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ZAHAKERYON vs a werewolf pack

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  • ZAHAKERYON vs a werewolf pack

    ......or maybe vs a whole protectorate? I get the impression he could take on a whole hunting ground and win. Not only does he have a large dice pool to attack and great regenerative powers, but his ability to leverage beast nightmares enables him to win a fight without even having to strike a blow. Using fear is contagious, being high satiety, and spending 1 essence, he could dominate a whole pack, using you must obey, into his service until they become mutated by the Geryo strain and they become monsters loyal to him ( after which he could rinse and repeat with another pack). Should he decide to fight, using your teeth are falling out could seriously weaken his enemies, or just using you must run, would make a whole pack rout. I suppose finally defeating him would require an Epic tale, or he is just an unstoppable force of nature to be avoided.

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    No Geryo should be a ‘monster of the week’ antagonist. They should all require some epic tale to defeat.

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      Yeah the Rank 5 alpha-test hunter from pre-Firstborn days isn't exactly meant to be a mini boss. But the specific method of using Nightmares requires eye or physical contact, which can be easy to avoid if you're aware, and if the Gifts don't help you have a potentially infinite range of fetishes you can call upon to alter them until they do. But if it's not an enemy worth gouging your eyes out to fight, is it really worth fighting to begin with?

      Way in the back of the book there's some spectacular advice for plotting chronicles and different kinds of chronicles, and one of them specifically calls out using Zahakeryon as the type of threat the assorted gods involved with Werewolf may actually pick werewolves out to deal with. 'The scenario is about changing the world, nothing less.'
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