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Fomori, Banes and other spirits

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  • Fomori, Banes and other spirits

    Fomori are humans ( or supernaturals ) mutated physically, mentally and spiritually by a Bane spirit that does more than possessing the host: it merges with his soul becoming something between a parasite and a symbiote.

    Quick question:

    Banes are spirits. According to the Player's guide to Possessed, Weaver and Wyld spirits can do something similar.
    So, in your opinion, all spirits can potentially do that?

    Are ghosts considered spirits in that situation?

    And: there is somewhere a list of all the categories of spirits who exist in the World of Darkness?

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    This is the other Werewolf forum

    But uh, since you’re here — well any of the ephemeral entities (CofD’s umbrella category for spirits, ghosts, etc) can potentially learn how to Claim somebody. The Claimed do look and act a lot like Fomori/Drones/Gorgons.

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