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  • Range of Hunter's Aspect

    How far can a Werewolf throw their Hunter's Aspect on their Prey? When they declare a hunt, does the Hunter's Aspect work when they see the prey for the first time, or does it take into effect once they do the ritual marking their prey, even if the Prey is far away? In other words, do the Werewolves and Prey need to be close in order for Hunter's Aspect to take place?

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    'When inflicting her hunter’s aspect on a victim every single sense can identify one Uratha to another, as the man, the wolf, and the spirit all carry a prominent, forceful aura. The hunter’s aspect forces her aura on her prey. The Uratha lets loose her predatory bearing, in order to confront and cow an onlooker.'

    I take this to mean there must be a reasonable amount of interaction. Similar to Lashing Out, the prey must 'get the message' somehow. But I'd allow for it to be done more impersonally, like Godfather's horse head, finding a car despoiled in some particularly inhuman way (like in Man of Steel when Superman wrecks some rude dude's truck), or a suitably creepy phone call.