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Lodge of Wires 2e (A different atttempt)

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  • Lodge of Wires 2e (A different atttempt)

    Hello everybody

    I know that there is already a thread for this, but that's someone else take on the lodge that never got finished as far as I know, so, here is mine, except that I have trouble building what I want for it I know where I want to take the lodge, but I'm having troubles getting there, so I though to ask the community here for a bit of help.

    I'm doing away with the Trans-humanism aspect of the lodge, doesn't make much sense to me and it sort of gets in the way of the direction I'm trying to take the lodge to.
    Lodge of Wires

    The lodge was born in the nineties as a response to the birth of the internet and the advancement of technology, changes came rather fast and brought new risks to the hunt, now with the presence of cellphone cameras, social networks and communication technologies the danger of exposure has never been greater, some Iron Masters decide to take matters into their own hands and formed the lodge of wires to combat this threat.

    The lodge of wires has strong connection with technology and it's advancement, specially surveillance and communication tech, they keep an eye and study said advancements and their impacts on the world, be it the human society but also different kinds of spirits that it gives birth to and their impact on the hisil, their totem the Digital Eye is one such spirit, a spirit of surveillance helps and guides them in this but also demands that they never leave his sight, this make it hard for the wireheads to hunt in the wilderness, confining to the cities, but that's where they are more likely to find their prey, the lodge focus the hunt on any individuals that would seek to expose the supernatural and the uratha's activities by extension, lucky or unlucky paranormal investigators are the more common prey but there has been a crop determined hunters raising up to document every supernatural event that they can come across, these hunters and their Network Zero have proven resilient to their efforts, thus validating the need for the hunt of the wireheads.


    Blessing: When she spends Willpower to add dice to a computer roll, a Crafts or Science roll to repair, modify or manipulate a computer system the Lodge member gains the rote quality on that roll. (So basically +3 dice and rote)

    [I took a lot of inspiration from The Thousand Steel Teeth lodge for the blessing]

    Aspiration: [could use some help with this one]

    Ban: Can't ever go dark or leave the sight of Digital Eye

    Sacred Hunt

    The Lodge's Sacred Hunt allows its members to track its prey through any surveillance camera in a mile or their territory, whichever is larger, furthermore if the werewolf possess the Garble facet he may pay the essence cost to activate it remotely at the start of the hunt, the gift effects are also extended lasting throughout the duration of the hunt.


    The Lodge can have access to the Lodge Connections merit but only for computer and technology related matters, they also to the Lodge Stronghold merit, the lodge makes use of these strongholds to set up impressive hacking terminals and private servers with access to a private network the lodge uses and spirits bound to it that help keep the stronghold and its inhabitants hidden from prying eyes, the lodge defends these strongholds fiercely and have been know to destroy themselves than allowing anyone not of the lodge access to it.

    Lodge Fetish: Digital Eye (••)

    Most Wireheads create or inherit an Eyepiece shortly after becoming full members of the lodge. The werewolf must bind a spirit servant of the Digital Eye into a cutting-edge smartphone with runes of the future etched into the case. All versions of the Eyepiece can call any phone or access the Internet from anywhere. A lack of phone signal is no problem, neither is the Gauntlet. Each Eyepiece also monitors news sources, flagging news stories that might be of interest to its owner. More importantly, the Eyepiece is the only way that a Wirehead can access the secure computer networks of the Lodge of Wires from outside their strongholds.

    So, what do you guys think? also, could you help me with the missing parts?

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    Not a comment since I posted it 2 weeks ago.

    Is it that bad?


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      It's been a busy two weeks, but I apologize, I read it and meant to come back but didn't.

      For Aspiration I'm torn between a more neutral 'Identify a bad actor online' and a more progressive 'Identify supernatural activity online.'

      I think the focus could use a little tightening up, maybe starting with Digital Eye. Like going without Transhumanism is fine, but are they just hunting the exposure of supernatural acts? What is the totem all about? Bringing it through the filter of 'this is a cult of magical entities' might help a lot. Weird them up a bit.


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        Thank you

        Well, the concept or idea in my head is about them being the hunters in the net, the guys that enter any system and track you down through it, visual recon software with access to all cameras in the city, they got their hands on your personal accounts and information etc. There is no such thing as privacy for these guys, just picture the guys with keyboard and 10+ screens with different feeds and pong playing in one of them.

        The Herd Must not Know is the core law behind them, is what drives them on the hunt, so they hunt two targets that I can see, the first one, the obvious ones, human investigators, paranormal hunters, hunters in the vigil, etc. if you want to add to the horror the survivors of a supernatural event or attack too.

        The second targets are a little bit more varied, the sloppy creatures in the night, hunting humans with forbidden knowledge is one thing, but if a thing is leaking that knowledge too they need to plug that leak to prevent more exposure, which is a good foot in for crossover chronicles, this also leads to some interesting situations when the prey they hunt overlaps with the sacred prey of other tribes sacred prey they have been known to send information on the details of the prey towards the other tribes werewolves, making sure they hunt it down and deal with it.

        The Totem was called The Digital Eye in 1e, don't really want to change the name but I modify the totem from the previous version, it's still a surveillance spirit of great power and reach, it covets information to the point of obsessive greed, I make use of the word information deliberately, it doesn't care about knowledge or understanding, it just wants the data, the lodge serve it well for this purpose since the members go out of their way to collect information about their targets, sharing it is up to the individual lodge member, The Digital Eye is happy with keeping a copy, if it just happens that he's the only one with certain information, it just makes it more valuable for him.

        I think this might point me towards a fitting aspiration, I like the 'Identify supernatural activity online' you suggested since it would go well with the Totem I just wrote.