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  • Werewolf the Forsaken Solo Adventure

    Last night I started playing the Deadlands Solo Adventure, yesterday a Fallout Solo Adventure was released, wouldn't it be great to release something like that for the CoD ?

    Without giving away too many spoilers (and I am still getting myself acquainted with the rules), it basically starts off with a few tests, then instructions on how to do a fight sequence. The whole structure is like a choose your own adventure book. The only thing slowing me down is getting used to the Savage Worlds system but that should pass soon. If anything, I think that the CoD system is a bit smoother.

    The first scene is a fight which basically gives an enemy, gives advice on how to run the fight, and then the player can take it away. Depending on how the fight goes the player can go to page X or Y.

    I am sure that the game can be set up by a few investigation rolls to get the ball rolling and define the hunt. Over time you can have a few fights to get the player used to the system. If the player wins, go to page X, if the enemy wins go to page Y (which is the usual "your player is dead...THE END"), if the character goes into Kuruth you go to page Z or have a separate system.

    Looks like Solo games are getting more traction. Seeing it for CoD games would be great.

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    You might whip one up for the Storyteller Vault.


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      It is a good idea!

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