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Fetish/Rite conversion to 2nd edition, anywhere?

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  • Fetish/Rite conversion to 2nd edition, anywhere?


    As the title says, are any guidelines to convert fetishes and rites to 2nd edition? I loved the fetishes from Lore of the Forsaken, War Against the Pure, and The Pure books, but some of them are no longer usable on the current edition (penalties to degeneration rolls dont mesh well with how Harmony works now, or granting access to Gifts).

    Any help converting 1st ed material would be appreciated.

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    If it helps, talens can act like Gifts when used. The best guidelines I'd suggest would be estimating what you want on second edition's fetish-building section to determine the Rank of the spirit, then just doing that. Rank 5 fetishes are wildly powerful and most things from first edition would fit below that Rank.

    With Rites, however, I know Acrozatarim wrote up a loose guide for the hows and whys, but I forget if he posted it on on the forum here. One of the takeaways there (aside from the difference between Wolf and Pack Rites) is the emphasis that the dot rating is mostly comparable to experience costs, rather than some 'you must be this mystical to know the rite' bar like in first edition. Since second edition doesn't have a separate Rites Merit that acts as a bar, the power and worth of the rite is presented in the form of Experience. So a powerful or rare one (like Veil) is higher Experience, something everyone likely has access to (Chain Rage, Sacred Hunt), lower costs.
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