the character forfeit their next Instant action?

    Confer Immunity: Granting total immunity might be too powerful. If it granted a sheild though, that would conflict with Essence Armor. Perhaps it could grant an extra Health buffer so that a roll of Resolve + Occult + Honor would give so many health levels to be used against that type of attack? If so, then I would make it so only one instance of this can be up at a time and remove the bane from the Uratha using the gift. That way, it would also be more thematic if you put it in with your werejaguars as it would mean the Uratha could use it on themelves which would make more sense for a solitary predator archetype. Having Essence Armor would still be more effective overall but as you could stack both Confer Immunity and Essence Armor they would both have a place. Another alternative would be to sheild the character from Physical Tilts instead of its current effect. I'm nor really sure how I would go.

    Steadfast: I think this is overpowered right now. I like that it works with Purity but I would make the able to apply Defense to Firearms in Hishu and Urshul a passive effect and that, as a reflexive effect, they could spend 1 Essence and add their Purity renown to their Defense for one turn. That makes it useful but with the cost added to it it's not a must have pick.

    Essence Armor: I was at first hesitant since I was thinking about what it looks like to have 5 additional armor added to a werewolf's already existing armor. It's really powerful but it also requires a Wisdom 5 renown to get it up that high and, if I remember correctly what I did, I once built a Beast with 6/5 armor at character creation. I know, different splat, so apples and oranges but I really like limiting the armor increase to Wisdom as a character with a 5 renown in Wisdom should be able to do some amazing things. I would change it to one scene in duration myself so it becomes more of a tool than something the Uratha starts out with everyday.

    Good job and I hope you find my comments helpful.


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      While Confer Immunity is currently too strong in my opinion, I could definitely see it grant the recipient a number of points of supernatural armor against that type of Harm equal to Renown, while the user treats the source of harm as a temporary Bane.

      Or, the Gift allows the recipient to ignore a number of point of damage they would have taken from an attack equal to Renown.

      So not total immunity, but close enough to be useful in a confrontation.
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        Thanks for the feedback. I've gone with "negate [Honor] damage" for the revamped Confer Immunity, switched the permanent and temporary effects of Steadfast, and reduced Essence Armor's duration to 1 Scene. I appreciate the comments!


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          Nice gifts Griff! Mind if I hijack them for use in my games? Credit to you of course.