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[2E Hack] First Change after being Bitten

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  • [2E Hack] First Change after being Bitten

    Yes, I know it's againt WtF canon. Yes, I understand it can destabilize Uratha population in the world. And I know it's somehow as 'easter egg' option already in the 2E corebook as tracking First Changers by taste of blood.

    I watch a lot of werewolves related media and always see this classical trope. By WtF canon, Uratha are not spreading by being Bitten by other Uratha, HOWEVER, in Lunacy rules on page 101, there is mention that on Dramatic Failure target of Lunacy becomes Wolf-Blooded. From being Wolf-Blooded there is only small step to proper First Change ( if Storyteller is supporting idea ). So the Hack itself would be fairy easy.

    Being bitten by Uratha is larger strain on Lunacy. Target mortal character makes his Lunacy roll with penalty equal to taken Damage levels +3 -> if character have Dramatic Failure, he becomes Wolf-Blooded and is open to First Change.

    So what do you think about hack rules and what implication it have on the game world? Dramatic Failures are rather rare, outside of Storytellers fiat...

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    First, you should probably work on the source of the penalty more. Having it key off damage dealt gets weird because wound penalties are bonuses to Lunacy checks. If you want to see more dramatic failures from Lunacy checks, make the Primal Urge Lunacy penalty half your Primal Urge (so it sets in sooner and will matter to most PCs instead of having to hit PU 4 before it does) and have a success bite increase the penalty by 2 or something of that sort. Most humans aren't running around with huge dice-pools here, so a -2 base PU penalty, a -2 for a bite happening, and being in Gauru for another -2 would put the vast majority of NPCs in chance die territory without having to track damage dealt or whatever.

    Second, the destabilization issue crops up the more likely you make dramatic failures and have Wolf-blooded turn into Uratha. 1/10 chances are not bad if the penalty gets high enough such that the Uratha that want to quickly get more Wolf-blooded are just going to find ways to get away with biting a lot of people.