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    If I can chime in with my $0.02. The Claimed make more sense when you compare them to the Strix in Vampire. If you read the Strix chronicles fiction, every story is about how Vampires get mysteriously possessed by one of the Owls, which leads to them wrecking havoc on a domain and increase the level of paranoia. When anyone, including yourself, can be the enemy, then suddenly the Claimed become really scary and the claim that the Claimed are the most dangerous prey can actually make sense.

    The same goes with Mage. In the Fall of the Exarchs, there are numerous examples of people being controlled by the Exarchs or Seers and either spying or being used against the mages. Heck, the Profane Urim is a tool to control those closest to Mages and use them. In the beginner adventure Gloria Mundi, there are numerous scenes where a Mage, including the player characters, can get possessed by a Spirit.

    So yea, when your family and packmates get possessed by a Spirit it can be pretty scary. I wondered if Werewolves can get possessed, but since the rules state that the victim gets to roll attribute plus Primal Urge, I take that as a yes. This is one enemy that claws and fang alone cannot always beat.