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    A couple I came up with that need some polish:

    Rote Rite (3 dot, Mental)

    The merit reflects familiarity with a specific rite. Having performed the rite so many times, it's like second nature.

    Benefit: Choose a specific rite. Specify a very specific list of requirements that fulfill the rite. Add one additional requirement, be it a slightly more strict definition of a symbol or scheduling detail. When performing that rite with all the requirements, add the rote quality to the roll.

    Drawback: The added strictures are requirements for the benefits, and lacking them penalizes the rite by -2 plus -1 for every missing element. This is in addition to the normal requirements for the rite, as well.

    The merit can be purchased multiple times reflecting different specific rituals.

    Intuitive Ritual (3 dot, Spiritual)

    This represents an intimate understanding of a rite. The two most common ways of achieving this are taking the knowledge of the rite from multiple spirits through siskur dah or through extensive experimentation with the rite. Most often, the intuition provided by learning the rite from a single source is limited, but some spirits have a sufficiently powerful grasp of the matter to grant this in addition to the rite. Otherwise, it generally requires a second hunt.

    Having intuitive understanding of a ritual is extremely useful. It means that the character understands the meaning of the symbols when they see them and can easily replace them with others.

    Benefits: Add Wisdom to performance of a ritual and the storyteller should inform the ritualist if anything is missing. Specifics are
    still subject to any appropriate knowledge checks and such, but there is always an indication if something is off about a ritual that is
    intuitive. Any corruptions that add alternate symbols similarly set off gut reactions.

    When attempting the ritual in a novel form the ritualist adds Wisdom ranks as bonus dice.

    Drawback: The ritual is part of the ritualist's personal pattern, so letting it get stale and spiritless is a problem. Using the same ritual forms (and changing participants, subjects, and targets are not enough) repeatedly accrues penalties as if reattempting a test. This resets if a new form is used. Storyteller chooses if something is growing to redundant and gains the penalty. Switching between three main methods, for example, would get tired slower, but still eventually start getting the penalty.

    This merit can be taken multiple times to reflect intuitive understanding of multiple rites.

    Grump, grouse, and/or gripe.


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      A while ago I posted a Merit on this thread called Anybeast. Looking back I realized that while I like the basic concept (non-lupine uratha) I wasn't as happy with the rest of the Merit. So I've written up an alternative version of the Merit, with a different name.

      Non-Wolf Uratha
      Prerequisite: uratha
      Effect: your beast side is not a wolf. At first it appears that this was a purely cosmetic effect, & in a way it is & it isn't. Somehow this makes it hard for spirits to recognize that you are an uratha. This has both good & bad consequences, because that's all spirits.