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    So I was recently reading the thread about Merits for Pure Wolf-Blooded. I looked at how there was three different Merits for wolf-blooded of each tribal sympathy(?) & I asked "why is there only one wolf-blooded Merit per Forsaken tribal sympathy?" So started my quest to rectify this.
    That said this thread is not for wolf-blooded Merits of Forsaken sympathies, it is for any fanmade/homebrew wolf-blooded Merits that get thought of. So I invite you to add to the thread.

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    Skolis-Ur's Blood: Sturdy
    Hikaon-Ur's Blood: Night Vision
    Sagrim-Ur's Blood: Technological Security
    Fenris-Ur's Blood: Silver's Blessing
    Kamduis-Ur's Blood: Ghost Trap

    These Merits are the wolf-blooded Tribal Affiliate Merits that are found in the sourcebook. They have been renamed to help distinguish them from the Tribal Affiliate Merits that I have come up with. Beyond the slight name change there is no real difference & they work just the same way as they do in the sourcebook.


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      Skolis-Ur's Blood: Inspiring
      Prerequisite: Wolf-Blooded
      Effect: The Storm Lords are the leaders of Uratha society, you carry that legacy. You get a bonus to any rolls when assuming that role.

      Skolis-Ur's Blood: Enduring
      Prerequisite: Wolf-Blooded
      Effect: Skolis-Ur commands the weather & those that follow him do the same. You cannot do this, but you do benefit from the connection. The effects of extreme weather bother you less than they do other people. There are limits to this however, so don't get cocky.

      Hikaon-Ur's Blood: Territorial
      Prerequisite: Wolf-Blooded
      Effect: The Hunters in Darkness are big fans of homefield advantage. You also benefit from the homefield advantage. You have a deep understanding of the landscape of your territory & can perceive when it has been invaded. This territory must be defined first, with the knowledge that the larger the territory the longer it takes & the greater the cost.

      Sagrim-Ur's Blood: Mechanics
      Prerequisite: Wolf-Blooded
      Effect: The Iron Masters are known for their utilizing how technology in their plans. You have inherited this technological connection. You get a bonus die (or more) when delving into machinery, finding it relatively easy to take stuff apart & put them back together in better quality than before.

      Sagrim-Ur's Blood: Adaptive
      Prerequisite: Wolf-Blooded
      Effect: The followers of Red Wolf have adapted greatly to the changing world. You are also skilled at adapting. Once per day/session/scene/etc. you get a bonus die to apply to whatever roll you choose.

      Fenris-Ur's Blood: Combative
      Prerequisite: Wolf-Blooded
      Effect: You can control & force a confrontation in an arena (Physical, Mental, or Social) of your choice.

      Fenris-Ur's Blood: Weakness Revealed
      Prerequisite: Wolf-Blooded
      Effect: Use any means to win, as long as you're not a hypocrite about it. You can reveal a crucial weakness to an enemy, enticing them to come in close for the kill, putting them in range of your own claws.

      Fenris-Ur's Blood: The Enemy's Weakness
      Prerequisite: Wolf-Blooded
      Effect: Use any means to win, as long as you're not a hypocrite about it. You can exploit a crucial weakness of your foe, dealing additional damage in the process.

      Kamduis-Ur's Blood: Dead Claws
      Prerequisite: Wolf-Blooded
      Effect: The Bone Gnawers preferred prey is ephemeral entities like spirits & ghosts. There are dead things that still roam the world than just ghosts, & all of these dead things should be properly dead. Any attack you make against dead things (vampires, zombies, etc.) is automatically lethal at minimum.


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        Tell Reading
        Prerequisite: Wolf-Blooded
        Effect: You can study another wolf-blooded & determine what their Tell is. To truly understand the nature of the Tell in question, you must already know what you are looking at, you cannot just understand the Tell by identifying it.
        This Merit turns up most often in old wolf-blooded family's. This Merit is a matter of nurture not nature.

        Constitution of the Wolf
        Prerequisite: Wolf-Blooded
        Effect: Your constitution is impressive, shrugging off intoxicants & various other things with ease. You less by the effects of drugs, alcohol, toxins, & diseases than most. This may not apply if the drug, alcohol, toxin, or disease is supernatural in nature.


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          Blessed by the Wolf Gods
          Prerequisite: Wolf-Blooded
          Effect: A group of Lupus et Fidelis have realized that certain people are "blessed" by the wolf gods with relatively small powers. You have been identified as one of these blessed souls.


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            Tribe in the Veins
            Prerequisite: Wolf-Blooded
            Effect: The tenants, philosophy, etc. of an Uratha Tribe are in your very being. You get a bonus whenever you act in accordance with these tenants, etc.
            Drawback: The flipside of the coin, is that whenever you violate such tenants, you will suffer for it.
            Special: Should you ever go through First Change, you will feel drawn to the chosen Tribe & most likely end up as a member of it.


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              Wolf's Dynasty, Library
              Prerequisite: Wolf-Blooded, Uratha, or former Wolf-Blooded
              Effect: Your family has been wolf-blooded for a very long time, & has built up a library of lore, which you have perused at some point in your life. Select a subject that is covered by your family's library, you now have greater knowledge on the chosen subject.

              Potential Subjects:
              Alternative Uratha Origins
              "Flavours of Ghost Wolves" (Ghost Wolf Devourers, Ghost Wolf Tyrants, the Mimics, Void Reavers, Zi'ir)
              Historical Uratha
              Human Mythology (Korean, Navajo, Welsh, etc.)
              Human Threats (Lupus et Fidelis, RD-13; Shadow Occultists)
              Interactions with Other Supernaturals
              "Lesser" Shartha
              Prominent Local Spirits
              The Pure
              Spirit Courts
              Spirit Possession
              Uratha Genealogies
              Uratha Myths & Legends

              I feel like this Merit doesn't need a drawback, but if you disagree an idea is that the information isn't necessarily going to be accurate. Misinformation can be very dangerous, though there you should have a chance to notice that the information is incorrect.


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                Hathis-Ur’s Blood (••)
                Prerequisites: Wolf-Blooded
                Effect: Unarmed attacks inflicted by the Wolf-Blooded are extraordinarily painful. A successful attack causes the victim to begin suffering wound penalties as if they had received damage in the last three health boxes of their damage track. This can stack up to three times, mimicking the effect of grievous injury, and lasts until the end of the scene. If the victim suffers damage that would naturally cause wound penalties (from the Wolf-Blooded or other sources) those penalties supersede the ones inflicted by the Wolf Blooded and are removed when the damage heals.

                "The ego is not king of its own castle."