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    Werewolf: The Forsaken 2e, Appendix One: Wolf-Blooded. Where Are You Running?
    This question provides 5 possibilities; Pack Loyalty, Isolation, Monstrosity, a Vigil, & the Change. Now, 4 of these answers are straightforward, I get what they're about. We're here to talk about the fifth one. We're here to talk about Monstrosities & more specifically, what they could look like.

    The Pack of Low Wolves: a bunch of Wolf-Blooded's gather, their strength bleeding into one another. The individual wolf-blooded can psychically communicate via a sort of pack mentality. Each one of them also gains the ability to use the Tells of any of the other members in the group. However, this is not normal, not natural, not right. The pack forging/joining causes each individual wolf-blooded to lose any sense of human morality, mentally becoming savage lupine beasts that think more like spirits than anything of the flesh. This affliction can only affect wolf-blooded that are not attached to an Uratha pack.

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    Tell Render
    This is effectively the first variety of Wolf-Blooded Monstrosity I ever developed, though I was more aiming for a single villain who just happened to be wolf-blooded.
    The idea behind the Tell Render is that they are a wolf-blooded who has used a certain ritual at least once. This ritual allows a wolf-blooded to steal the Tell of another wolf-blooded, in it's entirety. The ritual is a very visceral one & I imagine that eaten the heart of the victim wolf-blooded would be part of the process.


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      I was thinking that perhaps certain Tyrants could find a way to reincarnate within the bodies of wolf-blooded they rule over, effectively forcing them through the First Change. Their Auspice would be left behind, though, leaving them weakened unless they were Pure beforehand. A rite probably makes the most sense for how to prime wolf-blooded to be the Tyrant's potential receptacle.


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        Tell Warping: a rare affliction affecting wolf-bloodeds. It requires low morality & the primary results are causing a strengthening & warping of Tells, & a focus on Vice, emphasizing the darker parts of the personality. Possibilities for various Tell Warpings follow:
        ● Anger Issues: This warped suffers from berserker madness with multiple buttons to set them off. The results of the berserker madness are enhanced strength, indiscriminately killing people, & the ability to ignore pain & injuries.
        ● Evil Eye: This warped can inflict various, vicious curses with a look.
        ● Phantom Pack: This warped is the alpha of a pack of spectral wolves, which they can allow to temporarily, physically manifest. The wolves emanate an aura of fear that affects anyone the alpha wants it to.
        ● Skinner: This warped can remove the skin from a person & wear it, taking on not only the person's appearance but also their skills & attributes. They can access memories & imitate personality.


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          Garwulf: Garwulves were once just wolf-blooded with Tells that leaned towards the flesh side of their heritage. Wounded soul. They can infect people, turning them into "Geralphi" & these infected people then turn to the one who infected them as alpha. The Garwulf can command a number of people, but if they go over their maximum number they start finding it difficult to command these infected people. Any infected people will normally turn back to normal humans when the "master" is killed, however some may become wolf-blooded.
          ● Geralphus (plural Geralphi): enhanced strength. Shapeshifting (human, near-wolf). Blind loyalty. Instinctively know in which direction their "master" is. Regeneration.