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Gauntlet Power for Locusts hosts

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  • Gauntlet Power for Locusts hosts

    I noticed that in the write up for King of Honey in Forsaken by the moon that he did not have a Gauntlet power like the other hosts do. However, in the Pack it suggests that the Locusts hosts are able to manipulate the Gauntlet in Dubai. Was this just an oversight or do Locusts lack an ability to manipulate the gauntlet?

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    I'll have to re-read Dubai, but to my knowledge, they dont effect it directly like the other Hosts. instead they consume so much, the Shadow just kinda dies due to their being nothing left in the flesh (like a Shoal or something)


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      I think that the original 2e design mindset, as it was talked about a few times in the forums, is that all of the Hosts should have some relation with the Gauntlet. I don't know if it was an oversight, or some change in direction, or a one time decision in a case of a very specific Host, but it won't surprise me that the one who wrote Dubai's setting had that in mind.

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