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Shapeshifitng Horror of Hulk

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  • wyrdhamster
    started a topic Shapeshifitng Horror of Hulk

    Shapeshifitng Horror of Hulk

    The new comicbook Hulk series - Immortal Hulk - has some very good inspiration for Werewolf. Gruesome shapechanging, each night forced transformations. Sounds a bit like Harmony 10 character, like one from American Werewolf in London. Maybe some good ideas can be mined from it? Or you have other inspirations in Hulk franchise?

    Below video summing up Immortal Hulk run till this day.

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  • nofather
    There's some good ideas in it, though a running theme is him being sort of unique in his destructive capability and consistently at god-tier, which doesn't really fit with a werewolf in a pack. He has teammates but you would have to really overestimate their roles to even call them sidekicks, as they're more like the extended pack members, just with powers. That said it's a good comic, telling the Hulk as a more horror-leaning story.

    Joss Whedon actually made a point of calling out the parallel of Hulk with a werewolf a while back, mentioning that a Hulk story is more a werewolf story than a classic superhero story.

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