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    Originally posted by Lyrics Of War View Post
    Isn’t there a gyro that behaves that way?
    There is not a delicious greek dish that behaves that way, no.

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      Aha! I knew I'd seen an example of a pack with a ghost for a totem somewhere. It's a good example of how weird it is to have a non-spirit totem, but also an example of how it still works.

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        Uhg is anyone asking what kind of Werewolf would Want a Strix Totem, it would probably want them to kill people, and Fuck with Vampires, a pretty dangerous thing.


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          Vampires are generally easy for werewolves to fuck with or kill.

          But the original poster already explained why the werewolf and strix are bonding.
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            Totem: Collector/Thekh

            Concept: Possessive Strix Totem

            Vice: Possessive

            Description: Collector is a newborn Strix who came to be as a lone Uratha ripped her ex-husband's head off. The newborn Owl of Dis marveled at the ferocity and power of this stronger predator and followed her as she spread carnage through a forest during her first change. It watched the Uratha move, breathe, talk, eat and even interact with her human child. Jealousy and desire alike filled the undefined Owl as she watched the Uratha and wanted her and others like her. It wanted children and property, IT WANTED IT ALL. The Strix saw its chance as the Uratha found others of her kind and agreed to form a pact. Collector appeared before them and offered its services to the three cubs who accepted the proposition and ritually made Collector their totem. Since then her desire to possess more of the pack has only grown more and more and more.

            Totem Points: 5

            Shadow Potency: 1

            Attributes: Power: 2, Finesse: 2, Resistance 1

            Skills: Occult 2, Athletics 2, Brawl 2

            Willpower: 3

            Vitae: 10

            Initiative: 3

            Defense: 2

            Speed: 12

            Size: 2

            Corpus: 3

            Influence: Doom: 1

            Dread Powers: Shadow* Shadow Reach, Doom* See the Cracks, Ambition's Source

            Manifestations: Shadow Form


            Bane: Sunlight and Fire

            Ban: Do not let anyone leave your pack

            Totem Advantage:

            Now here were my house rule ideas for how to handle a strix totem. Keep the strix template as is but if somehow it became a totem add these benefits/drawbacks to it.

            Night-Hunters: You can only benefit from the Siskur-Dah when it is done/completed at night. Essence consumption and satisfying one's need for the Siskur-Dah only works when the hunt is done/finished at night...depending on the length of it. Tribe conditions still function regardless of the time of day.

            Essence Infusion: Just as smoke and shadow now help connecting the pack together, so does their inner essence flow through the Strix Totem. She can now fully benefit from the abilities of a totem spirit, gain influences((the first dot of which is gained upon becoming a totem)) tied to her nature, learn Numina and grow more powerful in spite of her shadow potency. Sadly the totem points/pack experience cannot be used to buy more dread powers or shadow potency. Those can only be earned when increasing one's shadow potency and when the totem eats a higher-ranked spirit/strix than themselves or when attributes have risen to the point that one forcibly advances to the next level of shadow potency.

            Shadow Reach: One of the Strixes dread powers is shifted out with the Shadow Dread Power: Shadow Reach. It let's the strix go into the shadow with a Power + resistance roll with the added gauntlet modifiers. This does not let the strix manifest in twilight or interact with any other ephmeral entities until she has gained the necessary shadow potency, it only lets them flow into the Shadow and interact with spirits as if they were other Strixes.

            Develop Ban: As the Strix has become influenced by the spiritual the Strix develops a more defined personality and as such gains a Ban which is tied to their vice somehow.

            Anyway that was my attempt at making the totem, i want you guys to gimme some feedback on the character, the house rules and what the totem advantage could be


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              I could see a Strix being a totem for a pack of Predator Kings. They reject the world of man. Their human side is used, but only to make them a deadlier predator. Unlike the kindred and their petty politics, they make no bones about being human. The wolf must hunt. And they do. And they make no bones about it.


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                update...the strix merely ended up joining the pack and was not accepted as them totem. The new pack of three uratha, one strix, one wolf blooded little girl and a camp of 20+ homeless people has The Wary Nest as their totem. Since the player killed her abusive ex husband who had been looking for her in the town, two policemen showed up at the camp while the character was gone and started beating the homeless people living there for information about her. The player will in the future discover that the two cops are not merely abusive cops, but also a Strix and a Begotten who work together to terrorize people behind the protection of the badge and the uniform. All of it leading up to this diabolical duo becoming the targets of the Zakmur-Dah of the pack...but while I pondered that I ended up with a pertinent does a werewolf harm a strix? Physical harm does very little to them if nothing at all as far as I can tell from the vtr book.


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                  Originally posted by Caedus View Post
                  how does a werewolf harm a strix? Physical harm does very little to them if nothing at all as far as I can tell from the vtr book.
                  Their bites (in all five forms) as well as anything that deals aggravated damage. Influences or Fetishes/Talens involving fire or sunlight would probably also do quite a bit of damage. Might be pertinent to hunt a Helion for its... assistance regarding the matter, though the Strix that have joined the pack might not want to participate with that.

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