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  • Gift of Speed

    Hey there! Need some help working out the last bit of a homebrew gift. Take a look and tell me what you suggest!

    Gift of Speed
    Faster Than The Eye(Cunning)
    With this facet, a subtle action is done entirely without notice.
    Cost: 1 Essence
    Dice Pool: Dexterity + Larceny + Cunning versus Composure + Primal Urge
    Action: Contested
    The Uratha moves so fast for a single action that it is done entirely without notice. The Urathas senses speed up to match as well, so a cunning Uratha may quickly scroll through an open phones texts reading everything in the blink of an eye, or plant a device in a target's pocket. This may not disguise a direct attack on a character, but otherwise can be used in a number of creative ways.
    Roll Results:
    Dramatic Failure: The Uratha not only fails to move fast, but her body immediately is overcome by sluggishness. She gains the Exhausted condition.
    Failure: The facet fails to work
    Success: The Uratha succeeds, and performs an action entirely without notice.
    Exceptional Success: The Uratha sees how trivial it is to take advantage of the prey’s sluggishness. They gain their Cunning as a bonus on all Larceny rolls against the prey for the rest of the scene.

    Glory - WIP

    Move as One(Honor)
    The Pack moves as one with this facet, even the slowest among them keeping pace.
    Cost: 1 Essence per packmate
    Action: Reflexive
    Duration: Scene
    The Uratha may spend essence per each packmate targeted, to share the highest speed in the pack. This is a favored tactic when the pack takes Urhan to give chase, but is useful in a variety of situations.

    Primal Speed(Purity)
    The Uratha enhances his powers over speed in a direct manner.
    Cost: 1 Essence
    Action: Reflexive
    Duration: Scene
    The Uratha adds his Purity Renown to Dexterity for the duration of this facet. If the Uratha falls into Basu-Im, he will instinctively activate this Facet at no cost.

    Know the Way(Wisdom)
    This facet allows the Uratha to always know the fastest way to get somewhere, or to someone.
    Cost: 1 Essence
    Dice Pool: Wits+Streetwise+Wisdom
    Action: Reflexive
    Roll Results
    Dramatic Failure: The Uratha moves swiftly forward only to find himself back where he started, and gains the Shaken condition.
    Failure: The facet fails to take effect
    Success: The Uratha finds the quickest route to their destination, and moves quickly there. Anything that would impede the Uratha, such as foot traffic, red lights, etc., are taken into account and have no bearing on the speed of the Uratha. If they know where a particular prey is heading, the Uratha is certain to arrive first.
    When used in a chase, the Uratha opens up his senses to the best and fastest shortcuts to the prey. He adds his Wisdom Renown to his chase pool, and penalizes the prey’s pool an equal amount.
    Exceptional Success: WIP
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    At first I wasnt feeling Faster Than The Eye but after rereading it again thats definitely a very interesting power. I'd suggest to add a bit more to itnlike being able to use Defense against Firearms in Hishu/Urhan or turning an instant action into reflexive in combat or something like that.

    For Glory, since this is to contrast with Gift Of Strength maybe something of a slowdown effect? Preventing them to move or something like that.


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      Disappointed that this isn’t the Gift of Cocaine; had my hopes up!

      Joking aside, this shows promise for being a fun homebrew Gift. I do have to ask though, does this fall under Wolf Gifts? It seems like it obviously should be, considering its focus on the pack and a individual Uratha’s innate alacrity.. but just wanted to be certain!

      And Hamborgar’s idea for a sort of slowdown effect is a pretty good idea, it certainly fits Glory I think!

      My personal suggestion for a Glory Aspect would be a sort of power that causes uncontrollable bursts of super human speed to affect an enemy in dangerous, potentially life threatening ways: moving one’s neck so blindingly fast that it causes spinal damage, limbs ripping themselves out of socket from sudden spasms, things like that- reflecting the self destructive panic the prey should feel when they futilely try to escape a superior predator. A good sort of bit of inspiration would be that Celerity Threnody from the first ed Blood Sorcery book if you went in that direction!
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        Gift of Strength is also very much about boosting an Uratha's capabilities it's just not exactly 'Uratha' y'know?

        And yeah Korogra's suggestion for Glory also works. An alternative for Honor could be stripping initiative/speed and giving somekind of bonus if attacking a lower init/speed enemy, if you want to mirror Strength.


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          Faster Than The Eye seems a lot less like something that should be a contested Facet to me than something that should be “Any perception roll to notice the action takes a penalty equal to the Uratha’s Cunning.”


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            Originally posted by Korogra View Post
            Disappointed that this isn’t the Gift of Cocaine; had my hopes up!
            Glory is still a work in progress, so ya know. :P