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    Im planning to have some Bison-shifters in my continuos Werewolves of Wyoming - game.
    These will be as close to a proper shape shifting Uratha I can get, and (surpirse) they will either be an ally or an enemy of the pack based on their respect of the Bison herds in the county.

    Long story:
    The Uratha of Wyoming have banded into one large protectorate in a defensive effort against the blackened wind (an Idigam I made a season ago). Blackened Wind is a forgotten foe of the Great Bison aka "Lord Bison". Lord Bison is a spirtual ancestor for Bison of Wyoming and also somewhat connected to both the state flag, Yellowstone and Wind River in-game.
    In one of the stories our Cahailith found, she discovered a short fragment mentioning the lost "People of the Bison".
    Now, as the Blackened Wind is slowly upon them and they are gathering allies to defend their lands, some spirits and even human allies have mentioned seeing a shifting bison. Player character is a Native American Game Warden, and will be the first to meet one for a very long time. Story has yet to be told, but it is on my backburner. Lots of choices and consequences.

    A the moment it's mostly fluff for me to keep track of in game. Work in progress :-)