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Presenting Another Werewolf AP - Storm Dragon

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  • Presenting Another Werewolf AP - Storm Dragon

    Hello people of the forum. It is I, viskarenvisla. I come bearing gifts.

    I'd like to humbly submit this game, played between myself and Mr. Shopping as per usual (the storyteller for Detroit Rock City and player in The Seventh Seal which we unfortunately didn't quite finish). This game tells the tale of Kitt Dragolovitch in a sort of split-off universe, using my particular Werewolf canon, the same as in Seventh Seal.

    This game takes place in July 20XX, a few years before the events of DRC, featuring a younger, slightly less fucked up Kitt as the main character on a vengeance-mission to slay the Pakhan of the Bratva in America, who ordered the assassination on her father. It being WoD, she is bound to learn that the rabbit hole goes pretty damn deep

    Credit is given to those whose ideas have contributed but I'd like to specially mention Aynie here, as someone I've been gaming with for years, who has given me a lot of interesting ideas about Werewolf and how to better make game logistics work.

    Anyway here's the link. I hope that those who give their time to read it enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed running it.

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    Hey man! I'm always excited to read what you two come up with, and am deeply tantalized with a look behind the scenes at Kitt. I wonder if this means we'll find out more about her sword, and if it is a fetish. That was always a particularly tantalizing mystery.

    I'm sad to hear that The Seventh Seal petered out, I was really enjoying it. Do what you have to do, though! Thanks as always for posting.


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      I agree with solidork, sad to hear about Seventh Seal. Thus is the curse of long games, though, and there's something to be said for a never ending story, I've always enjoyed thinking about future possibilities with them. Certainly better than a never starting one.

      I've been trying to read this but I'm so busy lately, I got it on my Kindle but haven't had much time for focused reading. Thoroughly interested, though, so don't take the silence as lack of interest please!


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        Yeah, the Seventh Seal was comfortably the best Actual Play I think I've ever read, and I'm heartbroken to hear that it ended. Still, very interested in anything new from you guys!