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    Inspired by the season, here is one very nasty antagonist for your packs to contend with. If you have your own Yule beasties you want to share, please feel free to! Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate and happy (and safe) holidays to all!

    The Christmas Devil

    The Forsaken know little about who Krampus was before he became the creature he is today. The Iron Masters say he was an occultist whose mind broke during his first change, causing him to obsess over the Krampus legend. The Bone Shadows claim he was a promising young wolf before a rite-gone-wrong left him Claimed. The Hunters in Darkness think Krampus was flat out twisted, even before his First Change. The Banshees insist he is a bodhisattva, sent by Luna to test and antagonize lesser wolves. The Blood Talons whisper about Bale Wolves.

    What they do know is that this werewolf styles itself after the infamous Christmas Devil and that it is barely Uratha anymore. Krampus is a punishment-obsessed Ghost Wolf Tyrant who collects sinners as part of s fiefdom. Worse, it’s also a Hive-Claimed Sorcerer, wielding spiritual powers that other werewolves consider blasphemy. The Storm Lords whisper that some members of its cult were not forced into service but willingly allied with Krampus to learn the Claiming rituals themselves.

    Despite Krampus’ blatant affront to everything the Forsaken hold dear, he maintains a firm grasp on the region he claims as his own. Part of this is undoubtedly his fearsome (and well earned) reputation and the fief’s fanatic loyalty, but it goes deeper. Krampus hates the Pure as much as any Forsaken and his domain act as a buffer zone, a no-wolf’s-land that enemy packs refuse to enter, thus keeping the peace. The other reality is that Krampus is a skilled ritemaster, and more than a few Uratha owe him favours for services and knowledge rendered.

    Even in Hishu, Krampus barely passes as human. Beyond the considerable bulk Hive-Claiming added to his body, he possesses goat horns and feet. These mutations carry over into his lupine forms, making them a horrid, fleshy mishmash that doesn’t quite fit together rather than true wolves. He has long since abandoned his human identity and barely even remembers his own name.

    Auspice: Cahalith
    Tribe: Ghost Wolf Tyrant (Shunned by the Moon pg. 51)
    Attributes: Intelligence 5, Wits 6, Resolve 5; Strength 8 (9/11/10/8), Dexterity 5 (5/6/7/7), Stamina 7 (8/9/9/8); Presence 6, Manipulation 5 (4/4/4/4), Composure 5
    Skills: Athletics 2, Brawl 3, Larceny 1, Survival 5 (Extreme Cold); Academics 1 (Winter Festivals), Investigation 3, Occult 4; Animal Ken 1, Empathy 2 (Fear), Intimidate 5, Persuasion 3, Streetwise 1
    Merits: Controlled Burn, Fading, Tactical Shifting •••••, Resonance Shaper
    Primal Urge: 4
    Willpower: 10
    Harmony: 4
    Essence/Per Turn: 26/3
    Health: 13 (15/17/16/13)
    Initiative Modifier: +10 (10/11/12/12)
    Defense: 5 (6/6/6/6)
    Size: 6 (7/8/7/5)
    Speed: 18 (19/22/22/20)
    Renown: Cunning 4, Glory 4, Honour 1, Purity 1, Wisdom 2
    Gifts: Gibbous Moon - War Howl, Voice of Glory, Dream Hunter, Thousand-Throat Howl; Change - All; Dominance - Primal Allure, Glorious Lunacy, Lay Low The Challenger; Hunting - Cow the Prey, Impossible Spoor; Knowledge - Needle, Lore of the Land, Strength - Unchained, Predator’s Unmatched Pursuit; Weather (All)
    Influences: Cold ••, Chains ••, Darkness ••, Fear ••, Pain •••
    Dread Powers: Dread Lunacy, Gauntlet Cloak, Juggernaut, Monstrous Resilience
    Ban: The Krampus must eat fruit offered by a child, after which it cannot harm or terrorize their family until the start of the next winter.

    New Dread Power - Dread Lunacy: The Krampus’ body is overtly supernatural and inflicts Lunacy in all its forms. Hishu and Urhan grant observers a +2 bonus on their rolls to resist Lunacy, while Gauru imposes a -4 penalty and Urshul imposes a -2 penalty.

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    Well, it's been a while since I wrote a new homebrew so.. let's see what I can come up with


    Winter Eaten

    There's something hungry about the winter- it is a season when the world grows cold and hostile, when life gets lost in the snow and the living gather around evergreen trees in order to remind themselves that this cold, dangerous time will pass, leading to the revive of the land with the coming of the spring. The cycle of the seasons, however, does not only express itself in the mundane world- hisil also twists and changes as Helios and Gaea dace around each other, and as the light of the sun god grows colder and more distant, hisil as well becomes cold and hungry. Spirits of the winter, the snow and weather start populating the Shadow, bringing with them the spirits of death and hunger, fear and despair. And just as mortals close themselves in their houses and hide from the frost, the spirits of life, fortune and joy also gather around Christmas celebrations, trying to survive the coming winter around those bonefires of festive Essence. Some Bone Shadows and shamans question about what exactly started the cycle- was it the humans, who saw dark symbolism in the cold, generating Essence which allowed those negative spirits to grow? Or was there truly an ancient evil god of winter in the times of Pangaea, forcing the people of old to start traditions which preserved the those few spirits which braught warmth and vitality to their homes? Whatever the truth may be, it doesn't change the fact that the winter is a violent time in the already violent hisil- storm gods clash against one another, spirits of snow and ice Claim those who are lost in the storm and Winter Wolf himself is known to ride both the Shadow and the Flesh with all of his frozen glory. The Uratha, of course, are far better equipped to deal with this dark time... at least, most of them. After all, the winter is a very spiritual event, and its hunger is deep and unsatiated. It will sink its teeth and eat whatever it can, whenever it can, exploiting any opening that its prey may have in their protection...

    Such as the lack of a totem, for example.

    Ghost Wolves, after all, are known to be more... open for changes. The lack of a Firstborn totem to ground their Essence allows it to be manipulated by some outsider influences. Once, a Ghost Wolf which was lost in the snow was almost certain to become hollowed out by the winter, nad some claim that the festivals such as Yule and Saturnalia were originally developed by those Ghost Wolves which tried to protect themselves from the hunger of the cold, using the joyous Essence and spirits as some sort of a shield against it. Eventually, as Christmas and similar traditions became more and more global and humanity created ways to guard itself from the bitting cold, the effect of the winter's hunger was also pushed outside of the big cities and centers of civilization, allowing Ghost Wolves to become less vunerable to the dark influence. However, while there are less instances of this phenomena nowdays, the cold still tries to creep through the protective barrier that humanity created on an almost instinctive level, and when it finds a crack, it breaks in- consuming the Essence of a lone, unprotected Uratha and leaving behind... something else. Something cold.

    A Winter Eaten.


    Like most other forms of mutated werewolves, the Winter Eaten can only be formed from a Ghost Wolf, as the link with a Firstborn guards them from such exploitation by unnatural entities. All Ghost Wolves form during the winter, while outside of a general "warm Essence", be it one generated from sources of fire, light, hope, joy, vitality and other festivie concepts. During the transformation itself, the Uratha generally suffer from strange visions of being attacked, hunted or even eaten, either by some old horned beast, a vast wolf made out of storm and snow, an unnatural shadow of nothingness, a king made out of frost, a stranger wearing their face or even just by some unseen presence which slowly drains their life away. Whatever the source of that evil may be, it seems to wear many different guises, and is generally fits itself to a collection of the werewolf's greatest fears, incarnated into form. The only common thread is that at all cases, the werewolf is being hunted down and devoured- only to be awaken later, completely healed- beside a faint, silvery scar in the form of a snowflake (and yes, like snowflakes there are no two identical scars for Winter Eaten) and a deep, gnawing hunger which slowly drives them insane.

    All Winter Eaten has the following modifications to the Uratha template-

    Hungery Essence- all of the Uratha are hungry. Heck, hisil is always hungry. But there is something different about that hunger. During the Ghost Wolf's tranformation, something was taken from them- a part of their Essence was torn and devoured, leaving them in a constant need to fill that hunger, and leaving it always on their mind. Due to becoming Winter Eaten, the Uratha now have a feeding restriction of one category higher than as it is dictated by their Primal Urge score, and the duration they can spend between hunts is shorten by one third. If the werewolf's feeding restriction is Essence, is becomes specifically "Essence from wolves, humans and other werewolves". In addition, their max Essence pool is being reduced by 5 due to the gaping wound in their spiritual flesh- which could be somewhat negiligible for powerful Winter Eaten yet crippling for younger ones, driving them to either grow strong or to die, as the winter sees fit.

    Crippled Regeneration- in the winter, the strong survive and the weak die out. The regeneration of the Winter Eaten is one category slower than the one dictated by their Primal Urge for bashing damage and need 30 minutes to heal lethal damage. Also, for every 8 hours that the Uratha spends with their Essence pool empty, they suffer from one point of aggravated damage.

    Cold Atmosphere- now now, it is not all gloom and doom to be a Winter Eaten. There are some benefits! For example, a Winter Eaten gains one point of Influence in cold, winter, death, sorrow, pain and all other kind of fun things per their dots in Primal Urge for free. More than that, while the Ghost Wolf can use Essence in order to activate them as normal, they have a way around it- for if they have killed a human (or a werewolf) and left the body to the cold (so you can't eat it for Essence), they can use their Influences for 8 hours without having to pay Essence to do so. During most of the year, however, the act must be done at night, for the hold of whatever strange force which causes the transformation on the world is weaker. During the winter, however, the act can be done all day long.

    Friends in Cold Places- by the right of being eaten by the cold, other entities see the lost pop as a kindered spirit, treating it as their ally. Any spirit which have the same type of Influences as the Winter Eaten treats them as an ally on an almost insticitive level, becoming inclined to help them to get food, Essence and hide from angry Blood Talons when needed, as long as they are not required to sacrifice themselves or be in an immediate danger (spirits are still selfish, after all). The Honorary Rank of the Uratha is also considered to be one point higher than the usual when dealing with those spirits. While most spirits simply see it as some sort of not well understood kinship, some older and wiser spirits speak about a primordial force of cold which has blessed the Winter Eaten, or about a forgotten god of winter lost to the claws of Father Wolf, or about the shadow of Winter Wolf which took life of its own- if not the Firstborn himself. The stories, of course, are all true- for that is the nature of hisil, isn't it?

    Winter Cold Rage- living with a constant hunger which reminds you that some part of your soul is missing could easily drive someone crazy, and the Winter Eaten are no different. All of the Winter Eaten treat their Harmony as one point further from the center in terms of deciding a Kuruth trigger and Wasu Im control time. In addition, they all have Open Fire as a new trigger from which they suffer regardless of their Harmony.

    Fun at Parties- like the thing which created them, the Winter Eaten are also repulsed by the festive Essence generated by joy. All of those Ghost Wolves suffers from a Ban which stops them from entering sites where celebrations take place.

    Regalia of Winter's Chosen- finally, just like Saint Nicholas, the old winter grants all kinds of gifts for its children. The Winter Eaten gains a free pool of Dread Power points equal to their dots in Stamina+Resolve which can be spent on the following powers- Air Elemental, Armored Hide, Blinding Spray, Gauntlet Cloak, Juggernaut, Maze, Pierce Mind, Skin Taker and Water Elemental, as well as the Essence Void power which is generally reserved for the Idigam. All of those Powers have a cold and wintery aesthetic- Blinding Spray send a spray of snow, for example, while Armored hide cloaks the werewolf in ice.

    Spirit of the Season- the hollow Essence of the Winter Eaten siphons the heat around it, carrying a shard of the winter's frost and terror. The Ghost Wolf is immune to the following Environmental Tilts- Blizzard, Extreme Cold, Heavy Winds and Ice. In addition, the air around the Winter Eaten is constantly cold, especially when they change into their Gauro form or when chasing their prey. Once a Winter Eaten turns into Gauro or initiate a Sacred Hunt rite, they inflict one of the previouse Tilts on anyone in a radius of 1 meter per dot in Primal Urge. That Tilt lasts as long as the condition which caused it is still in effect.

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      Who are the Banshees?

      A god is just a monster you kneel to. - ArcaneArts, Quoting "Fall of Gods"


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        Originally posted by Master Aquatosic View Post
        Who are the Banshees?
        It's one of the Lodge of the Screaming Moon's nicknames.

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