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  • [New Gift] The Gift of Thought

    So a while back I posted up the Drinkers of the Well, a new Tribe venerating Creator Wolf, and the astute will have noticed they have Thought in their affinity Gift list.

    Here's the Gift itself. As ever with this stuff, this is in first draft form.

    Gift of Thought

    Mastermind (Cunning)
    With wits sharper than a fox, the Uratha is a cunning devil, a fiendish conspirator who weaves plots and machinations of terrible complexity.

    Duration: Permanent

    The Uratha ignores up to her Cunning Renown in penalties on her dice pools for Mental skills. She also imposes her Cunning Renown as a penalty on dice pools to figure out her plans and schemes or predict her intentions. This automatically triggers a Clash of Wills against supernatural powers that would divine, predict, or decipher her plans and intentions, applying her Cunning Renown as a penalty to the instigator’s dice pool.

    Delusion (Glory)
    A hundred lies can be easier to swallow than a single awful truth. The prey’s thoughts tangle up in eagerness to deceive themselves, engrammatic lambs to the slaughter.

    Cost: 1 Essence
    Dice Pool: Manipulation + Empathy + Glory versus Resolve + Primal Urge
    Action: Instant
    Duration: 1 scene

    This Facet may be used against a single target the Uratha can perceive, and who can hear a single statement the Uratha makes as part of activating the Facet.

    Roll Results
    Dramatic Failure: The target sees the stark truth or clear falsehood in everything the Uratha says. For the remainder of the scene, the target can immediately tell if the Uratha speaks a lie.
    Failure: The Facet has no effect.
    Success: The Uratha makes a short, single-sentence statement about something the prey might be able to perceive with their senses, and they immediately perceive it. For example, the Uratha might say ‘He’s got a gun!’, ‘There’s a wolf in the shadows’, or ‘you’re eating maggots’, and the prey would perceive the statement as true—the angry man really is waving a gun, or the darkness really does conceal a wolf, or the tasty food he’s spooning into his mouth does suddenly writhe with maggots. This delusion is not an illusion as such; only the prey perceives it, and he does so because his own mind and thoughts tell him it is true. Interacting with a delusion may show it to be a lie; if the Uratha says ‘There’s a truck blocking the escape route’ and the prey walks into it, he’ll quickly discover there’s not actually anything there. In this case, the delusion immediately ends. The prey does not forget what they have perceived before the delusion began, so ‘That woman is your sister’ won’t make them forget that they could clearly see her face until now and it wasn’t their sister at all; the delusion also does not make the prey find supernatural or shocking turns of events as normal or acceptable, and they will react as appropriate. While the perception-warping effects of the delusion itself only lasts a scene, the prey will still remember the delusion afterwards and will likely assume it was true unless given a clear reason to believe otherwise; they’ll ardently cling to their belief that the man really did have a gun because, after all, they saw it.
    Exceptional Success: For the remainder of the scene or until the prey discovers the nature of the illusion, the Uratha may speak an additional short statement about the illusion on each of her turns, updating what the prey sees ("It's chasing after you!" when the prey tries to flee, for example).

    Solipsism (Honor)
    The mind is a trap for itself, an evolutionary house of cards just ready to come tumbling down. The hunter turns the victim’s own thoughts inwards, catching her in a cage of her own self so strong that all else seems dull and distant.

    Cost: 2 Essence
    Dice Pool: Intelligence + Academics + Honor versus Resolve + Primal Urge
    Action: Instant
    Duration: 1 day

    This Facet may be used against a single target that the Uratha can perceive.

    Roll Results
    Dramatic Failure: The Uratha finds her own mind turn inward in contemplative solipsism. She cannot participate in teamwork actions for 1 day.
    Failure: The Facet has no effect.
    Success: The prey adds her own Intelligence to the number of successes she must achieve for an exceptional success on any roll, and is unable to participate in teamwork actions with others. She must spend an additional point of Willpower as part of the cost of any supernatural power she uses that would target or affect others.
    Exceptional Success: The target also imposes her Intelligence as a penalty to her Empathy and Persuasion dice pools.

    Clarity (Purity)
    Where the tired hunter rests and ponders her pursuit, where she drinks deep from the well of contemplation, so she is girded anew with understanding and determination.

    Cost: 3 Essence

    The Uratha may use this Facet when settling down into an extended rest, sleep, or meditation that would normally allow her to recover a point of Willpower. She recovers an additional number of Willpower points equal to her Purity; this cannot bring her above her usual maximum Willpower. Additionally, while resting in this way, she imposes her Purity as a penalty on all dice pools to influence her mind or dreams via supernatural powers.

    Zmora (Wisdom)
    The Uratha is a beast of nightmares, an usurper of thought and mind when the consciousness’s grip upon its fleshly throne is at its weakest—in moments of sleep and dream. This Facet lets the Uratha supplant the mind of a sleeping non-werewolf sentient she can perceive being with her own mind instead.

    Cost: 1 Essence
    Dice Pool: Intelligence + Empathy + Wisdom versus Composure + Primal Urge
    Action: Instant

    Roll Results
    Dramatic Failure:
    The Uratha gains the Ban condition. She cannot willingly look at her own reflection in a mirror, and must flee from the mirror if she does so.
    Failure: The Facet fails.
    Success: The Uratha’s mind rides the sleeping victim for as long as she wishes until the sleeper awakens, able to perceive from the sleeper’s perspective with her own senses. She has direct control of the sleeper's body for as long as they remain in slumber, and can both act and speak through them, replacing their thinking mind with her own for the duration; they are essentially her puppet. The sleeper will not naturally awaken until the next time the sun rises, but can attempt a Resolve + Composure roll penalized by the Uratha’s Wisdom if injured or if the werewolf attempts to take an action that will directly harm or kill them to try and rouse themselves immediately. While riding the sleeper, the Uratha cannot perceive with her own senses at all and appears to be in a state of deep sleep. Any mental Conditions or supernatural effects that would target the Uratha while she is riding the sleeper affect the sleeper instead. Returning to her own senses takes an Instant action and ends the Facet. Should the sleeper be killed while she is riding, she is ejected back to her own body and treats it as a breaking point towards Spirit. Should the Uratha be slain while she is riding, her mind remains in control of the victim permanently, creating a unique Claimed.
    Exceptional Success: The Uratha remains aware of her own surroundings and is alerted if her real body is injured.

    - Chris Allen, Aberrant Line Developer, Freelance Writer

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    I was wondering when it would pop up! Great as always!


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      This is just excellent, a fascinating take on creating a mastermind.

      New experiences are the font of creativity, when seeking inspiration, break your routine.

      The Agathos Kai Sophos, an Acanthus Legacy of strategists (Mind/Time)
      The Szary Strażnik, an Obrimos Legacy of Scholars of the Glyphs of Fate (Fate/Prime)


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        I do think that this Gift would get you in hella trouble with the Fire-Touched, as its focus on lies, misdirection, and trickery would probably make you a target for slaughter out of a need to uphold the Tribal Ban.