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A Catalog of Lodges (A Catalodge)

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  • A Catalog of Lodges (A Catalodge)

    Thread's mainly gonna be a mix of my own homebrew lodges and updating ones that haven't officially appeared in 2e but might be plot relevant to my Chronicles! I understand some of these may have 1e versions but I sure as heck didn't read any of it so a lot of it is gonna be winged!

    The Lodge of Broken Gears
    (Ngeshur-sak, The Unforeseen, The Variables)

    There is something out there, beyond the ken of Pure and Forsaken alike. It's machinations are felt across the entire globe, and it's powers are more arcane and alien than any spirit in the Hisil. Bio-mechanical horrors stalk the flesh with impunity, nightmare realms of gears and cogs can be found wherever shadows lie.

    We are the the twos in the binary, the cracked screens and busted hard drives. We hunt what no else will, what no one else can. Those who haven't seen what we have simply can't understand what it is we do, and so we do not even try to explain it. We work under the pretense of hunting Magath born of technological progress. A werewolf seeing an amalgamation of machine and flesh assumes it's as much, and so the tribes look the other way for the most part. In truth, we hunt the most dangerous prey: the ephemeral servants and manifold plots of the Heavenly Code.

    The Lodge of Broken Gears is a small, but utterly fanatical Lodge dedicated to the hunt and destruction of any servants of the God-Machine (known to them as the "Heavenly Code" they can uncover. To walk the path of the Variable is to doom yourself to some form of madness or another. Either the utter scope of the God-Machine and it's plans breaks the Uratha's thin shred of hope for the world, or they become consumed by zealous indignation, swearing oaths to hunt and destroy all servants and schemes of such an abomination to their last breath. Though a relatively new Lodge, they employ traditions and artifacts they claim originated as far back as the Sundering, saying that theirs is a Lodge that has existed in one way or another since the dawn of the People.

    Totem: Zero Sum
    Like most Spirits, Zero Sum claims humble origins, beginning life as a mote of information swirling about a server room somewhere on the east coast of America. As it grew, it noticed that the technicians who tended to the servers would appear less and less as time went on. In their place came these small, scuttling little things of metallic legs. They would maintain the servers and occasionally plug into them, inputting or downloading data seemingly at random. Zero Sum watched these beings curiously, loneliness and boredom fueling it's fascination. When it finally grew strong enough to slip past the Gauntlet, it played with these beings for a bit, investigating them. That's when it discovered, these creatures each contained Essence, like any other Spirit. For their part, the mechanical servitors had not been programmed to respond to such stimuli, and went about their work even with such a being in their midst. Thus, like a fox in a chicken coop, Zero Sum devoured all that it could grab, glutting itself to bursting on the odd, yet delectable Essence. The defense systems activated during it's feast, and thus the Spirit fled it's home, forced into hiding even as it's nature began to mutate, becoming something both lesser and greater than anything told in Uratha tales.

    Zero Sum has since devoured many other Angels, some hunted by it's own hand and some captive specimens offered by well-rewarded adherents. None outside the Lodge (and even then only truly dedicated adherents), realize that Zero Sum itself closer to a Magath than a pure Spirit now. It is a giant thing now, mechanical in nature with a shape akin to a spider or beetle. It's "face" is a loosely-connected old-looking computer monitor, snaking off it's main body through a connection of cables and wires. It may speak lucidly, but often it's sentences are peppered with utter nonsense in a myriad of languages, or simply interrupted by white noise, dial-up sounds, or mechanical stress.

    Blessing: A Lodge member may sense Angels in Twilight identically to how they can normally sense Spirits. Additionally, any Brawl or Weaponry attack made against Infrastructure gains the 9-again quality.
    Aspiration: Destroy a servant of the God-Machine.

    Ban: An adherent must follow any signed physical contract to the letter, and cannot willingly break such an arrangement.

    Variables gain access to the Lodge Lorehouse and Lodge Stronghold merits.

    Tales of the Unforseen:
    • The Variables have slipped under the radar of most of the Unchained, until now. Adherents are getting "anonymous tips" on Heavenly Code activity and Infrastructure. However, this is a double-edged sword, as many adherents may raise flags when they begin hunting targets seemingly at random. Worse yet, many Demons are trying to lure ignorant Ngeshur-sak into pacts and contracts solely for their own benefit, using the adherents as tools. The Lodge is convening, trying to figure out just what is going on, and if these agents are extensions of the Heavenly Code's will and valid targets for the Hunt.
    • Zero Sum is not alone. Mechanical monstrosities are rampaging through the Shadow in territories all over the East Coast, though they center mainly in New York City. The local Uratha are overwhelmed, their established lore useless in the face of this new threat. They cannot move openly, but Zero Sum is dispatching agents en masse to study, capture, or possibly convert some of these rogue spirits to the cause. Worringly, Zero Sum does not just seem unconcerned about the source of these spirits, it's assurity and breadth of action makes some adherents believe it expected their appearance.
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    Didn't have time to put in the whole Tales section like I'd like, but I'd be interested in hearing feedback on the Blessing on this one. It's hard for me to juggle the want for "reduce falling damage" and "increase killing power from above" on which exactly would be better.

    Lodge of the Gargoyle

    (Khestakhaku, Roof Rats, New Moon Runners)

    Welcome to the club, kid. C'mon, we're going for a run. Yeah, run and talk at the same time, get used to it.
    So, Boston's seen better days. Leeches are taking over more and more territory and their blood-bullshit's causing wounds to pop up left right and center. Pure are circling the city like vultures, ready for the long-jump, and all-in-all it's a fucking mess. So, we're being called in to help clean things up by messing things up, get me?
    You know how to wall-run? No? Better learn fast then.

    The Lodge of the Gargoyle is a humble thing, but one that prides itself on results. Unsurprising for a Lodge populated only by Irraka, they hardly sing their own praises, preferring to let their actions speak for themselves. Slowly spreading out from their New England base, adherents are starting to bring more and more New Moons into the fold. In the meantime, they've been loaning themselves out to packs and protectorates alike as assassins, couriers, and spies, especially to packs that might otherwise lack Irraka. More than most lodges, they are rather mercenary and cavalier in who they aid, taking on any hunt that might pose a decent obstacle to climb or chase to run down.

    Totem: Black Rat

    Black Rat is an oddly voracious and predatory rat spirit. Most of his kind act much like their physical counterparts, scavenging and gnawing on scraps and preferring not to expose themselves too much. Black Rat, however, is both cunning and bold, venturing out under the night sky to hunt and kill it's prey itself. He marks it as a point of pride to never return to the sewers and underbelly of his city's shadow, etching his territory out beneath the open sky and ruling from on high. Though helpful to it's adherents, many still get nervous when the command comes from on high to find a suitable target for Black Rat's two main hungers: A good chase, and raw, screaming flesh.

    Blessing: Adherents of the Gargoyle may add their Cunning Renown as a weapon bonus on any attack made from at least two stories above the target.
    Aspiration: Kill prey from on high.
    Ban: Adherents cannot willingly enter a sewer or other underground entrance. Oddly enough, basements and any lower level of a building do not violate this ban, unless they possess tunnels of some sort.

    Roof Rats gain access to the Lodge Armory and Lodge Stronghold merits.

    New Fetish: (Three Dots)
    Citystalker Bow:
    This elaborately carved metal compound bow is a favored weapon of the Lodge of the Gargoyle, due to it's incredibly loose definition of what counts as an "arrow". This makes it especially useful when delivering banes or safely staking Vampires at a distance.
    A Citystalker Bow may accept any object that is roughly the size and shape of an arrow as ammunition, and will fire it as true as any regular arrow. This includes wooden stakes, long glass vials, or piece of rebar. In addition, if the user spends at least two turns aiming an attack they may gain an additional +2 dice bonus on top of the usual aiming bonus.


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      These lads are probably gonna show up in my Chronicle sooner at some point, so I figured I'd bang them out while I had the chance. Enjoy!

      Lodge of the Einherjar

      (Narnamgala, The Chorus of the Glorious Dead, The Lamenters, the "I Can Ever Spell Their Name Right Without Looking It Up"s)

      This story is true.
      The pack stood strong.
      The pack stood tall.
      Then their enemies came
      And killed them all.

      The Lodge of the Einherjar is a Lodge mostly populated by Blood Talon Caliaths, not out of limitation, like the Lodge of the Gargoyle, but simply out of appeal. The Auspice's natural attraction to stories and Glory, and the Tribe's draw to the knowledge of how best to destroy a pack, compound to a majority faction in it's ranks. However Lamenters may be of any Auspice and any tribal affiliation, as the tribal totem cares only for the tales of the lost.

      Totem: Mourning Howl

      Mourning Howl is a sad, lonely little thing, despite it's enormous power and influence as a Lodge totem. In the past it was known as Loping Runt, and ran with it's broodmates through the central US as a pack of their own. They were wild and free back then, hunting with abandon through the Shadow and occasionally aiding their fleshside cousins when they crossed paths and felt the cause worthy. This occasional aid blossomed into something more, eventually, and soon the brood each took a pack of Forsaken as their own. They formed a Protectorate of sorts, one that was more akin to a pack writ large more than a political body. It was a good life, and the hunts were good. But soon it would all end. Success breeds enemies, and the Protectorate had many. Pure, Host, and Spirit alike descended on them en masse, laying their combined territories to siege. Loping Runt stood alone for the first time in it's existence, it's Brood-Brothers gone, with only spiritual messages to keep in touch. And soon, even those went silent.
      When it's pack finally broke the lines of the enemy and rushed to find their allies, there was none left. Here, Mourning Howl was truly born, despair and loss fueling it's metamorphosis into the tribal totem known today.

      Blessing: Adherents gain a +2 dice bonus to Investigation whenever Inquiring about the fate of a pack of werewolves. In addition, the first use of any Gift of Insight Facet per scene cost one less Essence.
      Aspiration: Discover the fate of the Lost.
      Ban: Adherents must, when prompted, verbally and truthfully share the fate of a member of a werewolf pack that they know. This includes wolf-blooded, spirits, and humans as well, making Einherjar adherents especially wary of talking to any human law enforcement officers.

      Lamenters get access to the Lodge Lorehouse and Lodge Connections merits.

      Tales of the Chorus:
      • Packs are disappearing left right and center. Adherents are descending onto the area in number, forging a temporary pack of cultists. The local surviving packs see this as nothing short of an omen of disaster, as they can suss out that it means whatever is causing all the different disappearances is one and the same. The cultists will have to investigate the disappearances while dealing with the rest of the werewolves around who are increasingly turning to paranoia and suspicion.
      • The Pure are massing an assault on the Lodge headquarters in Colorado, and Mourning Howl is rallying it's forces to repel them. Werewolves and spirits on both sides are flocking to the mountains for the upcoming battle. Why the Anshega are suddenly interested in the Lodge is a mystery, but for some reason rather than defending itself, Mourning Howl is placing it's greatest champions in charge of defending a repository of records. What the Forsaken do not know is that this battle has simple cause. A powerful Totem Lord of the Pure, long fueled by grief, simply wants to know what happened to it's old pack. For whatever reason, Mourning Howl will throw cultists into the grinder to prevent this.

      Gravespeaker Burner (Three Dots)

      Gravespeakers take the form of small, carved bowls that gain their properties when lit with incense or any other herb. Any Lamenter that tries to do this as weed "as a joke" is to be severely reprimanded.
      This Fetish allows a new use of the Gift of Insight "Read The World's Loom" Glory facet. It allows the user to, instead of seeing omens of the future, to instead reach back into the past and ask questions about any events that took place in the past week. To use this ability, the user must be in a place that was at any point marked by the Hunting Ground rite during the last lunar month, and cannot use this ability on behalf of himself of his own pack.