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    I give to you fan 2E update for Lodge of Quicksilver Children from WtF 2E corebook, page 216. I change the too narrowed focused description of them to something that is more with the spirit of Lodges 2E in The Pack book. I quote their part of description in general section – and then secret of it as the Mysteries of it, working more as such. Hope you like them. I will update post with new material as it will coming in topic.

    Lodge of Quicksilver
    Shifters, Children, Quicksilvers

    The Lodge of Quicksilver Children is a cross-tribe fellowship of Forsaken scholars and historians who have been plagued by one particular question over the ages — if the Uratha are children of the spirits of Mother Wolf and Father Moon, why are they born of humanity? If their inheritance is from two spirit-gods, why are the Uratha themselves not spirits? What is truly to be shapeshifters? What is to be human?

    Those questions are plaguing Shifters whole centuries. They spend all the time to get those answers – or their Sacred Prey – shapeshifters. To understand better the nature of Uratha, they stalk other shapeshifters – Claimed, animal possessed, other beastchangers or mimics ( see Night Horrors: Shunned by the Moon ). They search for most ancient of spirits that could remember Pangea. Or even Idigam, if they can find one. And they ask questions. Or dissect they prey. All in the glory to understand Uratha origins.

    Quicksilvers comes from all Tribes of Moon, but some are more popular than other. Most come from Storm Lords, those scions of Urfarah, whose understand weakness to better lead the People. Iminir are famous from hunting Claimed that shapechaning monsters, imitating Wolf Mother too much – like the other preys that Lodge hunts. Other faction creates Bone Shadows, dedicated to pursuit of knowledge. They studies of Shadow Realm cross they paths with most ancient of spirits that can finally answer: How, exactly, Uratha race come to being?

    Totem: Changing Lune?
    Influences of ???: ???

    Blessing: Adherent of the Quicksilver can sniff other shapeshifter just like normal Uratha can sense Wolf in others. It works the same way werewolves senses of Smell ( WtF 2E, page 94 ), only adherent roll Wits + Primal Urge to smell what kind of being shapeshifter really is, realted to it’s spiritual side. Other shapeshifters smell as their ‘inner animal’ ( like fox changers smell as Fox, even in human guise ) and Claimed smell as spirits that are inside them. Idigama are smelling as impossible combinations, like their contracting nature.
    Aspiration: To find origins of Uratha.
    Ban: ??? ( Have no idea here :/ )

    The Sacred Hunt
    The Lodge Sacred Hunt grants your characters the ability to see real nature of the beings. Adherent simply lay eyes on character – and if it’s shapeshifter, it shows the real form it’s originate from. Like with their Blessing, animal shifters are showing animal spirit the connected are, possessed are showing the spirit that rides them – normal humans are showing their human nature - and Idigama are showing as great void, as they do not have true nature now.

    Mysteries of the Quicksilvers
    • The lodge finally believes it has pieced together the answer from scraps of lore about the Formless and the Coalesced. The startling conclusion of the Quicksilver Children is that the off-spring of Wolf and Moon was, in fact, an idigam. That idigam — the true progenitor of the Uratha — coupled with a human sorcerer in a pact or ritual that remains a mystery to the lodge. From that union, Uratha were born with less of the Moon’s changing Essence roiling through their bones. They were truly half-human.
    • The lodge believes it has pinpointed the location where this very idigam is slumbering. Unlike the other Formless, they believe this one was left unharmed because the Wolf refused to harm its own child. The Quicksilver Children have dispatched agents to Gevaudan in France.
    • The Children intend to raise up their progenitor and study it. Some, though, plan to go even further. They want to petition the idigam to serve them as a totem, heralding a new era wherein the Forsaken can be unified under their true parent. Unsurprisingly, the Quicksilver Children are keeping quiet about their revelations for now.
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