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[2E] Loci Questions

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  • [2E] Loci Questions

    1. Is Locus exists in both Material and Shadow Realm alike? Like, if I have chalice being Locus - I can grab it in Shadow the same way I can in Material world?

    2. Do Loci ratings stack on the Loci in nearby area? For example, if I have four 1-dot Loci in their Zone of Influence ( like small stash of 'magic items' or something ) are they treated as one 4-dot Loci? Assuming or not, they have similar Resonance on them?

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    I'm currently trying to get a better sense of the Shadow myself but I'll weight in, because the debate might be beneficial to both of us.

    1) No. A Locus exists in the Material and leaks essence through the gauntlet to the shadow.

    2) No, and No. They accumulate but do not compound. So four 1-dot loci would produce the sum of four individual loci, not the equivalent of a four-dot loci. It is coincidental if the two values match. Equally, since they are separate, I say that they do not have similar resonance in the strict sense. However, the reality is that resonance resonates and I could see the persistent cohabitation of loci influencing each other. Yet, it is not true to say they are one. Consider a dorm of students: each student remains individual even while influencing and being influenced by others. So again, similar resonance is incidental, not inherent.