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Fixed and Houseruled Werewolf Forms (1st ed)

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    Originally posted by BigDamnHero View Post
    I'm generally opposed to abilities that grant extra actions or attacks. It slows down the game for very little in the way of interesting options, plus stacking extra attacks with other bonuses gets insanely good quickly.

    I completely agree.


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      In 1e, there are already fighting styles that allow for multiple attacks per round, made unavailable when entering gauru. In addition, raising Primal Urge is a very expensive process for very little gain.

      While it wouldn't fit for 2e, in 1e it changes Primal Urge from a trap to something useful.


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        Originally posted by Acrozatarim View Post
        It's worth noting that the stats from the old nWoD core are absolutely notorious for their power level, wherein dogs are death machines and cops are murderbots. A more recent update of animal stats for Blood & Smoke actually brought dogs into a reasonable set of core stats with Str 2 but, for some reason, left wolves at Str 4. I *think* this is an oversight, or at least it's not a stat block I'd use in my own games. To my personal opinion, giving wolves Str 4 is excessively high and I personally would be more inclined to set them at Str 2.

        As a side-note, in 2e elders have a harder time with Kuruth than new werewolves do; an elder is probably better at controlling it, but when they lose control the results are more catastrophic. This is one of the drawbacks of high Primal Urge in the new system - something active and generating conflict, as opposed to the old high Primal Urge drawbacks that encouraged passivity.
        Wolves are even stronger than pit bulls or any other dog. See the championship of pit bul weight-pulling. They are light in comparison to humans. But their muscle´s tissue are not the same. Anyway, that strenght is often applied at biting or running rolls. I think an average 76 Kg guy is not even close to stop a pit bull´s bite attack with bare hands holding his neck.

        If you have argumented that bear´s strenght are underrated in comparison to wolves´s strenght, I could agree. I´m pretty sure there are other incoherences in nWoD books as you already pointed.