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[2E] Hunter's Aspects Questions

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  • [2E] Hunter's Aspects Questions

    Got some few Hunter’s Aspects question, thought that I will put them in separate topic, more are to come. For easier reference, I will shorten Hunter's Aspect to simply HA when writing about it. Let's start...

    1. HA mechanics on page 98 of WtF 2E corebook points that HA can be put on the prey - Does it mean that for HA to work, prey needs to be marked previously as target of Sacred Hunt? Or I can flare HA on anyone I simply see, all the time?

    2. Can HA be put on multiple targets? Like my PCs pack was fighting with enemy pack of Uratha and Wolf-Blooded, circa 30 members. Can one flared Aspect works on all 30 enemies that see them?

    Even if they are singular, I can see execution of this rule on working on whole humans Sacred Prey organization that Iron Masters mark with Siskur-Dah - I think...

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    1.) Given the use of the term "prey" in the corebook, it doesn't necessarily mean "prey marked by the Siskur-Dah", and I would rule that it can affect anyone that becomes "prey", but YMMV

    2.) I houserule a limit on affected enemies based on Primal Urge, i.e. you can apply your HA to 2*Primal Urge enemies at any one time, but applying it to multiple enemies in a single roll doesn't seem to fit. Unleashing the HA is a personal and direct action, not a general one to affect all those around you. Then again, if you think your character can Intimidate multiple people in the same roll, or your Stealth roll is to launch a surprise attack against multiple enemies, an argument can be made for it.

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      HA? What? Me?


      1) Agreed that it doesn't have to be a Sacred Hunt prey. That said, it still has to be prey in some metaphoric or literal context; even if using it is designating someone as prey in a sense. If you don't have the intent to treat the target as prey, you don't have the intent necessary to flare your Renown.

      2) The way I read the rules, it only works on one target per use. Nothing actually stops you from using it on multiple targets, but each one would have to be a separate use of the ability.


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        Flaring renown generally refers to showing off the brands, not imposing a hunter's aspect.

        1.) As everyone else already said, it does not refer to Siskur-Dah victims. It's just flowery language. I don't agree with the notion that the victim needs to already be considered prey because the act of imposing their hunter's aspect is an act of declaring someone prey. Whether the character intends to hunt the victim or not shouldn't factor into whether the character can use their hunter's aspect, imo, but failing to hunt (literally or metaphorically) will make the character lose face if it becomes known.

        2.) RAW is one victim per use. You can always apply it multiple times, but then you also have to spend multiple instant actions. Messing around with multiple targets sounds like a Merit or a nice Wolf Gift Facet (or even a replacement for the Gift of Hunting Glory Facet, if you'd rather have that). Or you could just house rule it.

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